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Guglhupf Bakery, Cafe & Biergarten


2706 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 401-2600
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Photo of Shinjini Chattopadhyay Shinjini Chattopadhyay
Jan 13, 2024 4

Great ambience. Would certainly go back again for the ambience. Great indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The food quality matched our level of expectation (did not exceed it). The baked items were very good.

Photo of Rijul Razdan Rijul Razdan
Jan 8, 2024 5

Perfect brunch place. We ordered the farmer's omelette and the tofu sandwich. Both were delicious and copious amounts. You have to stand in a queue and wait for your turn to order at the window before you seat yourself. There's also more seating indoors, along with a bakery inside though I love the outdoor space. The parking has been extended so it isn't that hard to find a spot even when crowded. Coffee is a must if you're a caffeine addict like me 😅

Photo of Elyssa Johnson Elyssa Johnson
Jan 7, 2024 5

Amanda at Guglhupf was wonderful providing a cake for our wedding! They provided the best tasting we had tried in the Triangle and we were glad that we found them. We could tell right away that their cakes used real, fresh ingredients that brought high-impact yet natural flavors. After making our selections, they provided an elegant and delicious cake for us to enjoy on our wedding day that our guests really loved. The service was excellent and we felt good supporting them as a business. We would highly recommend Guglhupf for wedding cakes!

Photo of haley westhoff haley westhoff
Dec 30, 2023 5

Very authentic place! Nothing like it in the area. Great food and service and plenty of seating. Can get a bit busy on the weekends, so just be ready to wait in line. It’s super well run and I love the little bakery off to the side. Beautiful outside and inside!!

Photo of Sarah Mills Sarah Mills
Dec 9, 2023 5

We got coffees and brunch. Service was fast, they brought out the coffees almost immediately, so we could sip while waiting on the food. Pastries were to die for. The food was wonderful and good portions. Would come here every week if possible.

Photo of Neha Patel Neha Patel
Nov 25, 2023 5

We went to this restaurant/cafe arriving around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday after Thanksgiving, and I had to wait about 5 minutes for someone to open up a parking spot. There is a bakery, cafe, and a restaurant. The restaurant has a line for which you can order actual food. Otherwise for bakery items and coffee, you could just order those without waiting in line. We got the gingerbread latte, the artichoke and feta pastry, the pumpkin pastry, and the cream cheese pastry. These are all wonderful (8/10), light and flaky, not overly rich, and not overly sweet. Prices were about $5 per piece, and the coffee was $6 each. We got three to share among two people. You may sit anywhere in the restaurant area no matter what you get, so we went upstairs in the inside area. The staff are very friendly and available. The atmosphere, style, and decorations are lovely and European, warm and industrial and natural too. They do have some Christmas decorations too. Service I don't have much to comment, because we went to the bakery and the cafe separate from the restaurant. Nice place for chats over breakfast or brunch.

Photo of Linda Laur Linda Laur
Nov 9, 2023 3

I'd been told Guglhupf had really good German food. Being half German, 1st generation, and neing in the area, I thought I'd check it out....I was not terribly impressed. I got the grilled bratwurst and potato salad and a spiced caramel apple Cider. Cider was good; potatoes didn't have much flavor, especially since the menu said potatoes with beef broth. The brat came with sauerkraut and Duesseldorf mustard. There was no mustard, so I had to go find a server and ask. She said it was supposed to come on the side....she did go and get me some. The table was dirty, I had to clean it off as did the people who sat at the table next to me. You order at a window and pay. Then they bring the food to the table. I added a 15% tip when I ordered someone to take my order and bring my food. But that's where the service ends. I kinda feel I overpaid on the tip, and the food was not terribly impressive! With tip, I paid $30.91. Not sure it was worth what I paid!!

Photo of Jonathan Seeler Jonathan Seeler
Nov 1, 2023 5

I drive an hour to get here because the food is so good! You can enjoy fresh, European-style baked goods and treats, a gourmet meal, or savor an excellent coffee or tea. The service is wonderful, and there are plenty of seating options. I particularly enjoy the outdoor seating at this restaurant and it amplifies the experience of eating authentic German foods.

Photo of Fraser League Fraser League
Oct 24, 2023 5

This is a very cool restaurant that I just discovered recently. They have a really neat atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating. A great selection of food, beer and coffee. We had a party of 5 and everyone tried something different. Everyone loved their selections. Don't forget to stop by the bakery on your way out - the danishes are to die for!!!

Photo of David Giusti David Giusti
Oct 19, 2023 5

This place is an absolute gem. The food is amazing, the beer is cold and delicious and the baked goods are to die for! My wife had the schnitzel with mushroom gravy and spaetzle and I had the wurst plate, the schnitzel was gigantic, perfectly breaded and fried to perfection, the spaetzle is authentic and has the perfect bite to it. Both of the wurst have such a rich flavor it's hard to describe. The service is prompt and attentive. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! Stop by and have a bite, you won't regret it! We drive over an hour just for this place.

Photo of gabi paxton gabi paxton
Oct 7, 2023 5

this cafe is delicious !!!! one of the best croissant sandwiches i’ve probably ever had. we waiting a while in line but once we ordered, our food was out very promptly. my only negative comment is that the food is pretty pricey and adding extras on my sandwich really shot it up. other than that, a delicious and great experience!

