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Hutchins Garage


402 W Geer St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (984) 219-6578
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Photo of Golf Gersey Golf Gersey
Mar 31, 2022 5

Solid pizza and love the outdoor seating. Dog friendly! Thank you Hutchins!

Photo of Fernanda França Monteiro Fernanda França Monteiro
Apr 11, 2021 5

Really good pizza and great service. The grandma pie is unbelievable yummy. The seats outside are good and pleasant for a early evening dinner. Good with kids too.

Photo of Danielle Brown Danielle Brown
Feb 23, 2022 5

Hands down the best place to get pizza in Durham (and possibly the triangle!). The pizza is THE best, the staff is friendly, the atmosphere and drinks are great..great spot to check out and keep coming back!

Photo of Chuck Whiting Chuck Whiting
Jun 7, 2021 5

Best pizza we have ever had. Excellent salads. Simple menu (do not expect pizza hut variety). A must try!

Photo of Angela Roberts Angela Roberts
Mar 23, 2022 5

Wowza! This pizza was incredible! I’m new to the area and was not fully prepared to have my mind blown so fast. The beer selection and the bartenders are great! Highly suggest. My only regret is not getting a pizza for today since no leftovers were left last night.

Photo of Aaron Weinbaum Aaron Weinbaum
Jan 13, 2021 3

We ordered take-out: The Classic Margherita, Eggplant Alla Norma, Fried Chicken Pie and the Grandma Pie. $ 63.43 with taxes. No issues with the order. 1st time trying the restaurant. Their last Health Inspection was a 98 and the restaurant appeared clean. Each pizza was cooked perfectly. But....the crust and sauce were mild to taste and just not very flavorful. They loaded the Fried Chicken Pizza with too many hot peppers and too spicy for the family to enjoy. While the pizzas smelled and looked amazing...the pizza tasted average resulting in just three stars.

Photo of Michael Long Michael Long
Mar 14, 2022 5

I gotta say… this may be the best pizza in Durham. Also, excellent salads. Very cool atmosphere. Only down side is the parking. But COMPLETELY worth a walk…. Do yourself a favor and try this joint!!

Photo of isaiah Cooper isaiah Cooper
Dec 28, 2020 5

Noise level is like most of the bars in the area but the pizzas are delicious, particularly good if you like garlic and spicy food. Good experience with contactless pick-up as well. Greeted from their door as I exited my car and my food was placed on a table near the exterior of the door.

Photo of Tori Colvin Tori Colvin
Nov 15, 2020 5

Delicious pizzas and unique combinations of toppings. They also do a great job at taking COVID precautions. I can't wait to go back.

Photo of J Strawn J Strawn
Oct 31, 2020 5

Excellent pizza! Been here three times—never disappointing. Highly recommend!

Photo of Dorothy James Dorothy James
Oct 17, 2020 5

Outdoor seating was welcomed and the pizza was awesome. Blueberry cider added to our exceptional experience. Thank you!

Photo of Jilly Beans Jilly Beans
Oct 6, 2020 5

Best best best pizza. Great staff too. Better than Toro too!!

Photo of Ciro Mcalpine Ciro Mcalpine
Sep 4, 2020 5

Fabulous and interesting pizzas plus delicious salads served in a unique environment. We had a fried chicken pizza and a brocolini pizza with sausage, beet and arugula salad, plus a gluten free pizza. Everything was great. Building was originally a garage years ago. Will be back.

Photo of Shane Butler Shane Butler
Aug 20, 2020 5

Certainly some of the best pizza in Durham. Additionally, their fatoosh salad is one of the best salads I've had. I prefer it without the included grapes, but either way its great. They did a good job working in the garage theme renovation and decor wise. The patio needs a little work, but hey you gotta have room for improvement somewhere.

Photo of Abraxas Jinx Abraxas Jinx
Aug 31, 2020 5

I miss being able to sit at their bar, but they still sell the best pizza in Durham. You can order beer and wine to pick up as well.

Photo of Andrew Cain Andrew Cain
Aug 9, 2020 5

I’ve had a ton of pizza in my years and I have to say that the spicy vodka pizza is right up there with the best. Love it.

Photo of Beano Beano
Aug 10, 2020 5

Very very decent pizza. Actually, excellent!! Great crusts!! It's all about good dough. We had the creameni mushroom with zucchini pie and I was impressed the pie wasn't wet from the zucs! Next time... Squash blossom pie I think!!

