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Holy Cross Catholic Church


2438 S Alston Ave
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 957-2900
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Photo of Tara Bellamy Tara Bellamy
May 13, 2019 5

Great church to worship at and everyone is welcomed.

Photo of Marjorie Dorime-Williams Marjorie Dorime-Williams
Sep 2, 2018 5

Very diverse and welcoming community. The church is well kept and looks new. It is a nice space for prayer and reflection. Also, they have a really good gospel choir.

Photo of Carlos S. Hernandez Carlos S. Hernandez
Nov 27, 2018 5

My family and I like to attend mass at diferent parishes and this is one of our favorites. They have great music and a very welcoming atmosphere.

Photo of Davesene Lawson Davesene Lawson
Aug 12, 2018 5

One big family filled with love and caring.

Photo of Sandy Vartorella Sandy Vartorella
Dec 26, 2017 4

Beautiful worship space, my favorite in the area and a welcoming faith community. They have a fabulous gospel choir, tho I find it impossible to sing along with them during Mass. And since, as a practicing Catholic I feel that song is worship, too, not being able to sing diminishes the worship experience for me.

Photo of Anthony Wilson Anthony Wilson
Jun 11, 2017 5

Being a Life long member of Holy Cross Catholic Church. I recommend for anyone who has any questions about the church to come and celebrate a Mass with us. You will not be disappointed. PEACE BE UPON YOU!

Photo of God's Favored God's Favored
Sep 20, 2015 5

Great multicultural place to worship. Very family friendly and community centered congregation. Great activities to keep you living your faith. Parishioners are of all ages and walks of life. Music at 10 am mass is quite the show: one minute, they'll have you refkecting, then praising and worshipping. Great pastor (priest) too

Photo of David Kirkpatrick David Kirkpatrick
Dec 24, 2019 5

Lovely, welcoming spirit-filled church.

Photo of Verietta Darrabie Verietta Darrabie
Jan 14, 2020 5

Holy Cross is my forever church!!!