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Goodberry's Frozen Custard


3906 N Roxboro St
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 477-2552
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Photo of Polly L Polly L
Jul 21, 2023 5

The “ Vanilla/ Cookies & Cream custard cake” is delicious! I requested a brownie base and a simple whipped cream outline so I could complete the decoration with fresh berries at home. I’d also like to recommend their cookies & cream custard pie which is smaller and equally scrumptious.

Photo of Melanie Woods Melanie Woods
Jul 15, 2023 3

This place is very expensive considering what you get. We got ice cream cones, and the serving size was so small. It's been a few years since we had been here, and it'll be a long time before we come back. You get a better deal at Chick-fil-A next door with a milkshake.

Photo of Bruce K. Bruce K.
Jun 30, 2023 5

We took half of our dinner home in containers to save room for dessert and when I asked Yelp for "frozen custard" in the area, it brought us here on a rainy evening. I had a small vanilla and Mrs. got a small chocolate. "Small" is anything but. I think next time I get the "kiddie" size because this was a lot of custard. Delicious, creamy, perfectly smooth. I should have had a mix-in of some sort to give it some texture but even without, it was a great dessert that we each enjoyed.

Photo of Nicholas Perkons Nicholas Perkons
Jun 11, 2023 5

Great frozen custard! Make sure to check the website for the daily flavor of the day. Also ask for a pup cup of their vanilla custard!

Photo of James Amling James Amling
May 7, 2023 5

I stopped at the store at 2325 Davis in Cary, NC, both Saturday AND Sunday this weekend. Both times, I ordered a butterscotch malted milk. At the time I placed this order on Saturday, I explained to the employee that I had "long covid" and was still very slow in recovering my senses of taste and smell for 2-1/2 years now. I asked if they could add more than the normal amount of butterscotch. I was VERY pleasantly surprised that the amount they added made the item actually taste VERY delicious to me. They repeated this on my Sunday order, and I was, again, very happy with it. The two employees on both of those days were Mike Judd and LeeCar Garner. I wanted to write to express KUDOS to these two employees. They made my experience an exceptional one. Thank you very much!

Photo of Fysia Sorel Fysia Sorel
May 6, 2023 5

Goodberry's is always a great spot to get some delicious custards. I always get The Truffle sundae and my husband gets a chocolate shake. The custards are always so rich and creamy and any topping you get always compliments it. Can never go wrong getting yourself a cup.

Photo of Vinay Choksi Vinay Choksi
Apr 26, 2023 5

I absolutely love Goodberry's Frozen Custard! Every time I go there, I'm always blown away by how delicious their custard and the flavor of the day is fun to try. Aside from the custard, the atmosphere at Goodberry's is always welcoming an. I've celebrated many occasions I absolutely love Goodberry's Frozen Custard! Every time I go there, I'm always blown away by how delicious their custard is. The texture is creamy and smooth, and the flavors are rich and full-bodied. My personal favorite is the chocolate custard, but they have a wide variety of flavors to choose from.

Photo of LB LB
Mar 31, 2023 4

Surprisingly delish. But definitely not cheap. We each got a sundae. The pecans were phenomenal and came out to $8+. They have a rotating flavor of the day plus the standards of vanilla and chocolate.

Photo of Katina P Katina P
Mar 27, 2023 5

First time at this location. Fast service and yummy ice cream sundae!

Photo of Nicodemous Nicodemous
Feb 25, 2023 5

Over all the frozen custard at Goodberrys is great! Though I wouldn't say its hugely different than soft-serve ice cream at them end of the day. If you haven't been everyone should try it at least once in my opinion.

Photo of Evan Creekmore Evan Creekmore
Feb 5, 2023 5

Always the best frozen custard, never disappointing. Check the website for the flavor of the day and chocolate and vanilla are always available. They usually have a great sundae special too.

Photo of Rick R Rick R
Dec 31, 2022 3

Goodberry’s is my all time favorite ice cream/custard place in all of the US. They have some of the most flavorful, fresh ice cream available. They also have a “flavor of the day” which is fun and gives you an excuse to go get ice cream and try something new & different. That said, this specific location leaves a lot to be desired. The staff is typically quite unfriendly and sometimes straight up rude. Additionally, you know those flavors of the day mentioned above? Yeah, well, I’m convinced this location never actually makes those flavors. More times than I care to count, I’ve gone specifically for the flavor listed on the website (very early in the day) only to be told they’re out. It happens more times than to simply consider it a coincidence. Why bother offering a flavor of the day if you’re never going to actually have it available? Finally, be sure to keep an eye on the sanitation rating. It floats anywhere from the upper 80s (GROSS!) to mid 90s depending upon the time of year. Overall, Goodberry’s is the GOAT but like most Durham establishments, this one could use some corporate attention.

Photo of Erin Smith Erin Smith
Oct 14, 2022 3

SERIOUS ISSUE BELOW. The chocolate custard was delicious. The employees at the window were kind and helpful. HOWEVER... I ordered a chocolate frozen custard with M&Ms. When I arrived home, it had walnuts in it. I did not order walnuts nor say the word "walnuts". Luckily, the only issue is that I absolutely abhor nuts in my ice cream. However, if I had a nut allergy, the results could have been disastrously worse. Employers: please make sure your employees double check what the customer says before making their order. Have them repeat it back to be sure. Because of this, I'm not sure I will return.