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Hilton Durham near Duke University


3800 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 383-8033
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Photo of Krystle M Krystle M
Aug 30, 2022 5

Hotel is clean. Location is great, the staff is very friendly. the pool was very clean or a nice area to sit outside. The beds are comfortable. The room was quiet. If you need a very quiet room ask for a room that is quiet away from the pool since there is some highway noise. The hotel restaurant is OK but not the greatest.

Photo of Mark MacMullen Mark MacMullen
Aug 17, 2022 4

Great amenities such as a bar and restaurant and convenience store. The staff are friendly professional and courteous. However, the 4 stars and not 5 is for the lack of a microwave in every room. Every hotel we've stayed in thus far has a microwave which we put to good use with every visit. The only microwave available for guests is the 1 in the convenience store. So that means a trip down the elevator to the 1st floor and back again to my room. Keep in mind that currently the hotel suggests only your party or no more than two people at a time to use the elevator. Topped by the fact there are two elevators but only one is working right now and this hotel has almost full occupancy. Yeah, 4 stars seems fair.

Photo of Mitchell Scott Mitchell Scott
Aug 8, 2022 4

Staff was friendly and room was nice. Elevator is a little slow, breakfast for 2 is $36 and about what you would expect for a hotel I wouldn’t recommend it unless the price is included in the room (some rooms include it and some don’t). The restaurant/bar is closed on Sunday so beware of that. The main reason I booked here was for the pool and the hot tub however when I arrived the hot tub had been closed down and filled in. They should update their photos and make it clear the hot tub is no longer here. Overall it was a decent stay and I would probably stay here again if I’m back in this area.

Photo of Lyndsey Fought Lyndsey Fought
Jul 29, 2022 4

This hotel was overall nice; great customer service and maid service. However, we were put in a double queen when we booked a king room for our anniversary. Additionally, the rooms are ****damp****, for example when you sit on the bed you can feel the dampness. The rooms smell a bit mildewy due to the humidity. The humidity also creates mold on the ceiling which was *very obvious*. It seems like the air conditioning system needs upgraded and possibly dehumidifiers. The corporation definitely needs to fix this issue.

Photo of Audrey White Audrey White
Jul 22, 2022 5

This was a great place to stay. I would say one of my top choices in Durham, NC. The staff are warm and friendly. My room 438 had an awesome view so I left the window opened. I fell asleep easily and everything was peaceful. The room gave me an upscale feel but still comfy. I will be back to stay eat and enjoy the Hilton life aka the good life.

Photo of Tammy Gibson-Lee Tammy Gibson-Lee
Jul 17, 2022 4

Greeted at the desk by Lynette...who was awesome!!! Great experience except being charged an extra $25 for late check-out although I checked out at 11:15. I called back once I noticed it on the emailed folio. The young lady I spoke to (was not Lynette) immediately stated that "apparently I checked out after 12". I told her to simply look at the receipt that is time stamped. Plus I was behind 2 others that were checking out. After checking and realizing the error, she said she would process the refund. To date, I have still not received the refund.

Photo of Sharon Smith Sharon Smith
May 24, 2022 4

We stayed at Hilton Durham due to a last-minute change of plans. The room itself was nicely appointed with chaise sofa and large TV. The bar was closed all day on Sunday. The shower shelf was so broken down it couldn't hold more than the tiny bottle of hotel shampoo, and the shower door wouldn't close so it made a lake in the bathroom. C'mon Hilton - you can do better! Room 511.

Photo of Anthony Free Anthony Free
May 22, 2022 3

Pool is fairly small. The bar closes early. The elevators are slow. Breakfast was good. Definitely a middle of the road Hilton. I expected better.

Photo of NJ Chatham NJ Chatham
May 1, 2022 4

I attended an event here, but did not stay in a room. The facilities were nice, but the drink service was extremely slow, probably due to a lack of personnel. While at my event, the hotel was also hosting 2 weddings and the 2 bartenders could not keep up with demand. If I'm paying $4 for a domestic beer, I would prefer faster service. I feel Hilton should have been prepared and provided extra servers, especially since they had a head count for our gathering. Otherwise, the hotel was lovely, the food was tasty and there was plenty of parking.

Photo of Mrs. Harris Mrs. Harris
Mar 4, 2022 5

Wonderful. Clean rooms with very clean sheets (even inside the sofa bed). Good extras. Fast wifi. Very Friendly staff! Sofa bed was handy and the room was very quiet even though near the elevator on a weekend. Digital key through the app is very handy. Parking is good. Lots of stores nearby.