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Photo of anony mous anony mous
Apr 12, 2018 1

A salesman: someone who sells products or services for his/her own profit. Products or services may include God or God's name in this particular case. You know who once sold copy machines for living, and is now selling God's name for his own good and power. Maybe you don't know this next part. If someone is standing on his way, he will find a way to kick them out. Once a salesman, always a salesman... Remember the summer of 2016. If you don't know what happened, ask around. However, whomever is left at this church now are all main pastor's side, so you probably just hear how horrible these people who left the church were and hear nothing about the real reasons why so many have left. Interestingly, most of those who left happen to be the people who's been there for very long time and were core part of the church serving members. What can you do when someone thinks what he does is always right and that he's the king. I guess God is using him as a model for those true believers to NOT become like him. Amen to that! To find out more about the truth, join the service team and be part of the core service members and experience what really goes on internally. You will be surprised and realize how much lies and cover-ups are in Mr. Cho's words and acts. Once you realize that, you will start to wonder about his preaching and your belief and trust is ruined and it becomes very hard to focus and accept any of Mr. Cho's words. And you become a target to get kicked out of the church. In the end, finding another church where you can trust and truly believe becomes the solution because you know who will never change. He has passed that stage where he can change and recover.

Photo of JoAnna Barrera JoAnna Barrera
Sep 6, 2016 5

Grew up in this church under pastor Cho for 20+ years. My most formative years as a Christian under his leadership. If you're looking for a church to become your family, to serve and be served, to grow in Christ-- this is the place for you! Please do not be intimidated by poor ratings by the few who have been angered enough to rant on the Internet. Shame on the people who have demonstrated anything other than love for Christ and ALL his children in the midst of some church struggles through nasty reviews. All churches have internal struggle from time to time, we see it in scripture. I am his daughter, and I support my father wholly in all he does. I truly believe he leads and seeks counsel in the Lord in what he does. If you know the story of Hanmaum, you will know that my father did not do it alone but through the hand of God. Bash the pastor all you want, but God does not use the perfect to lead the other perfect people. He uses the weak to lead the strong. And I hope that anyone who is in search of a church will find strength in the love of Christ that is so richly demonstrated in the way the members serve one another at Hanmaum. Pastors are human too, they are our brothers in Christ, and I challenge the people below to love all pastors like such.

Photo of April Lee April Lee
Oct 4, 2016 5

In conclusion, I love Hanmaum Church! I grew up in one church for 25 years before I came to USA. Since I came to America, I have attended so many different churches under different denominations. I didn't like the fact that we had to jump one church to another so many times due to study, work, problem with fellow church leaders/members, etc. I now am very grateful for that because I had a chance to experience a lot of christians and leaders at church. I also heard and saw a lot. I can tell you that I found a church like home. Hanmaum Church. Even though I hear different stories, it does not really affect me. I know He is in control and I trust Him. I encourage everyone to come to Hanmaum church with an expectation and hope to see what God is doing in all.

Photo of Jinwoo Cho Jinwoo Cho
Mar 21, 2018 1

No Changes at all LOL.

Photo of Byungjoon Jeoung Byungjoon Jeoung
Mar 11, 2017 5

Very Good Church, every member does their best for Jesus Christ.

Photo of David Shim David Shim
Jul 3, 2019 1

Came to this business place since 2006 and left 2016. I wish there's a 0 star rating system. Doesn't even deserve 1 star.