Photo of Travel Bugg Travel Bugg
Jul 20, 2019 3

The garage theme was nice with bright signs, concrete floors and large garage doors. The menu only offers about 5-6 pizzas. There is, however an option to build your own. A search for pizza places gives this 1 $...It is not...it is $$ and that starts at a medium size pizza. The cheese has a nice rich taste..but there are no sun dried tomatoes...just cherry tomatoes. The veggie toppings are very fresh and crisp; but the back/end of crust comes out dark and tough. Didn't drink, but there is a bar with a variety of beer and some wine. Very laid back spot...shorts, flip flops and sundresses should suffice. Some sort of construction going on out front; but decent amount of parking in a lot to the right of the building within walking distance.

Photo of Louisa Sloan Louisa Sloan
Jul 26, 2020 5

We’ve tried several pizzas from Hutchins Garage and they’re always amazing. They’re also making a clear effort to keep staff and patrons safe during the pandemic which is much appreciated.

Photo of Matthew Blivin Matthew Blivin
Jul 16, 2020 5

Keep Durham local, and support small business. Great pizza, but cooler atmosphere. Love this spot

Photo of Marian Griffin Marian Griffin
Jun 3, 2020 5

Amazing pizza and awesome staff/owners. TBH I like coming here more than Pizzeria Toro because the quality of the pizza is comparable and the atmosphere is much more laid back. I love sitting at the bar- all the bartenders are awesome!! Love this place so much!

Photo of Shelby Currier Shelby Currier
Mar 1, 2020 5

Fantastic casual spot, especially in nice weather. I tried 3 of the specialty pizzas - all fantastic, but my favorite part my meals by far was the Fattoush salad on the specials menu. So good!

Photo of Darrel Hamlet Darrel Hamlet
Mar 2, 2020 5

The menu is very unique. Our party got a variety of items and everything was scrumptious. Casual vibe in the place...comfortable wearing whatever. Decent music too.

Photo of Phuong Feldman Phuong Feldman
Jan 20, 2020 5

Great food and a friendly staff. The pizza is great - nice, crispy crust. We love going here for lunch as its pretty close to the office and they are always quick to serve. Give 'em a try - it's worth it!

Photo of Elizabeth Dawson Elizabeth Dawson
Jan 12, 2020 5

Great hangout place and awesome location. Yummy food and great drinks. Easy vibe and the staff was efficient and pleasant. Love the indoor and outdoor seating.

Photo of Dipti Mahendran Dipti Mahendran
Jan 17, 2020 4

Durham has a great pizzeria scene and this one is giving a tough competition to others. They have unique signature pizzas and gluten free vegan options, which was an added benefit. We had the gluten free eggplant parmesan and absolutely loved it. The eggplant was beautifully crisp. We also ordered the pesto with broccoli rabe and pickled red pepper, with gluten free and vegan cheese. The taste was good but slightly spicy. Our friends had also ordered the truffle mushroom, which tasted great. The prices I felt was quite steep. Other than that, we had a great time and the staff were very friendly as well.

Photo of Zach Brown Zach Brown
Jan 6, 2020 5

This was an excellent slice. It's a weird place. Like a really cool bar that forgot there was a great pizza place in the back of it. The decor is the current Durham rehab chic but well done and cozy. I bet the place is amazing in the summer but the ambiance suits an early winter night just as well. But who cares. It's pizza. Really good pizza. Cocktails, beers on tap and damn good pizza. Salads, sandwiches. I think I saw some soup? You'll love it.

Photo of Zack West Zack West
Nov 28, 2019 5

Some of the best pizza in all of Durham. Great cocktails and a place to get together with friends. Gotta appreciate they always gave a gin drink on the list. And they've got Gansett :)

Photo of Mark Joseph Mark Joseph
Aug 25, 2019 5

Funky atmosphere, delicious pizza, great beer list. The pizza really stands out though. Both the thin and thicker crust are delicious compliments to the wide array of toppings. Nice chew to the base, crispiness on the edge. The specialty pies we've tried have been fantastic Three restaurant is in an old service station with some interesting automotive memorabilia. Nice well lit dining room, and a pretty large patio. Not many parking spaces, but there is plenty of street parking in the area.

Photo of Deborah Thomas Deborah Thomas
Jul 20, 2019 5

We sat at the bar and had the thinner crust pizza with pepperoni. The pizza was fantastic and the service was great. The other patrons at the bar were friendly and welcoming. They had a really nice vibe on a Friday night. I am already planning my next visit.

