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Goodberry's Frozen Custard


3906 N Roxboro St
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 477-2552
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Photo of Joseph Reed Joseph Reed
Dec 1, 2023 5

One of the best custard places in Durham. There's not any disappointing choices on the menu. Very reasonable hours of operation. They keep the place very clean. Whenever someone is looking for a desert place, I always recommend this one as a must try.

Photo of Whitni T Whitni T
Oct 28, 2023 5

One of the things I miss most about NC is the Wet Walnuts on my ice cream sundae! It's unheard of in Texas. But today, GoodBerry's has fulfilled my hearts desire to have a hot fudge sundae with wet walnuts! It was delicious and the service was amazing! Very fast for a Saturday night. Thank you!!!

Photo of Mikey alexakis Mikey alexakis
Oct 16, 2023 5

Brenda and Emily were just as awesome as our dessert! My kids wanted to order their own and the ladies were patient and super nice. Our sundaes came out perfect and I had a car full of happy kiddos! thank you Brenda and Emily!!

Photo of Christian Mbabazi Christian Mbabazi
Sep 13, 2023 4

First time overall like the flavor very creamy very rich, they have three main flavors chocolate strawberry vanilla but they can mix and fruit that gives it an additional kicked with that kind of dances in your mouth so definitely would recommend

Photo of P L P L
Jul 21, 2023 5

The “ Vanilla/ Cookies & Cream custard cake” is delicious! I requested a brownie base and a simple whipped cream outline so I could complete the decoration with fresh berries at home. I’d also like to recommend their cookies & cream custard pie which is smaller and equally scrumptious.

Photo of Melanie Woods Melanie Woods
Jul 15, 2023 3

This place is very expensive considering what you get. We got ice cream cones, and the serving size was so small. It's been a few years since we had been here, and it'll be a long time before we come back. You get a better deal at Chick-fil-A next door with a milkshake.

Photo of Bruce K. Bruce K.
Jun 30, 2023 5

We took half of our dinner home in containers to save room for dessert and when I asked Yelp for "frozen custard" in the area, it brought us here on a rainy evening. I had a small vanilla and Mrs. got a small chocolate. "Small" is anything but. I think next time I get the "kiddie" size because this was a lot of custard. Delicious, creamy, perfectly smooth. I should have had a mix-in of some sort to give it some texture but even without, it was a great dessert that we each enjoyed.