Photo of Andrea Wilson Andrea Wilson
Sep 27, 2023 4

This place has a great European vibe with it's quirky outdoor patio. The food was very good. however there is no proper table service. You order, pay and tip at a window and they bring the food and drink to your table, but that's it. No one asking you if you need anything else or if you would like your soda refilled. You can grab iced tap water and silverware from a table. If you come here just to get some yummy bakery goods, come early. At 3pm the bakery was almost depleted. Parking can be a problem during busy times.

Photo of Shelby Roberts Shelby Roberts
Sep 18, 2023 4

Went recently with friends on a Sunday around 10:45. The place was busy with a long line to order but plenty of seats were available once you got your food. The drinks were amazing and the food was good (fries and bakery items were great, breakfast sandwich was a bit dry IMO). Provided water bowls for dogs. It had a wonderful atmosphere to sit and hang w friends or kids while sipping on your favorite beverage. We will be back.

Photo of Deanna Mapes Deanna Mapes
Aug 12, 2023 5

This place reminded me of a German Cafe we visited a few years ago in Austria. The outdoor seating is quite picturesque of an authentic German restaurant in Bavaria. The food is delicious and served by pleasant waitstaff. Instructions are posted on accessing your utensils, drink additives and condiments. Great variety of food fare to please the hungry, the Vegan, the gluten-free and healthy choices person. Wide variety of beverages from teas and coffees to cold brews and crafts. Indoor and very spacious outdoor seating with natural plants and attractive overhead cover included with fans to lower the temperature when outdoor dining. Very busy for brunch. A plus is the bakery to take home some scrumptious delicacies after dining.

Photo of Ivy Chen Ivy Chen
Aug 7, 2023 5

Lovely place to enjoy delicious cake and drinks. Their breakfast was so yummy too. Free parking. Good environment. Love this place .

Photo of Lin Dempsey Lin Dempsey
Aug 5, 2023 5

An incredible place. While the service is odd (you just order and are served -- no service past that), it creates a unique atmosphere that I actually enjoyed. A beautiful place that I could sit in for hours. And the food... the food! After tonight's meal, the Wurst Teller, Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen, and an incredible "blackberry smores desert", if I were to die today it would be without regret. Cannot recommend enough

Photo of Denise Thomas Denise Thomas
Jul 9, 2023 5

We attended a special event and found the place to be uniquely beautiful. We were indoors with cool lighting and chandeliers, but the outdoor setting is the real popular spot. It is huge with pergolas, sun sails, umbrellas and natural floral covering to protect from the sun. There are different choices of seating outside from tables, to high tops and picnic benches. I love the patio furniture and colorful benches and rockers available to sit in also. Then there’s the menu which is so different than the usual fare at most restaurants. Yes, some German foods, but don’t shy away if you’re not a German food fan. It is a must to stop in the Bakery. This has to be the best Bakery I have seen in a very long time! The fruit tart, chocolate tart are killers. But the bread choices are amazing, too. Probably my fave so far (I’ll be trying more) is the lemon pistachio scone.

Photo of Vidya Shankar Vidya Shankar
Jun 28, 2023 4

The ambience outside and the spacious outdoor areas were inviting. There was a very strong smell of some bleach or chemical as soon as we entered the cafe that put us off from ordering anything. Probably a one off incident. Hope the management will note this and maybe use a plant based cleaner for their needs. Will try it again next time.

Photo of spencer wiegand spencer wiegand
Jun 27, 2023 5

The wife found this gem online and I went in not knowing anything about the place. The restaurant is unique in a great way. We loved the order window setup and outdoor seating! The guy at the counter had great people skills and helped us out for our first time. She got the the potato tart which tastes just like if you ordered it in the Bavarian country side! I got the lamb doner which is so far….the best I’ve had anywhere on the planet! The ingredients were fresh and more importantly local and outstanding quality! My plate is empty in the photo because it was so good, I sucked it down like a vacuum lol

Photo of Daisy Martinez Daisy Martinez
Jun 17, 2023 5

What an awesome place!! The decor is super unique and I liked the very open design of the dining area. I had the pork Schnitzel and it was super crispy! I also went inside the bakery and got a black forest (?) macaron and let me tell you- that was the most delicious macaron I’ve had… EVER. Definitely a great place to sit down and hang out with some friends!

Photo of Quintin Coppola Quintin Coppola
Jun 10, 2023 4

Guglhupf was a different experience - I think I would have enjoyed it more if I would have brought a book and ordered a beer. It was 0830, but I'll take a page out of the book from Belgium and bring it to this German bakery. It would be a nice place to hangout, read, and sip on a nice Hefe in the biergarten. Glad I read the sign before waltzing in - it's not full service. Order at the counter and the items will be brought to you. I think they could go a step further like KoKyu - put a QR code on the table and order there (the QR code lets them know what table ordered). I did find it a little annoying that all the condiments were in a central location - I never feel comfortable leaving my food/drinks out of eyesight when I'm dining by myself. Food was okay - I ordered the eggs arnold. I feel like the fruit was a little too fancy - leave the rinds off, no one eats them. The eggs arnold could have benefited from some pickled onion - otherwise I thought it was a unique take on eggs benedict. I'd pick something like the kippered salmon or the schnitzel next time. I got the seasonal blueberry/lemon danish on the way out. It's more of a preference, but I prefer the French dough style (buttery/savory/crisp exterior) over what I had (soft and sweet) - otherwise the interior was light and fluffy, the blueberries and lemon were also good. The cortado was okay - I think the espresso could be dialed in a bit better. I was getting too much sourness in my drink. And in general I drink my espresso straight - no sugar or milk, so this was more of a weekend treat. The breads looked delicious and so did some of the other pastries. I would come back to try more - being my first time, I wasn't too sure what I should get.