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Grace Church of Durham


1417 Cole Mill Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 908-6213
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Photo of Kisha Poole Kisha Poole
Nov 12, 2021 5

This ministry has been a game changer for me and and my family. Come see for yourself.

Photo of Kenneth Smith Kenneth Smith
Sep 28, 2019 5

Come experience it and you'll love it to

Photo of Isaac Anderson Isaac Anderson
Oct 31, 2017 5

The Fall Festival was awesome great interaction with the Community the way a church should be!

Photo of Judy Smith Judy Smith
Feb 11, 2018 5

It's the Church. Teach the WordofGod and. You R welcome and you feel the Love from Every one It's is amazing Come and See for yourself.

Photo of Janie Missouri Janie Missouri
Apr 25, 2019 4

Good fellowship

Photo of LaGrette Bennett LaGrette Bennett
Sep 26, 2018 5

Truly the Word of the Living God is there! I was dealing with a spirtual warfare and everytime I stepped foot on those Holy grounds the Word of God was just for me 😁 The Word is good and TRUE! It's a teaching church you never leave there the same way you come in. It's the Word of God that you remember throughout the day week month year it goes with you it's Not the type of sermon that is only good while it's being preached and forgotten once you leave the church! It goes and stays with you! Everyone makes you feel welcome it's definitely a church that is made with you in mind! The Pastor is Awesome he knows how to preach you don't have to worry about falling asleep while he's preaching because he keeps your attention...and this is coming from someone that will fall asleep at a drop of a dime...What else can I say I love love love Grace Church of Durham! I thank God for bringing me here!

Photo of For Example Ministries Troxler For Example Ministries Troxler
Aug 2, 2018 5

Great teaching and preaching. Sincere. New remodel of entire church. At least two festivals for the children every year and a five star dinner during Christmas and Thanksgiving to treat the poverty stricken with respect and dignity. I've been to their "He Spoke So I Would Have Something To Say" worship service during Holy Week: awesome!