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Heavenly Buffaloes


1807 W Markham Ave
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 237-2358
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Photo of haley westhoff haley westhoff
Dec 30, 2023 4

Big fan of the boneless lemon pepper wings and sweet potato fries w the BBQ rub. Other flavors have been good too. Best wings I’ve had in Durham but the fries can be a little inconsistent. They lack on veggie portions and you have to pay extra for additional sauce as well. Don’t ever pay for more carrots, they will legit give you three baby carrots in a bag for $2. So dumb

Photo of Shaun House Shaun House
Dec 26, 2023 5

Got the vegan lemon pepper wingz with sweet potato fries, and they were delicious, as always.

Photo of Aishia Crayton Williams Aishia Crayton Williams
Dec 3, 2023 5

This place does not need a review from the likes of me. Heavenly Buffaloes is incredibly delicious. They keep it simple and nail what they are known for. Wings! Their house dry rub is perfect. We no longer live in the area but we still stop every time we pass through. Call ahead ordering makes it easy and it is worth the detour every time.

Photo of Cakes Warren Cakes Warren
Oct 27, 2023 3

So I found the place online and want to try it out. It's an walk up and order place no seating, the parking isn't the best but there is parking. I thought they wanted too much for wings, so I gave the thighs a try and the waffle fries. I asked the cashier which fries were better, and he suggested the Idaho fries, so I went with that, and they over fired the fries they were so hard. The check was cooked and seasoned well. The wait wasn't that long, I might need to try it again to see if it's really worth it for me. But if you like chicken give them a try.

Photo of Tim Rubacky Tim Rubacky
Oct 12, 2023 5

Edit: This has become my wing joint I've gone back for lunch 2 more times since last week Ordered online for pickup and drove from work (about 5 minutes) 13 buffalo hot (level 3 spice) wings And lemon pepper waffle fries Food was ready when I arrived (7 minutes ahead of what the order page gave) Food is fantastic and flavorful best wings I've had in a while love that the hot sauce is actually hot not a mildy spicy sweet "hot" sauce like Buffalo bros has Their hot buffalo is spicy but still loaded with tons of flavor Lemon pepper fries are nice and crispy the seasoning has an excellent tang it makes a delicious compliment to the wings as well Will be returning for lunch frequently

Photo of Rachel Porter Rachel Porter
Oct 1, 2023 5

These are the best wings in the triangle. They are delicious, and every time, my family comes to buy wings here. We can't get enough of this amazing business. My favorite are the lemon pepper.

Photo of Vickie Howell Vickie Howell
Sep 19, 2023 5

It's not ♿️ , 🐔 wings were great, so great that we ate them in the car. They never made it to the house, so there no pics, and the sauce is awesome. Staff are knowledgeable. There are no tables to dine at. There are no restrooms. you're not there long enough to have to go. So, overall, go get some wings. And remember to take pics lol.

Photo of Tatiana “HeyYall_ImTatiana” Johnson Tatiana “HeyYall_ImTatiana” Johnson
Sep 7, 2023 3

Food was fresh and cooked to order! Was a little on the pricier side for wings but the flavors were well worth it!Be prepared to enjoy the hot Carolina weather or sit in your car because there is no inside seating just outside picnic tables!Overall I will definitely be returning!

Photo of Shon Joyner Shon Joyner
Aug 4, 2023 5

Heavenly Buffaloes is one of my favorite places to eat because of their vegan nuggets and the flavor options. I Love the fact that you can order and eat outside at the restaurant or you can take it to go. I used to eat here once a week but now I live almost two hours away I come at least once a month.

Photo of Kathleen Charli Hibbert Kathleen Charli Hibbert
Aug 2, 2023 5

It's definitely one of our favorite spots to grab dinner. .. The flavors offered for both wet and dry rub are crazy good! The boneless chicken and the sweet potato fries with ranch dry rub will make any evening better.

