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Greenwood Commons Shopping Center


5410 NC-55
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 251-8224
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Photo of Jonathan Williams Jonathan Williams
Feb 21, 2022 5

All my needs were conveniently met, excellent layout

Photo of CA Henderson CA Henderson
Feb 14, 2022 4

Greenwood commons is usually a light place to go. There are a few busy places and a few nice places. I hope it stays a good shopping center.

Photo of Greg Parrott Greg Parrott
Dec 18, 2021 5

Sarah's Empanadas! A bit pricey, but still great tasting!

Photo of Relva Smith (Micki) Relva Smith (Micki)
Nov 7, 2021 5

Multiple businesses here. Nice quaint shopping center

Photo of Sharika Williams Sharika Williams
Dec 11, 2021 5

Lots of small business owner shops. Today there was a farmers market going on in the Parking lot. Lots of really nice people selling produce, local honey, and other things. Over all this is a cute little area with friendly people and great restaurants.

Photo of David Heder David Heder
Oct 27, 2021 5

Best license plate agency to get in and out of quickly.

Photo of takema etheridge takema etheridge
Oct 24, 2021 5

True Flavor Diner is a must have! Great food!

Photo of Jake Hofmann Jake Hofmann
Oct 31, 2021 5

Benetis Restaurant is a wonderful place to go for lunch or breakfast. Great food and wonderful service from Sylvia, Natalia and Rosa.

Photo of Robert Young Robert Young
Oct 4, 2021 5

I enjoy going to this shopping center

Photo of Sean Lombardi Sean Lombardi
Jul 26, 2021 4

The Glass Jug is a great spot to relax and have a great time

Photo of Beverly El-Amin Beverly El-Amin
Jul 24, 2021 4

I visited the DMV Office yesterday at Greenwood Commons and was pleasantly surprised. I don't know anyone who enjoys going to the DMV. I didn't have an appointment. There was a line, however no one seemed irritated by that. The young lady directing the DMV traffic is probably responsible for the calm and order. She was polite, professionally friendly, and efficient. The line moved fairly quickly...the ladies behind the counter were quick, efficient, and didn't act like they were annoyed by impatient customers who couldn't get what they came for accomplished. Thumbs up to the staff of the DMV office at Greenwood Commons. And make an appointment before you got if you can.

Photo of CA Henderson CA Henderson
Jul 28, 2021 4

There's a lot of restaurants but unfortunately no real retail. The restaurants have some variety in terms of cuisine. The farmer's market on Saturday is the only time this feels like a full strip but there's no apparel store there. Overall good spot.

Photo of Dee Menser Dee Menser
Aug 17, 2021 4

The shops and restaurants are friendly and maintained. A wide range of businesses. Even a farmers market on the weekends. A very nice shopping center. The parking lot could use some work. Is the only downside

Photo of Jean Lebron Jean Lebron
May 21, 2021 5

Good food plenty of parking

Photo of Tony Bullcity Tony Bullcity
Apr 10, 2021 5

It was cool, had been cutting hair since 8:00 am so it was refreshing.

Photo of Antoine Swain Antoine Swain
Feb 20, 2021 5

Food was great staff was super helpful

Photo of Ralph Cerbone Ralph Cerbone
Feb 19, 2021 5

Love the breakfast here. Service was great !

Photo of Tom Collins Tom Collins
Sep 27, 2020 5

Delicious beers and ciders in a relaxed and clean environment. Murals on the wall were incredible.

Photo of Farnon Dix Farnon Dix
Sep 10, 2020 3

I was there for vehicle registration. That's it. Plenty of parking so that's a plus.

Photo of Toni Bost Toni Bost
Jul 1, 2020 5

An amazing dumpling place and a craft brewery that had meads, 👌. I'll have to try the empanada place next.

Photo of Cynthia Haliburton Cynthia Haliburton
Jun 5, 2020 5

Excellent service and system in place to conduct business while safety and compliance orders were maintained. Thanks!

Photo of Jason Lin Jason Lin
Jun 6, 2020 4

Older shopping center that does not appear to have the parking spaces paved in a long time. It's kept fairly clean

Photo of Melinda Fernandez Melinda Fernandez
May 1, 2020 3

The Management Comoany needs to do some capital improvements. Give the exterior and parking lot TLC. Hole in the wall places are great and all but you'd generate more income if you imoroved curbside and aesthetic appeal. Great restaurant options! Love the Dim Sum restaurant.

Photo of Howard Redd Howard Redd
Jan 18, 2018 5


Photo of M Shawarbeh M Shawarbeh
May 21, 2018 5

Not bad of a little shopping center

Photo of Matthew Burke Matthew Burke
Mar 9, 2020 5

Fantastic food. Customer demand is why there is always a (reasonable) wait.

Photo of Andrew Kenan Andrew Kenan
Mar 7, 2020 5

Some of the best southern style and soul food that you can find in the triangle, the staff is always friendly and the biscuits are wonderful!

