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Golden Fig Books


2706 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 908-8368
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Photo of Han VanderHart Han VanderHart
Jan 26, 2022 5

UPDATE: Golden Fig Books has a new bookseller, Es, and they bring such a wealth of book recs and experience to the store! Especially BIPOC and LGBTQ+ recs. My TBR is SO LIT right now!! Welcome, Es! Golden Fig is inseparable from David, who is a wonderful bookseller and very knowledgeable if you need to ask for book recommendations. In addition to its sweet location next to Guglhupf bakery, Golden Fig is a fantastic bookstore to order from online (and has a user friendly website!), with curbside pick-up.

Photo of William Foxworth William Foxworth
Feb 24, 2022 5

Friendly staff. Found some good books at great prices.

Photo of Shaina Desai Shaina Desai
Mar 10, 2022 5

Lovely bookstore with a nice variety of new and used books. You can also check their inventory online which is super helpful. Prices are very reasonable.

Photo of Shawn Miller Shawn Miller
Dec 30, 2021 4

Very nice bookstore and cashier was excellent help

Photo of Donna Lane Donna Lane
Dec 27, 2021 5

Pretty cool Book Store! Great prices and good selection! Very helpful staff !

Photo of Peter D Peter D
Sep 25, 2021 5

Golden Fig is a wonderful bookstore. It has a great selection of books, mostly new but some inexpensive used copies as well. The staff picks in particular were a standout. I bought a novel based on one of the recommendations which I really enjoyed and might not otherwise have heard of. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.

Photo of Brian Auriti Brian Auriti
Jul 28, 2021 5

A smallish but smartly curated selection of books of all genres, mostly secondhand. This is a bookstore for book lovers, erring against mass-market fiction and nonfiction in favor of the more thoughtful and thought-provoking. They're also happy to take special orders.

Photo of Charles Daly Charles Daly
Jul 25, 2021 5

Smaller shop with a tasteful selection of new and used books, both recently published and classics, neatly displayed. A rack of fun greeting cards from a local printer. Helpful service.

Photo of Luna Hugs Luna Hugs
May 29, 2021 5

Small, cute book store. I sold some of my books and got more money than I expected.

Photo of Sarah Chittenden Sarah Chittenden
May 21, 2021 5

This is a great place!!! David is so kind and so helpful and has an excellent selection of books at a great price. He will special order for you abd rewards your purchase of new books with 10% off of your order. I can't say enough good things about this local shop.

Photo of Virginia Seay Virginia Seay
May 14, 2021 5

Love the curated selection available at this store. There is something for every type of reader available. Having something particular in mind or not able to find a particular selection? They can order any book to the store as well.

Photo of Chris Steele Chris Steele
Oct 17, 2020 5

The shop is small but there is a wide selection of books at a great price. I found many of the books I had on my list and then some. The space is very nice and well organized. Staff was helpful and accommodating. I will definitely return for more books in the future.

Photo of Rich Anderson Rich Anderson
Feb 11, 2021 3

Staff was helpful, but this is the highest priced store I have seen for used books. That said, they did have some scifi stuff I can't find any place else.

Photo of Carynne McIver Button Carynne McIver Button
Feb 2, 2021 5

I love this bookstore! Though small, it has an impressive selection and is pleasant to browse. Staff are very friendly and helpful!

Photo of e g e g
Mar 15, 2021 5

Great little bookstore with a wide selection of new and used books. They take covid precautions seriously which is much appreciated!

Photo of Jennie Saia Jennie Saia
Jan 29, 2021 5

The Golden Fig is a gift to Durham. Spending time in this bookshop feels like a respite from the outside world, and I always feel like a sated treasure hunter when I leave with my new-to-me books. In less vague terms, the prices are beyond fair, the used books are always in pristine condition, the selection is delicious and inspiring, and David, the owner, is a delight. You should visit. :)

Photo of Bela Hänsch Bela Hänsch
May 29, 2022 5

Love this place. It's small but every single book there, from 18th century horror to modern avant-garde cookbook is great. Prices are suspiciously low, but none of the 20+ books I've bought there has had the tiniest flaw.

Photo of Liz Templeton Liz Templeton
Jun 4, 2022 5

Amazing selection, friendly service and enty of used books to choose from. An exceptional place to spend a Saturday.

Photo of Carolina C Carolina C
Jun 14, 2022 5

Love this newish addition to Durham indy book scene. Beautiful store, great selection & staff. Just wish there was a bit more parking.

Photo of Kathryn Long Kathryn Long
Jul 16, 2022 5

I’m visiting my sister from out of town and stumbled across this gem of a bookstore! What a great curated selection of books in all genres. It is so clean and cute throughout the store and the window seats were simply adorable. I am fortunate to have an indie bookstore in my home city and love seeing what other cities have to offer as well! Thanks for a great visit!

Photo of Sammy Tyson Sammy Tyson
Jul 16, 2022 5

Excellent selection of books and a nice layout! The staff was very friendly and helpful to really make our experience a great one. Would definitely recommend!

Photo of Bailey Tyson Bailey Tyson
Jul 16, 2022 5

Very cute bookstore. Great selection and high quality books.

Photo of Meghan Reid Meghan Reid
Aug 2, 2022 5

Golden fig has a wide selection of used books I can’t find anywhere else! Most are very gently used and there are plenty of recent releases. You even can get 10% off your entire order by buying a newer book!