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Hayti Heritage Center


804 Old Fayetteville St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 683-1709
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Preserving and advancing the heritage and culture of historic Hayti & the African American experience through programs that benefit the broader community.

Twitter: @HaytiHeritage
Instagram: @haytiheritagecenter

Google Reviews

Photo of Yvonne Sims-Broome Yvonne Sims-Broome
Oct 8, 2023 5

Spectacular comes close to describing this experience. The venue was beautiful & musicians talented. This is a night that I will never forget.

Photo of Sandra Sandra
Sep 28, 2023 4

It was great! I will go again. The reason for a 4 rating is the musicians lights on the music stands were blinding and did not make a good ambiance night. The music was great.

Photo of Full Pocket Coaching Full Pocket Coaching
Sep 28, 2023 5

Loved seeing the Fever Candlelight jazz band. Such a great experience!

Photo of Layla Borisouth Layla Borisouth
Sep 26, 2023 4

Could not see a thing in the very back row. I'm also 5ft

Photo of Carlos Lugo-Olivieri, MD Carlos Lugo-Olivieri, MD
Aug 26, 2023 5

A wonderful and spectacular performance and experience.

Photo of A E A E
Aug 18, 2023 5

Very friendly and helpful. Historic building. A resource for the community. Bricks used to build a Church were fired by brickmaker Richard Burton, Fitzgerald, and Robert G Fitzgerald. They have about 150 years of where, but the clay used is excellent and the bricks are well-made and you can see it the care and the competence in the state of the brick today. Historically important area of Durham with a vibrant future ahead. On Monday nights or maybe Wednesday evenings (I can’t remember exactly) they have African dance class for the community.

Photo of Ronald Baxter Ronald Baxter
Jun 17, 2023 3

Not very friendly or helpful on each visit. The man behind the glass. Mr Markus offered just enough information so he didn't have to get up and show anyone around. Asking for room rental rates I was asked to call back several times over three months. Mr. Markus didn't know Mrs. Polly in the back when she was available didn't know and the director was not available. After being told Tuesdays and Thursdays were available. It was suddenly booked by a yoga class and the room was not available any longer. I have the destinct feeling I didn't know the secret handshake Or grease the right palm. Good to see the old boys network alive and well in impoverished areas of Durham. Still the very heart of culture in Durham NC.

Photo of A E A E
Jun 12, 2023 5

Very friendly and helpful. Historic building. A resource for the community.

Photo of Maria Tavarez Maria Tavarez
Apr 16, 2023 5

Poetry Slam,third Saturday of every month. Great event, local artists perform. Good energy.

Photo of Rachel Porter Rachel Porter
Feb 14, 2023 5

Always love visiting and being at Hayti. I love the events they put on at Hayti!

Photo of Gregory Crawford Gregory Crawford
Jan 24, 2023 5

Not a lot of parking but enough for a group meeting between 25 to 30 people.