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Goodberry's Frozen Custard


3906 N Roxboro St
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 477-2552
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Photo of Nicodemous Nicodemous
Feb 25, 2023 5

Over all the frozen custard at Goodberrys is great! Though I wouldn't say its hugely different than soft-serve ice cream at them end of the day. If you haven't been everyone should try it at least once in my opinion.

Photo of Evan Creekmore Evan Creekmore
Feb 5, 2023 5

Always the best frozen custard, never disappointing. Check the website for the flavor of the day and chocolate and vanilla are always available. They usually have a great sundae special too.

Photo of Rick R Rick R
Dec 31, 2022 3

Goodberry’s is my all time favorite ice cream/custard place in all of the US. They have some of the most flavorful, fresh ice cream available. They also have a “flavor of the day” which is fun and gives you an excuse to go get ice cream and try something new & different. That said, this specific location leaves a lot to be desired. The staff is typically quite unfriendly and sometimes straight up rude. Additionally, you know those flavors of the day mentioned above? Yeah, well, I’m convinced this location never actually makes those flavors. More times than I care to count, I’ve gone specifically for the flavor listed on the website (very early in the day) only to be told they’re out. It happens more times than to simply consider it a coincidence. Why bother offering a flavor of the day if you’re never going to actually have it available? Finally, be sure to keep an eye on the sanitation rating. It floats anywhere from the upper 80s (GROSS!) to mid 90s depending upon the time of year. Overall, Goodberry’s is the GOAT but like most Durham establishments, this one could use some corporate attention.

Photo of Erin Smith Erin Smith
Oct 14, 2022 3

SERIOUS ISSUE BELOW. The chocolate custard was delicious. The employees at the window were kind and helpful. HOWEVER... I ordered a chocolate frozen custard with M&Ms. When I arrived home, it had walnuts in it. I did not order walnuts nor say the word "walnuts". Luckily, the only issue is that I absolutely abhor nuts in my ice cream. However, if I had a nut allergy, the results could have been disastrously worse. Employers: please make sure your employees double check what the customer says before making their order. Have them repeat it back to be sure. Because of this, I'm not sure I will return.

Photo of Walter Prince Walter Prince
Aug 10, 2022 4

Melts too fast. Melting faster than we could eat it. Was very good though

Photo of Jesus Mendez Jesus Mendez
Jul 22, 2022 5

Goodberry’s has been my go to spot for frozen custard for over a decade. The sundaes are all tasty and distinct from one another. My favorite is the Brownie sundae. I recommend this for anyone looking for a cold tasty dessert on a sunny day.

Photo of Gisele Costello Gisele Costello
Jun 9, 2022 5

ALWAYS GOOD!!! My favorite ice cream spot! I bought a quart of chocolate custard and a banana split, which I have not had one for years, it was amazing! Staff was courteous and helpful.

Photo of Krystal Riley Krystal Riley
May 28, 2022 5

I ordered the featured sundae of the day. It included oreo, heath bar, and butterfinger!!! My friend had a sandstorm sundae. Absolutely delicious and a perfect cool dessert.

Photo of Roy Ford Roy Ford
May 19, 2022 5

If you have a weakness for ICECREAM done right then beware you won't be able to resist all the goodies they have to fine tune your addiction. Fun place, friendly cheerful atmosphere. Had a good time.

Photo of Michael Biondi Michael Biondi
May 3, 2022 5

Superlative in every capacity. Goodberry's custard is so delicious I have their flavor of the day calendar bookmarked on my phone. It never disappoints. I recommend this place to everyone I know! When they have it, try the coconut custard with almonds and hot fudge.

Photo of Lauralei Knight Lauralei Knight
Apr 18, 2022 3

This was fine for a chain restaurant. The custard wasn't as creamy as some frozen custards that we have had before. We had never been there before because we were from out of town, and no one was offering any help as to how the menu worked. There were 3 flavors of custard Is available; vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, and a lot of options on how to snaz it up. But the menu looks like there were more than 3 flavors, so it was confusing. The young person behind the window acted as if we should know how to order. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to go back.

Photo of Tab Mcghee Tab Mcghee
Apr 9, 2022 5

Absolutely a delicious treat. I love this place. My favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough and it is the best I have ever had. It's a little pricey but so worth it. There are so many varieties of frozen custard mix-ins you could have a different treat everyday of the month.