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Hot Asana Yoga Studio - Durham


8128 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 544-9642
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Hot Asana Yoga Studio - Durham

Google Reviews

Photo of Ashley Loupe Ashley Loupe
Oct 11, 2018 5

Such a great experience here. Staff is very friendly. The classes here are amazing. At the end of the class they place a cold lavander essential oil towel on your face and give you a shoulder massage. Hot yoga has helped me clear my head and focus on me. Thank you for such a great experience.

Photo of Ron Garcia-Fogarty Ron Garcia-Fogarty
Apr 4, 2019 5

Amazing instructors, convenient location, and affordable prices!

Photo of E S E S
Apr 30, 2018 2

I was very sad to have to leave this studio after going to classes here for a few years, but I'm pretty certain that they have a serious mold issue. My symptoms started with feeling very tired after taking classes in the late summer 2017 and then they progressively got worse in the fall when I had 2 episodes of a high fever and flu-like symptoms hours after taking a class. The fever and symptoms were gone by the next day. This didn't happen with any other workouts that I was doing at the time (strength training and running). I had all sorts of blood work taken and everything came back normal. I stopped going to the studio in November 2017, and I've been fine ever since. Multiple humidifiers are running all of the time leaving the perfect environment for mold growth in the duct system and behind the walls. Mold affects people in many different ways, so if you are going to this studio (or other hot yoga studios) and start experiencing strange symptoms, it may very well be due to mold. I sent an email to the studio a few months ago to let them know what happened to me and no one ever responded back, so I don't believe that they have taken any steps to look into this and remediate the problem.

Photo of Lucy Hayhurst Lucy Hayhurst
May 8, 2018 5

I am so glad I found the Hot Asana Studio! They have SO many classes, great teachers, and a welcoming community spirit. If you're on the fence about doing a class, just try it and you'll be glad you did!

Photo of Katie Katie
Jan 4, 2018 5

All of the instructors are great! A very welcoming environment. Love the variety of classes and all of the time slots offered.

Photo of Alisha Cornell Alisha Cornell
Sep 29, 2019 5

I came here for the first time 1 year ago. Since then I've learned the art of meditation but today was the first time back in the studio for a 60 minute hot yoga session. Tali was the instructor. I began with my meditation chant and when Tali began the class it was the ultimate focus. Even with a packed room I felt like I was in a 1 on 1 training, focused on my breathing and release of toxic thoughts. She moves really fast but I was able to keep up quite well to my surprise. At the end I felt the negativity was left on the floor, I literally felt lighter and I envisioned the sweat dripping from every pore in my body was stress, ill thoughts, judgment leaving my body. I took this class on class pass and I'll be back next week for more!