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Ichiban Hibachi Supreme Buffet INC.


2000 Avondale Dr
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 220-6688

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Photo of david storm david storm
Sep 10, 2023 5

Ichiban Hibachi Supreme Buffet is my Go To Buffet .. So many selections, Awesome Hibachi cook and the SUSHI is awesome ... no where else in the TRAID can you find this level of Preparation and Skill. Avoid future regret and come see them Every day of the week. Even the wait staff are cool, food is constantly monitored and refreshed. Deserts and ice cream, did I mention the SUSHI!! I eat here twice a week myself. I eat $$ worth of sushi, the rest is basically free to me. Seriously, what you would pay for a small amount of sushi 6/8 piece any where else .. Yeah. Oh and there are some seriously Spicy stuff on the isles. Make Flames leap out your .. ears. Children welcome, please monitor them, they can get burned on hot steam. Have Fun, and Come have Dinner or Lunch. But stay away from my sushi, I'm watching you. Hasta

Photo of Gabriela Juárez Gabriela Juárez
Jul 24, 2023 5

Guys you see the reviews they are awesome the food is good the service awesome there Is just one thing that’s not good about this place, the other day I went there to go eat with my mom the food was delicious yes, I got up to go get ice cream which was good…. But I begin to feel something crawling up my arm, at first I thought it was a fly, like I mean flies aren’t that bad they can be anywhere but, I tried to scare it away and something jumped into the table….. when I tell I was disgusted I was super disgusted it was a COCKROACH that had crawl up in my arm. Since then I haven’t gone back so sorry for this..

Photo of Wanderlust Wanderlust
Jul 9, 2023 5

Absolutely the BEST in Durham! I'm not from NC and I've always favored Chinese All you can eat, Hibachi, this is the Best I've found in NC. The food was absolutely fresh, hot and delicious. The restaurant and restroom was clean and care for. The wait staff was attentive and helpful. Their clam were absolutely delicious 😋 the seafood was well stocked and nice sauce choice. Keep up the great work!!! I'll travel to Durham vs Greensboro from now on!!!

Photo of Heidi Coleman Heidi Coleman
May 30, 2023 4

The food is good, and there's lots of variety. They have a nice hibachi grill and selection, decent sushi, and a ton of other foods (not all Chinese). It's not the nicest interior, but the buffets are clean and well monitored, service is fast, and the price is reasonable ($16 on a Sunday).

Photo of Nagendran M Nagendran M
May 20, 2023 4

Nice place to have hibachi buffet!!! Ambience is nice and welcoming. Hibachi grill is also good and you can choose veggies and meat or seafood to cutomize your fried rice or noodles. My daughter likes their sushi rolls. Plenty of parking... Awesome and I will bring family and friends AGAIN. Thanks!!!

Photo of Dorothy Bobo Dorothy Bobo
Mar 14, 2023 5

So much food! Everything I had was hot, tasty and delicious. We ate lunch here on a Monday around 12:30. $11.95 for all you can eat was a good deal. Of course, we ate too much but it was so worth it! After our drink orders we headed to the hibachi first, to the right. Put in our orders, rice or noodles, chicken, beef, shrimp, lots of vegetables. Then while that was cooking we headed to the food bars. There was so much selection, I was like a little kid in a candy store. I had three different types of fish, three different types of shrimp, crabmeat, stuffed crab, fried chicken, sautéed mushrooms, fruit and vegetables. Everything was clean, the staff was very friendly. The food trays were heaping full and steaming hot. Did not try the salads or desserts, maybe next time. Forgot to take a picture of the grilled food. While the booths may be a little worn, they were comfortable. The staff was attentive in taking the dirty plates away, plenty of refills on drinks, friendly and smiling. I loved it! Overall, a wonderful buffet. Will be back for sure. Note: Tipped the hibachi chef and the nice guy who gave us refills and cleaned up our table.

Photo of Anthony Sledge Anthony Sledge
Mar 10, 2023 5

It has been a long time since I visited a Chinese buffet. Had it not been for a request by my dad to meet there for lunch, to this day, I still would not have gone. Let me tell you... THE BEST DECISION EVER!!! The food was amazing! Bar was clean, orderly, and filled! The variety is unbelievable! There is something on the buffet for the whole family. From the kiddos that only want pizza and chicken tenders to the elders who want fried chicken or fish, collards and mac & cheese plus a large selection of Asian dishes. Hibachi to your order in the back of the restaurant along with a fair selection of sushi rolls. Everything I ate was fresh, tasty, and hot! Top it all off with the old fashioned ice cream and cake mini's, or whatever tickles your fancy on the dessert and fruit bar. You may have walked in, but you will definitely waddle out! And the price was phenomenal for the variety and quality! They have a new fan if you can't tell.

Photo of Gilbert Jr. (Hollywood) Gilbert Jr. (Hollywood)
Feb 8, 2023 3

The food was fair typical all you can eat

Photo of Eve Shealy Eve Shealy
Jan 16, 2023 5

Everything is delicious, staff is very attentive. Keeps drinks filled and dirty plates removed quickly and quietly. Love the jumbo peel and eat shrimp, wonton soup, sweet and sour chicken and the extra large chicken wings. The hibachi grill and the sushi bar. Lunch buffet is $11.99 for adults and drink is extra. If your waitperson does his or her best please show your appreciation.

Photo of Han Stw Han Stw
Dec 21, 2022 5

Great Chinese buffet in Durham. Has Hibachi and Sushi as well. Stopped by for lunch and the price was $10.99 for adult (as of December 2022). Lots of selection (even seafood for lunch) and the food was generally tasty. Mostly Americanized Chinese food though (which is as normally expected). They also have ice cream and dessert stations.

Photo of Jane Tippett Jane Tippett
Nov 6, 2022 5

We had lunch and everything was good. Everything was clean and so much food to choose from! We will return!