Photo of Ron Onedertwin Ron Onedertwin
Aug 4, 2019 5

I enjoyed the atmosphere. This restaurant is situated in an old garage and has a lot of personality. You can eat outside of inside and enjoy the uniqueness of it all. The food was good and the staff were knowledgeable. Definitely a spot to hit after drinking beer in the vicinity

Photo of Albert Ulak Albert Ulak
Sep 3, 2019 5

Seems like Durham doesn't need another pizza place, and yet here it is. And it's good. Nice bar with a variety of taps, friendly service. Outdoor seating is a big plus. Set back far enough from the street you don't feel like you're sitting on the sidewalk. Inside is comfortable as well.

Photo of Joe Piojda Joe Piojda
Sep 7, 2019 5

I'd heard the pizza was good so it was time to partake and see if the hype was matched. Cons, menu was odd, ordering was more take out than anything, staff was...... Minimally helpful. Parking is non existent. Pros, pizza was freaking awesome. Cooked right to that perfect, crisp point without being burnt and the ingredients tasted fresh. Place was clean, bathroom was clean. (Men's, I don't buy into the gender hype, I use the men's room) Atmosphere was cool and I really like that old building. End result, I'll be back. Here's to hoping that like a lot of places they don't start backsliding.

Photo of Malcolm Finlayson Malcolm Finlayson
Jun 25, 2019 5

Stopped by to honor their time in giving me directions to an event. They went out of their way to help. Came back and really liked the Burial Skillet Donut Stout. The pizza was wonderful and the service was perfect, very helpful, but not hovering. I will return.

Photo of Bart Hubbard Bart Hubbard
Jul 2, 2019 5

Hutchins Garage is my happy place. Every time I go I know 2 things: 1) I'm gonna order a Grandma style pizza and it will be amazing and 2) they'll have a fantastic, hazy IPA on tap to compliment my meal. I've eaten a lot of pizza in the Triangle, and this is definitely my favorite. I rarely have room, but their tiramisu is also top-notch. Service is great, bartenders are friendly and quick, and the outdoor seating is nice. There's a reason Indy Weekly named it best new restaurant of 2019.

Photo of Phil C Phil C
Mar 31, 2019 5

New Best pizza place in downtown Durham. All of the pizzas are extremely flavorful and the 2 types of crusts are both delicious and done right. It is so refreshing to eat in a pizza place that doesn't think burning the crust in a wood fire oven is either interesting or flavorful.

Photo of Kevin Lewis Kevin Lewis
Apr 14, 2019 5

Really cool place. Not big but has outside and inside searing. Some good microbrews on tap and very tasty pizza and apps. We had a happy hour there and the service was great.

Photo of Scott Blewer Scott Blewer
May 25, 2019 5

This is not a brick oven and if you like your pizza burnt, this is not the place for you. However, this is the best pizza I have tasted in Durham. The crust is perfect. The spicy vodka pizza was delicious.

Photo of Amy Arcos Amy Arcos
Jun 8, 2019 4

Very nice casual spot for pizza and beer. The pizza is pricey, but really good with creative toppings. It's a nice place to just hang and drink after eating too. We had a decent sized group and there was plenty of seating, but it can get competitive for larger groups because it's first come, first serve seating with counter service. I love the counter service option though.

Photo of Eric Baker Eric Baker
May 30, 2019 5

Amazing as always. Very popular for good reason. Grandma style pizza is the best. Cool atmosphere, right down town. I want to tell people to go, but then it will mean the place will always be packed and it will be harder for me to order there. So out pure self interest, don't go here because you will love it and keep coming back, thus making lines longer.

Photo of Jad Chami Jad Chami
May 18, 2022 5

Showed up late, but was seated right away! Ordered two pizzas, they came out quick. we asked for them in a box so we could take what was left home. That was unnecessary, the pizza was EXCELLENT! We could not stop eating until it was all gone! Their pizza dough is the best pizza dough in the triangle, hands down! Make sure to try their eggplant pizza and the mushroom pizza! This place is amazing!

Photo of Nicole Moore Nicole Moore
May 24, 2022 3

We had dinner here over the weekend and our pizza was so bland. We had the fried chicken pizza because it was recommended but it completely lacked flavor. Maybe we ordered the wrong thing and others are better? Service was quick and prices are reasonable, plus it's pretty cute inside.

Photo of Lee Kidd Lee Kidd
Apr 29, 2022 5

Excellent meatball pizza and arugula and beet salad. Good selection of beer and wine. We had not ordered with our phones before, but we figured it out. We enjoyed our evening

Photo of Gautam M Gautam M
Apr 11, 2022 4

Very busy, affecting service little bit. Pizza & Salad was great and good amount. Easy to order and pay for it by phone

Photo of Michelle He Michelle He
May 25, 2022 5

Pizza is quite good, and I’ve only actually had takeout so I’m sure it’s even better fresh. All the options were very good. Would come back.