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Grey Stone Church


2601 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-2281
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Photo of Billy Wilson Billy Wilson
Dec 14, 2018 5

Beautiful Church... we've been members for 15 years. Preaching from the Bible. A lot of great ministries... great community out reach programs. Cannot say enough, this Church is a blessing from our Father in heaven... come visit!!

Photo of Michelle Miller Michelle Miller
Jun 19, 2018 5

My family was down on our luck recently and one of the congregation ladies helped us with food. She even drove it to us because I didn't have $2 to get a bus ticket. She truly blessed us that day! Thank you so much and thank you Greystone for all that you do!! You are truly a church that is working for the Lord, my family is blessed by your kindness and love! Again, thank you and God Bless!!

Photo of Faustina Cathey Faustina Cathey
Mar 5, 2019 5

Wonderful church with a great indoor gym

Photo of Nina Massengjll Nina Massengjll
Dec 13, 2018 5

The living tree was a great play with great singing. Thanks for the production and the message.

Photo of Monique Bonner Monique Bonner
Jul 31, 2019 5

Great Church! Everyone is so friendly.

Photo of Spaghettio Daddio Spaghettio Daddio
Aug 4, 2019 5

Lots of friendly people and great music.

Photo of Jennifer Skelton Jennifer Skelton
Aug 22, 2019 5

Very nice people there.

Photo of Linsay Harris Linsay Harris
Dec 30, 2019 4

Good people. Min. Herb .youth director

Photo of Marier Shields Marier Shields
Jan 25, 2020 5

I Loved, Loved Grey Stone Church, friendly, welcoming congragation.

Photo of moodymoose cannon moodymoose cannon
Jul 7, 2020 5

Enjoyed visiting this Church since I was 17 or 18!! I have a home Church but have gone to many great classes on marriage at Greystone and have never missed their Living Christmas Tree Ministry. Being a part of that is a beautiful and inspiring experience every time! Sunday to Sunday The Word of God is taught in a way that It is understood by everyone. It a friendly good church.