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Green Kids Drop In Center


7011 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 544-5437
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Green Kids Drop In Center

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Photo of natalie491449 natalie491449
Jun 12, 2019 5

This drop in center came under new ownership last year and my children are so much happier with the new staff. My kids have been coming to Green Kids every weekend for three years and really didn’t look forward to going and as a mother I felt terrible having to drop them off at a place they didn’t like but I had no choice as my job is right across the street and it was my only option. When the new owners took over and hired all new staff my kids immediately felt a difference and actually look forward to going every weekend. Everyone there is so friendly and professional and they are super interactive with the children. It is no longer just a place for them to go out of desperation but now it is a place where they learn and grow as individuals and always come home with details of all of the projects and activities they did for the day. I am so grateful for the new owners and staff. They truly have a love for all the children and it shows.

Photo of Christy Lawless Christy Lawless
Apr 7, 2019 5

I have a 4yr old and a 6yr old who absolutely LOVE it when they find out they get to go to the Green Kids Drop In Center. When it’s time for me to pick them up there is always an inevitable melt down and my youngest, Jackson asks me to leave and come back later. 😂 I really do feel like the staff genuinely cares about both of my children and are excited to see them when I drop them off. I own my own business and last min meetings pop up quite often. I am grateful that I have found a place that I feel comfortable and safe taking my children. This location is clean and has a really cool play area and slide.

Photo of Andrea Morelos Andrea Morelos
Jun 18, 2019 5

It is with great honor and excitement to write this review for GK! I have been using GK for over EIGHT YEARS and wow what a life saver! I had never heard of the drop-in day care concept before but once I did, it became an absolute necessity. Whether you're a busy overworked parent who finally needs a break with alone time, or you need work-related child care, this is the place to be! No appts, no contracts, and open seven days a week (till 9 on weekdays and 11 on weekends!). The providers/teachers are friendly, attentive, fun, and energetic. You go MIA for a little while due to busy schedules and when you return, at least one person in there immediately recognizes your child's face and greets them as if the were just there yesterday and not gone for awhile. They have themed parties outside of the regular care set up to make things even more fun for the kids. They now have TONS on packages, memberships, discounts, and options to make it affordable and flexible for numerous types of family set-ups/needs. They often run specials and sometimes have payment plans on the large packages. The toys, games, and jungle gym area are great (and recently renovated). I can't believe it's been 8 years and we're still not gonna quit!! If they ever did a commercial, my son and I would love to be in it! :0 But in the meantime, I tell people about it ALL the time...so many who never heard of this concept or this place. THANKS GREENKIDS!!

Photo of Nova Crawley Nova Crawley
Apr 27, 2019 5

Today was my son’s first visit and he loved it! As a parent I was super nervous to drop my child off to an unfamiliar place. However, it is very safe, secure, and kid friendly. He had fun and now I feel like I can take care of errands when needed.🙂

Photo of Bernie Strader Bernie Strader
Mar 26, 2019 1

The new owners have no idea what they are doing. Its obvious they have never owned a business before. I had an issue, and got into an argument with the owner and not one time did he apologize for what happened to both of my kids. No report was filled out. I only wanted them to handle things according when something happened to my children. My two daughters, the 4yr old has a scar on her head from a boy throwing a toy at her that was a little over a week ago. My 2yr old was bit on the arm, which, I actually addressed on the day that it happened, and was told " oh I'm not sure" The owner went on to say that he didn't think it happened because the lady that worked for him owned a day care in NY for 24 yrs (so... Things happens) then he said the only way to know for sure was to watch the video. The wife of his jumped in the conversation at the end and had the nerve to say that "some times kids lie to stay out of trouble. "Mother to mother" Wife from me to you. DO NOT EVER COME TO ME MOTHER TO MOTHER AGAIN. Especially when you are telling me that my kid is not telling the truth .I am not your friend, I'm not you sister, and I'm not associate. I don't even know you! I pay you do me a service of child care. You all can't even do that. I own a business my self I would never treat my client the way you treated my family the other day. About the video. You should pull it up. I would love to see were my daughter was getting into trouble. And felt the need to make up a lie about both her and her sister getting injured. Then telling the adult and the adult doing nothing and filling no report. Yeah let's see that video . because "sometimes kids lies to stay oitout trouble right"🤔 oh and FYI I ran a Google analytics, and algorithm of your company and. You are not doing so well . I'll be more than happy to to come and take it off of your hands .It's clear that it's to much for you. Yeah I do my research. 1. what's really about to happen os I going to call my lawyer. 2. How my kids feel about the place has nothing to do with what happened. 3. Do not ever address by Bernie we are not friends or family members. It's always Mrs. Strader to you as you called me Sunday. 4. The word is " misinterpret" and my "4" year old daughter skilled 4. And can probably interpret things that a 6 yr old can't. So 3 step process from a complaint to Better Business Bureau I on step 2 because I have my evidence. Leave me alone please and thank.

Photo of Gracie Conte Gracie Conte
Sep 17, 2018 5

My son absolutely loved his visit! We can't drive past without him asking to go again. Affordable with great hours, you can drop in any time to drop off your kids and get some time to yourself. Staff is friendly and engaging with the kids. Definitely would recommend to everyone!