Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant


3600 N Duke St
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 283-4639
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Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant

Google Reviews

Photo of LaToya Kinney LaToya Kinney
Apr 13, 2019 5

Great place to dine or take out! Excellent customer service, friendly staff, nice sized portions for your money’s worth!!! My family had the oxtails and curry chicken plates with red beans and rice, plantains and greens all under $30.

Photo of Trevor Corey Trevor Corey
May 3, 2019 5

From out of town and wanted something different. This place is amazing. Foods tastes great and they give you plenty. Wish I had this back home.

Photo of Jr. Mahble Jr. Mahble
Apr 16, 2019 1

Ever had a true Jamaican beef patty? Hot, flaky, juicy meat, make you crave for more? Well, you're not gonna get that here. This was the worst patty I have had from Golden Crust. It was luke warm and dry. Keeping the oven on 147 isn't working if your patty isn't hot. Why have signs that say "caution, patties are extremely hot"? I was able to open it up without even a small inkling that I would be burnt. Who wants a cold patty?! The employees suggested that I take it home and microwave it! What??!!! Microwave patty? Clearly this establishment does not have good customer service or even educate their employees on what it is that they are serving. Then it took me 20mins to get a refund. Never again. I see why Golden Crust all over are slowly going out of business. It's not authentic anymore, not like back in the days when took pride in the culture.

Photo of Lisa Waltermann Lisa Waltermann
Apr 24, 2019 5

Absolutely love, love their curry chicken! Then to have it with their rice & peas, and plantains - I am in totally satisfied!!! The staff is so, so friendly and welcoming!

Photo of Sherry Rogers Sherry Rogers
May 30, 2019 1

They close at 9 but nothing but jerk wings available. Customer service was horrible. Prices have gone up & portions are smaller than when they first opened. Management or owners should be ashamed of themselves.

Photo of LaToya Jones LaToya Jones
Jul 4, 2019 5

The Golden Krust isn't cheap but you get what you pay for. I pay $25 for a large oxtail meal and eat off of that one plate 4x's easily. This equates to $6.25 per plate. They are friendly and always customer oriented. They NEVER disappoint!

Photo of Tenekia Parker Tenekia Parker
Jun 28, 2019 5

Every dish I eat is delicious. The staff are friendly and very outgoing. The restaurant has been recently decorated. Overall amazing food, fresh made beverages, and succulent desserts! Highly recommend!!

Photo of I Smith I Smith
Jun 30, 2019 4

I drive an hour away for their goat curry. Everything I’ve eaten here has always been good. 4 stars only because I need one closer to my home.

Photo of Denise Durant6 Denise Durant6
Jun 29, 2019 5

For my 1st time ordering from here and the food is tasty and portion great for the price.

Photo of stephanie thaxton stephanie thaxton
Jul 14, 2019 5

LATE POST; my husband and I went there yesterday for the very first time and...... OMG it was so AMAZING!! The food was BEYOND DELICIOUS and the staff walked us through the process!! If I could I would rate them a 10⭐'s!!

Photo of Christine Smith Christine Smith
Jul 29, 2019 3

Food is good... but I’ve been to way better golden Krusts... they were out of a lot of items including beef patties on the day of the special. The white girl is also rude and lack luster... not impressed

Photo of Audra _ Audra _
Aug 1, 2019 5

Oxtail that just melts off the bone. Yellow rice so tender and fluffy. Homemade fruit punch. OMG!!!