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Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant


3003 Guess Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 479-8339
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Photo of Jingming Shi Jingming Shi
Dec 29, 2023 4

• I have tried many well-known dim sum places in NYC and I’d have to say this place is my top two on the list. I’m surprised to find such an authentic dim sum place near Durham haha. Below are some of my favorites: 🌟 Pork congee, chicken leg, stuffed eggplants with shrimp, pork & bamboo shoot dumplings, fried shrimp ball with crab leg, sticky rice with chicken in lotus leaf 👇Their Sui Mai tastes like the frozen Sui Mai you can get from most Asian supermarkets so not recommend

Photo of Charlie Slack Charlie Slack
Nov 5, 2023 5

Very good food and all fairly affordable. If you have allergies be sure to ask for information about what is served - I ordered the pork and bamboo shoot dumplings and found a shrimp caught up in the pork of one of mine; it was no problem for me but could've been one for someone with an allergy or aversion. I've yet to try the dimsum service they do on weekends but it sounds very good. Be sure to check wait times and how busy it is; it gets busier closer to 7:00pm. Good experience overall

Photo of John Golden John Golden
Oct 22, 2023 5

One of THE BEST Dim Sum restaurants we have been to and we have been to multiple in Florida, Colorado, Ohio and now North Carolina. The owner at the front desk was very nice and welcoming. The wait staff very friendly and polite and VERY attentive. We can’t wait to go back to order from the regular menu as we had the Dim Sum as they being around items on carts. We knew we arrived at the right place when the parking lot was full. We will definitely be back. We are SO GLAD we found a proper and legit/authentic family owned Dim Sum/Chinese place. Next time I will be posting photos.

Photo of Micah Lambeth Micah Lambeth
Sep 25, 2023 5

I LOVE this place and can't wait to go back. My favorite dish was the stuffed crab claws, but the congee was also super warm and comforting. I came here with my friend and my partner and we got an insane amount of food for around $20 per person. Pro tip: ask for soy sauce/hot sauce before your food comes out. I love that it comes out as soon as it's ready so everything is hot and fresh. I'm so glad we found this place and recommend it to everyone who loves dim sum + trying a bunch of different things for an affordable price!

Photo of Ashly Lopez Ashly Lopez
Aug 23, 2023 5

First time here since moving to durham. Great customer service, very sweet 😊 Very delicious, hot and sour soup made just how i like it (sweet, spicy, sour) I added chicken but already comes with tofu. Will be coming back!

Photo of J Y J Y
Jul 22, 2023 5

Traditional Dim Sum, family run, been here 30+ years. Even the music is authentic. You can order in Cantonese!

Photo of Weiyi Ma Weiyi Ma
Jul 2, 2023 5

I just had dinner there today, and the food was authentic and delicious, impressing me. We ordered a variety of dim sum dishes and stir-fried rice noodles with beef (干炒牛河). Every dish was delightful, while the 干炒牛河 was particularly impressive. Despite the fact that this restaurant appeared to be understaffed during peak hours, the dining experience was absolutely worth it.

Photo of Marianne Ward Marianne Ward
Jun 9, 2023 4

Lunch 6/7/2023: Spouse had more broccoli and snow peas than meat or carrots in his Szechuan beef. Beef and sauce were good. I had chicken with white rice and vegetables. It was good. Service is efficient.