Photo of Alex Andrews Alex Andrews
Jul 23, 2023 5

I grow my own peppers to make my own hot sauces, and I travel all over the country, so I've been to countless wing joints. I say that not to brag, but to provide proper context for my next statement: Their Bernie Zass-Hoff might be the best hot Buffalo sauce of any restaurant I've ever been to. It is properly, very, spicy, but still has a very good flavor, which is frequently overlooked. I'm sauces this spicy because most will just be overwhelmed and not notice it. Their spicy BBQ was also very good with a perfect medium level of spice. The staff was also incredibly friendly and clearly cared about their products. All that said, they were slow at the time, and I suspect that's probably why the wings themselves were a little overcooked, as were the fries.

Photo of Ferdinanda Nichols Ferdinanda Nichols
Jun 24, 2023 3

Stopped by for my first time. Had challenges ordering due to the confusion around the description that was provided. But the server, having realized the mounding inconvenience, offered two extra drinks as a way of apologizing for the confusion and thanking us for our patience and positive nature. To that, I am grateful for his steps to make the matter right and for the peace offering. Heavenly Buffaloes - you have my patronage, and I encourage others to visit. Thank you

Photo of Brittany Pleasant Brittany Pleasant
Jun 23, 2023 5

I don't miss much about Durham, but I miss my local wing place! I moved about 2 years ago and haven't had my wing fix since! I wish I had some photos to share, but trust me. If I'm still thinking about the food from two years ago, you have to try it for yourself! I always got the boneless wings with half Sweet Thai Coconut Chili and the other half with Carolina Honey Mustard. The waffle fries with the Garlic Parmesan seasoning were a hit every time. I miss this shack on the corner so much! Hopefully one day I can come and visit again soon and get my wing fix! Locals, please eat some fries and wings for me!

Photo of D P D P
Jun 23, 2023 3

First time here and there is a lot of good to say, but one glowing negative turns this from 5 stars into 3. I ordered 25 Bone-In Wings, Celery & Carrots, & a Half Fry for about $45. Chicken: Jumbo chicken wings as promised! Very big wings that are cooked perfectly. Sauce: I tried the Spicy BBQ and Carolina Honey Mustard. Spicy BBQ was pretty good. Carolina Honey Mustard was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Love it and would definitely recommend. Tangy and not too sweet. Fries: a Half Fry is more than enough for one person. Big waffle fries that are fried crispy and lightly salted. No Complaints here. Bleu Cheese is perfectly acceptable and not too overwhelming. A nice compliment to the large fries. Carrots and Celery: THIS IS MY COMPLAINT. Heavenly Buffaloes charged me $2.25 for 7 Baby Carrots and 3 pieces of Celery. Absolutely ridiculous when these are things that are often included free of charge. This is the sole reason that this review has been reduced from 5 Stars to 3. While this spot is on the pricey side, the wings are awesome and I highly recommend. Do not waste your money on the vegetables.

Photo of Lauren Capps Lauren Capps
Jun 4, 2023 5

Great food, awesome service! Definitely will be back to try other flavors. Heads up there is no bathroom at the shack, but there’s a gas station across the street.

Photo of Julian Steinmeyer Julian Steinmeyer
Jun 1, 2023 3

Boneless wings were fantastic as were the lemon pepper fries but the number of baby carrots I received was nothing short of comical: a measly three. Obviously inflation is hitting us all pretty hard but 26 cents per raw carrot is by many metrics a pretty substantial markup that is only reasonable if each carrot were to be individually dipped in holy water and blessed by an ordained minister. The etablishment being heavenly buffaloes, it's entirely possible that this did occur so for gifting me with three of the Lord's most trusted carrots I will return the favor with one star per vessel of sanctity.

Photo of Kathryn Green Kathryn Green
May 7, 2023 5

I finally made it here for there vegan wings and they did not disappoint! I ordered the Zass-hoff (level 4 spice) and the Thai Coconut with peanuts (level 1 spice) with the vegan ranch. I love spicy food and I found the level 4 truly spicy but still enjoyable. I’m not sure I would want the level 5. I ordered it to-go and the order was ready within 10 minutes on an early Friday night. I will definitely be back for more!