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Holy Infant Catholic Church


5000 Southpark Dr
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 544-7135
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Photo of Matthew Luedke Matthew Luedke
Apr 9, 2019 4

Holy Infant is a large parish in a small space. It is a caring community, and despite the numbers, they are inviting and caring. It is clear there is a love of the Gospel here. This is evident everywhere from the greaters' smiles to the beautiful community kept grounds. Their Catechism classes for kids are more sensibly scheduled than some of the other parishes in the area, and the education is engaging and consistent. I've not been able attend the adult formation classes, to my regret, but I understand they're well attended and of high quality. The pastor is enthusiastic and kind. The Mass is a touch contemporary for my taste (I tend towards smells and bells), but it is true to form. The homilies are in general very good, and have remained topical, and meaningful without the tendentious grinding of partisan political axes that I've seen in another Durham area parish. Preaching the Faith while leaving Caesar what is due to Caesar--what a remarkably pleasant concept. It is off the beaten path, and a little hard to find from the street, but when you find it, you will feel at home.

Photo of Beth Hersom Beth Hersom
Jun 9, 2019 5

What a great parish! Really, a loving community. Good preaching. Accessible and thoughtful.

Photo of Jim Gundersdorff EA Jim Gundersdorff EA
Mar 10, 2019 5

This is a wonderful and caring Faith Community. It is a welcoming Community. It is a diverse Community. If you are looking to be welcomed, this is a good Church with many opportunities for involvement in the Spirit of St. Francis dessert Sales.

Photo of Glen Monteiro Glen Monteiro
Jun 10, 2019 5

Really Enjoyed the service

Photo of Jennifer Miller Jennifer Miller
May 21, 2018 5

I love attending Mass at Holy Infant. It's a small, welcoming community. It has lots of great ministrys with plenty of opportunities to become involved.

Photo of Jamie Arruiza Jamie Arruiza
Jan 19, 2020 4

Cozy church full of love and life by a community passionate about God's Word. Had the opportunity to celebrate Sinulog, a Philippine tradition. Lovely performance and great food.

Photo of Stephen Gage Stephen Gage
Jan 24, 2020 4

Friendly parish and priests. They welcome guests at every mass. Good singing participation. Currently building a new church and grounds. Some disruption around parking.

Photo of Jerry Chavez Jerry Chavez
Jan 19, 2020 4

Welcoming and growing church undergoing construction for a new sanctuary.