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High Strung Violins & Guitars


1805 W Markham Ave
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-3801
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Photo of Billy Stahl Billy Stahl
Feb 23, 2019 5

This place is a hidden gem. Staff is super cool and knowledgeable. I've bought guitar strings, picks, mic cables, guitar cables, and an awesome acoustic guitar here. I found a beat up violin at a thrift store recently, and I'm taking it here soon to get it restored. Love this place!

Photo of Angela Strain Angela Strain
May 31, 2019 5

Great lesson, Elisa is very patient with a new 5 year old student.

Photo of Eve Claudia Eve Claudia
Apr 25, 2019 5

Blessed by these people that offer their help when need it, I had an emergency with my sons instrument and due to traffic time got there 2 minutes after the store closed, the owner saw me parking and let me in anyways and fix my children instruments instantly, was so grateful after the fact that my child was playing that night. Thanks a lot guys!!

Photo of joshua brooks joshua brooks
Apr 5, 2019 5

Very knowledgable and awesome people. We have frequented quite a bit and currently renting a 3/4 from them now

Photo of Misty Robinson Misty Robinson
Mar 20, 2019 5

Elliott was awesome, very patient, informative, and explained in detail any question i had. Looking forward to the future business with my little one's violin to come...

Photo of Matthew Bunyi Matthew Bunyi
Jun 29, 2019 5

I had a very small issue with my cello's endpin that needed a quick look. The luthier, Peter, was able took the time to take off the bridge and strings to quickly investigate. He had the issue resolved and even polished the instrument in just 15 minutes. It was way beyond what I was expecting. Amazing job, High Strung team!

Photo of greyscout50 . greyscout50 .
Jul 27, 2019 5

Sales lady is a musician, has a passion for her calling, was very helpful and friendly. Store was clean, well stocked and merchandise was top quality. Found what I needed.

Photo of Thomas Rutledge Thomas Rutledge
Sep 9, 2019 5

Great customer service and high quality work. I would definitely recommend them for all of your repair needs!

Photo of Drake Moss Drake Moss
Sep 11, 2019 4

Super cute classic music store with many instruments

Photo of lindaipo1 . lindaipo1 .
Nov 12, 2019 5

Great place. Has weekly music jams. Great asset to Durham. Owner Lee Raymond is always friendly and helpful.

Photo of Andy Freeman Andy Freeman
Nov 13, 2019 5

From what I've seen decent prices. Impossible parking lot. Didn't realize I should park across the street.

Photo of Rick Hobbs Rick Hobbs
Dec 14, 2019 5

I don't write many reviews, but Will was amazingly helpful. He helped me with my acoustic for a minor repair and then really came through helping me set up a new electric for my son. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Will definitely go back!

Photo of Doug Shook Doug Shook
Dec 17, 2019 5

I never heard of this place until yesterday. I stopped in for a set of guitar strings. The young lady that waited on me was very friendly and helpful. I'll be back.

Photo of Alise Willis Alise Willis
Feb 13, 2020 5

My go to for all things instrumental.

Photo of Nichol Tate Nichol Tate
Feb 26, 2020 4

Perfect place to go for anything strings. Found a good used violin and lessons for a fair price. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Photo of serfancia leon serfancia leon
Feb 22, 2020 5

I rent a violin there for my daughter and any time it needs serving they do an excellent job

Photo of James Beavers James Beavers
Jan 18, 2020 5

Good selection, helpful staff

Photo of Tom Eisenmenger Tom Eisenmenger
Oct 22, 2018 4

Great staff!

Photo of Jeff Franklin Jeff Franklin
Jun 24, 2020 5

I went for what I thought was a total guitar bridge replacement, but Will, the repairman told me it was a much simpler job to get done. He could have charged me the full price but he was honest and fixed it up in only 20 minutes to boot. I'll definitely be going back next time I have any musical instrument related issues! I definitely recommend them

Photo of Jordan Edwards Jordan Edwards
Aug 6, 2020 5

Great GREAT set up on my guitar. Went in to have the nut and jack replaced on a guitar I’d picked up. Fantastic job. The guitar plays better than any of my other guitars. I’ll definitely be bringing more of my gear over there for modifications and adjustments.

Photo of Jonathan Carroll Jonathan Carroll
Sep 13, 2020 5

Great place to get your guitar repaired. These folks are professionals

Photo of Grant Fields Grant Fields
Sep 22, 2020 5

Will is not only an amazing guitar tech, but also incredibly kind and passionate in his craft. I will be returning!

Photo of Neelesh Patel Neelesh Patel
Dec 16, 2020 5

I had one of the most positive purchasing experiences of the year through the wonderful team of folks at High Strung Violins and Guitars. Will was excellent at teasing out just what kind of guitar to purchase as a surprise birthday gift for my wife and the owners, Lee and Gail, kept me in a meaningful conversation while Will prepped the guitar. I was in and out of there in less than 20 minutes to boot!

Photo of Louis Pinault Louis Pinault
Jan 24, 2021 5

Excellent Service and Work! It wasn't easy to find a luthier what was doing repair and set up work. It seems like others have retreated into a building only mode due to COVID-19 restrictions. But not High Strung! The phone greeting message told me up front they were fully operational. So, I dropped off my inexpensive Fender Squire Telecaster with Will and he really set up nice! Made it feel like a much more expensive instrument! He dressed the frets, made sure they were all level, set the action and intonation. It felt so much better. Plus everyone is friendly and willing to listen. High Strung will get all of my guitar work.