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2200 W Main St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 294-8939
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Photo of Katelyn Bodwell Katelyn Bodwell
Dec 8, 2023 5

This place was delicious! Very quick and you can select what you want in your arepa or chose a signature arepa. There was a lot of seating. Highly recommend!

Photo of Daniel Neeley Daniel Neeley
Nov 20, 2023 4

Second visit to this location. Guy behind counter gave good portion size. Often in these type of restaurants you get less than reasonable amounts of meat for the price. Was pleased this time that he was fair.

Photo of Daniel Daniel
Nov 14, 2023 3

Arepas are pretty decent, but too pricey. Not sure if there was a mistake when ringing in the order but we got 6 for $40. $6.75 each is too expensive for the portion size.

Photo of Cassie McGill Cassie McGill
Nov 5, 2023 5

This is the first time I remember having an arepa, & I loved it! I'll definitely be looking for more places to try them. I got the signature shredded beef arepa and added plantains, it was absolutely delicious!!!!!! No complaints, the flavors mingled perfectly! It was only $7.00, & filled me up for lunch. Super casual place, my one suggestion though is don't order it to go, because I saw a lot of customers returning because their orders were messed up. You can also park in the target garage for free!

Photo of Jim Northrup Jim Northrup
Aug 3, 2023 5

This place never disappoints. I always get the vegetarian or vegan arepas. I don't get there often so I always forget how good the place is. Great portions. Prices. I gave it three for atmosphere because it's basically a strip mall place. The inside is very nice though and clean and they have outdoor seating..

Photo of Quintin Coppola Quintin Coppola
Jun 8, 2023 3

I'm a little torn on this review...the vegetarian arepa was quite good. Great flavor, even though the presentation was rather sloppy compared to some of the other pictures I've seen. The arepa itself was okay, compared to others that I've had - it lacked some structure. However, the salad/bowl was a different story. Everything looked okay but it was sweet. I'm not sure what was going on, are they trying to appease an American pallet? To be frank, I could have ordered something very similar at Chipotle (minus plantains) and the flavor would have been more savory - or put another way, I was expecting dark chocolate and got milk chocolate. Even while writing this review I can't help to think how odd and disappointing it was, especially when the arepa started things off in the right direction. Service was friendly and fast, no bad remarks.