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Home2 Suites by Hilton Durham Chapel Hill


3305 Watkins Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 680-9000
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Photo of Gene Thomas Gene Thomas
Dec 21, 2023 5

We would like to mention Bonita and Victor. There were many days and nights that I walked the floor and you were kind to me. He prayed for my husband and late at night, which was the worst time I got to sit and talk to Victor and had great conversations with Bonita, .Bonita was always keeping the morning time,really smooth.We laughed and that covered the worry on my part..She is so good with people, she goes the extra mile. THANK YOU BONITA❤️ I really like the head of housekeeping and all the managers happy holidays and merry Christmas and PS we did not want to forget Jasmine. Jasmine to give her really good with people and was loving and kind towards us. Our overall experience is awesome 41 days seem like 41 years but y’all made it Possible, thanks again. Jasmine, follow your dreams find something you love to do and put your heart and soul into it don’t do something Dolan boring think big and put 1 foot in front of the other slowly but surely it can happen. Warm regards, Gene and Carmel Thomas.

Photo of Kayla Nelson Kayla Nelson
Dec 17, 2023 5

I have stayed at this hotel several times in the last 4 and a half weeks I was very pleased with the gentleman that works at night, and I was exceptionally delightful to see the kitchen lady her name is olethea she offered a great customer service. She was very pleasant. Food was good and hot she kept up with me and my family and made sure that we had everything we needed during our time at breakfast. she is very delightful She greeted us with a smile and was very eager and pleased to help us .now if that isnt customer service I don’t know what is ..:: she is simply amazing There’s not much I can say about management there never there, and when they are one lady walks around with an attitude as if something is bothering her very rude and doesn’t connect to the guess .it’s concerning!!!!!!

Photo of Susan Hinger Susan Hinger
Dec 17, 2023 5

I love the cheerful, colorful decor of this place. The room was very clean and the beds were comfy. The front desk people varied widely-- a few looked up on my approach with a cheerful greeting and "How can I help?" but most spent time hiding in the alcove behind the front desk, on their phones. Ricardo was always working efficiently and was unerringly polite. I watched him stop and pick up a partial foam bowl on the floor in the breakfast area that other employees had ignored. The young woman in charge of the breakfast area spends way too much time on her phone. Area needed to be cleaned up ! and re-stocked. She has a fun job-- her own little world to control and keep perfect, and it seemed like she resented it. Had to ask for milk which she slowly and sulkily came through with. Felt like I was bothering her.

Photo of Bobby Thomas Bobby Thomas
Nov 28, 2023 5

Spent the Thanksgiving holiday here and was extremely pleased with the hotel, the location and the room size. I used the online check-in via the Hilton app and received a notification when the room was ready and used the digital key with absolutely no problem! Also check out thru the app was seamless. My bill was sent to my email with all the correct charges as was stated in my original confirmation. Even though the hotel parking lot was very crowded the hotel was quiet with minimal noise or movement. The free breakfast was nice, but I didn't get anything except tea. When I come back to the area I will absolutely rebook this hotel and the same room! Hilton is doing a great job with Home2 Suites

Photo of Kandie Morris Kandie Morris
Nov 14, 2023 3

The bed wasn't comfortable at all. May have just been an issue I had. But the walls are paper thin and the people next to us had a kid that played video games and yelled and made space ship noises until 3 am..no I didn't complain because he may have been special needs...other than that...it's a nice clean, friendly place to stay

Photo of Erik Day Erik Day
Oct 31, 2023 5

Most comfortable beds during our vacation. Nice layout in rooms, very quiet. Budget friendly

Photo of Cane Fan Cane Fan
Oct 31, 2023 4

The people and location were excellent. The rooms and facility are passable. The lobby area (where the breakfast also is) is very small. However there is a very nice sitting area in front of the hotel. Clean and comfortable but a basic hotel by Hilton standards.

Photo of Kim Jennings Kim Jennings
Oct 12, 2023 3

During my stay water started pouring from the light above the shower while the person above was showering. I called down about it and since maintenance wasn’t there the front desk woman brought up a towel to muffle the drip overnight. The hotel was full so they couldn’t move me. The next morning the guy working the front desk, who was watching his phone and not at all paying attention, told me I needed to remove the door sign so maintenance could go in. I told him I don’t want housekeeping to go in, and he said “oh no they won’t. Housekeeping is only by request.” Came back that night. Room spotless because housekeeping HAD come in. Now, I don’t mind that they cleaned the room except that I had left the sink full of dishes I intended to clean and hadn’t left a tip as I always do when they clean. So not only did they have more work, they didn’t get tipped. AND the guy at the front desk was wrong. Oh, AND maintenance had NOT come. So there’s that too. The room was clean except for the super grimy and stained couch which I covered with extra sheets I requested when I checked in. The lobby smells musty too. The staff is spotty. Some are very nice and friendly. Some are more interested in talking on the phone or watching videos. Overall it was a mediocre stay. And if they put you in 210, check the light above the shower for a huge leak before accepting the room. I didn’t feel it was safe to shower in there. Electricity and water don’t mix.

Photo of Professor Rivera Professor Rivera
Aug 19, 2023 5

Excellent staff and they made us feel at home. Super approachable and they were very courteous when the lights went out and most folks went to stay in hotels for the night due to the storm knocking out power. Highly recommend!

Photo of Izzie Izzie
Aug 11, 2023 4

When we first got here it was nice which was on Tuesday evening the lady was not nice and just blah she was not very likeable then around Wednesday night the gentleman that ran the desk was very knowledgeable and helpful I had to ask him one time for towels and he was so nice and he helped. Super impressed and glad we stayed here The pool was clean and the kitchen was a microwave with a big refrigerator and dishwasher and a hot plate . So nice

Photo of Daniel Hernandez Daniel Hernandez
Jun 26, 2023 5

My family and I were booked at an Extended Stay hotel and it was a horrible experience. My mother, sister and daughter where brought to tears. Since we got in at about 230am we figured we'd tough it out and left in morning, demanding a refund, which we got and then went running to you. We were so flabbergasted at the night and day experience, my father almost cried in relief. Your front desk helped us with an early check in and even went out of her way to get our 4 kids breakfast cereals and fruit and juice even though we missed breakfast. We loved our stay.

Photo of Del Halstead-Nussloch Del Halstead-Nussloch
May 28, 2023 4

Our room was clean yet a little run down at the heels. The sofa could have used a good cleaning...it looked as though a dog(s) or cat(s) clawed the arms and walked on it with dirty paws. As a pet friendly hotel they should ensure pets are hosted only in designated rooms.