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Gorman Baptist Church


3315 E Geer St
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 688-3947
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Photo of Kevin Rumsey Kevin Rumsey
Jan 30, 2022 3

Nice sanctuary

Photo of Luis Ceron Luis Ceron
Jul 20, 2021 5

Thank God for this church, they are a family and they love worship the Lord.

Photo of David Sayre David Sayre
Apr 4, 2021 5

A place where the gospel is preached and the people are warm and caring!

Photo of Jack Pickens Jack Pickens
May 26, 2020 4

Great church to hear the word of God.

Photo of Edgar Molina Edgar Molina
Jan 22, 2019 4

Photo of Kenny Thompson Kenny Thompson
Nov 10, 2017 5

Great place and people

Photo of Steve Earp Steve Earp
Oct 25, 2016 5

Great Church. Great People. Great Pastor who preaches from his heart.

Photo of Artura Stolpe Artura Stolpe
Apr 1, 2018 5

Such wonderful inspiration all the time!

Photo of Brianna Maynard Brianna Maynard
May 19, 2019 5

Wonderful family friendly church