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Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant


3600 N Duke St
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 283-4639
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Photo of Starr Massey Starr Massey
Jan 8, 2023 5

The food was delicious the best I’ve had yet. I ordered oxtails black beans cabbage and rice. Everything was good! They give you a lot of oxtails and the oxtails were all meat and no fat. The cabbage was the best. Customer service was good and the prices were worth it. Best $39.00 I spent in a long time on food. I will definitely be back. This is my new favorite Jamaican place.

Photo of Anige Ramirez Anige Ramirez
Dec 30, 2022 5

Enjoyed the Oxtails & Rice. Ofcourse I hade to add a patty was even better, Thank you. Also, I purchased a cute little pouch for 5 Dinero

Photo of sizzlacapleton1 sizzlacapleton1
Sep 4, 2022 3

Pricey because ALL foreign restaurants are greedy. Good food but most times don't have what I want: veggie roti. I might go once or twice a month, depending on my work schedule. They will hire a foreigner before they hire a Foundational Black American, who mostly patronize this establishment.

Photo of Harley Dunkley Harley Dunkley
Aug 10, 2022 5

10/10 would recommend this restaurant!! You get so much food in one plate. The ox tail is my favorite and super tender. I also liked the chicken patties and mac n cheese!

Photo of Kristopher Ali Kristopher Ali
Jun 30, 2022 5

Enough food for more than one meal. Very generous servings. Tastes great!

Photo of Tina Robinson Tina Robinson
Jun 24, 2022 5

Amazing authentic food. Macaroni cheese is the best I have ever tasted. I absolutely loved the goat too!

Photo of Nickaela Nicholson Nickaela Nicholson
Jun 16, 2022 4

Being vegetarian I was happy I could find a variety of patties that suited my palate. My daughter ordered jerk chicken and became violently ill. She was obviously not impressed. Needless to say I will come for the patties but not sure of anything else.

Photo of Mic Slater Mic Slater
May 27, 2022 5

If you want spices like never before and a taste that packs a carribean style crunch this is the place to go. By far better than lees kitchen 🤤

Photo of Hector Hernandez Hector Hernandez
May 21, 2022 4

I like this restaurant a lot. I’ve been three times, I’ve gotten a curry chicken lunch special, jerk chicken small plate, a spicy beef patty, a pineapple ginger drink, and had some lemon cake. All good that I have gotten so far has been flavorful, a little overpriced maybe, but it’s all been good. The cashier and the people who have served the food have been professional and kind . The plates and the lunch special all have rice and plantains or cabbage with the main meat. I like the plantains a lot, they have flavor and are sweet. The lunch special with a spicy beef patty will run you for 12, which I would say is a good price for the good food that you get. Very nice restaurant.