Photo of James James
Feb 8, 2020 5

Get work done on your car, registration updated, cellphone fixed, have and excellent southern style breakfast of lunch, pick up some locally brewed suds and visit the Farmers market any and every Saturday! It's easy to spend hours shopping, eating, and getting things done

Photo of Anirudh Nagaraj Anirudh Nagaraj
Jan 24, 2020 5

Really nice place!I went to the Tandoor restaurant and also to a party there and it was really posh and nice.

Photo of Andrew Besson Andrew Besson
Dec 29, 2019 5

True Flavors bast food in North Carolina

Photo of Raphael Johnson Raphael Johnson
Dec 8, 2019 4

Visit True Flavors at least once in your life

Photo of Cliff Conklin Cliff Conklin
Dec 18, 2019 4

Love getting my craft beer here. Some sampling too...

Photo of Lori Almond Lori Almond
Dec 13, 2019 5

Mark Andrew's Jewelry, awesome people, place, prices and selection. I highly recommend.

Photo of Paul Bong Paul Bong
Nov 26, 2019 4

Try out both True Flavors and Thailanna. They are the best places here. Sarah's Empanadas is also really good (great salsa) and quick.

Photo of Ariel Peters Ariel Peters
Oct 19, 2019 5

Great small mini mall... Farmers market!

Photo of Matthew Smith Matthew Smith
Sep 18, 2019 4

Plenty of parking and a great place to get some ethnic cuisine with three Mexican, Greek/Mediteranian, pizza and Asian resteraunts while your taking care of DMV license plate issues. There is also two separate craft brew spots to kick back some brews.

Photo of Belle Duvall Belle Duvall
Sep 30, 2019 5

I love danneys bbq here. they are sooooooo amazing love u guys

Photo of Louis Pinault Louis Pinault
Aug 27, 2019 4

This is a recent find. Started with Benetis restaurant for Sunday breakfast. Went back a second time and it was just as good as the first. There are other restaurants that I'm curious about. I"ll update this review as I try them. Lots of parking. Easy to find

Photo of william criswell william criswell
Aug 3, 2019 5

Love my Saturday runs to Bull City Homebrew

Photo of Ramy Botross Ramy Botross
Jul 23, 2019 4

Great beer selection and outdoor seating but the service is not great

Photo of Leigh Williams Leigh Williams
Jul 18, 2019 5

Love TruFlavors. The staff is friendly and fast and the food is exceptional. You might have to wait to get in but it's absolutely worth it!

Photo of Rex D Rex D
Jun 22, 2019 3

This shopping center is easy to get in and out of. Much of the traffic I witnessed here on a Friday morning were heading to the DMV. I opted for the Greek breakfast joint.

Photo of Katina Pressley Katina Pressley
Jun 30, 2019 5

DMV visit. Efficient and informative. Lines moved quickly.

Photo of Mz. Ro Perry Mz. Ro Perry
Jun 30, 2019 5

Absolutely Ahhmmaazing!! Well worth the drive from Fayetteville. Yummy deliciousness 😋 😋

Photo of Millie Kwan Millie Kwan
Apr 9, 2019 3

This is an interesting strip mall that is just ok because of the parking lot and the DMV office. There are some nice stores and restaurants here that are locally run and owned mixed with the DMV office. This makes the parking here challenging on 2 levels: there's not enough parking and the parking lot is in bad shape and a lake when raining. Good business as I said previously including True Flavors Diner, Sarah's Empanadas, The Glass Jug, etc. Also a pretty nice farmer's market on Saturdays.

Photo of Yvonne Thompson Yvonne Thompson
May 25, 2019 4

Food was ok, you definitely got full. Atmosphere was peaceful and enjoyable.

Photo of Kat Kat
May 16, 2019 5

Went to Benetis! Love them Mediterranean buffet. Mary Jo is great & wait staff are wonderful

Photo of Anthony Mc Anthony Mc
Apr 15, 2022 5

Went here for the true flavors diner. The food was pretty good. I will visit again when I'm back in town for work. I always try to seize an opportunity to support black owned businesses.

Photo of Joseph Peoples Joseph Peoples
Apr 19, 2022 5

Great shopping center and destined for greatness!! Auction Direct Durham Service Center is there along with a good Chinese restaurant. This area of 55 and Morrisville is growing rapidly and it’s only a matter of time before this shopping center is completely revamped. They have taken care of some of the bad pot holes and cracks in the pavement which is a plus.

Photo of K Johnson K Johnson
Jun 25, 2022 5

There are so many great places here! The dim sum is amazing on the weekends, but make sure you get there early. The beer lab has great trivia on Wednesdays and the taps are always great. Can't wait to try out the other restaurants!

Photo of J.Scott Rinker J.Scott Rinker
Aug 20, 2022 5

Nice outdoor mall plenty of places to explore