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Golden Corral Buffet & Grill


5006 Apex Hwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 544-2275
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Photo of Robert Addison Robert Addison
Dec 17, 2023 5

Every time me and my family has eaten there, the service has always been excellent and the food was good. I have always got my money's worth and then some. They closed the one down on Roxboro rd in Durham and I don't know why because the service and food was always good. I just wished they would put up another restaurant near me, but i don't mind the drive to hwy 55. See you guys this evening. God bless and keep serving the best food.

Photo of Dr. Curtis Gregory Dr. Curtis Gregory
Nov 28, 2023 5

I arrived on Thanksgiving day with my father around 2:00 pm. When I saw the line out the door and down the sidewalk, I prepared myself for a horrific experience. I was shocked to see how quickly the line moved and we were seated with plates of hot and delicious food in no time! We never felt rushed although I marveled at how fast they turned over tables while we were there. Our waiter was attentive and pleasant. The atmosphere is a bit much with bad kids and rather rude patrons, but they can't really control that. My compliments to the management team and staff for a well run establishment.

Photo of Ass Hat Ass Hat
Nov 17, 2023 4

My husband and I went for the free meal for Veterans. That was nice. The bourbon chicken and rice is good. The squash, zucchini and onions weren't cooked enough, so I couldn't eat them. I made a taco...it was okay. The salad bar is good. There are a lot of options, but I was full so I didn't really get anything else, except a couple tiny sugar cookies that I took home. They were good and soft.

Photo of Red Panda Red Panda
Nov 14, 2023 5

It was a family affair. Dinner was great. We were not rushed. Our attendant was (besides beautiful) excellent with care for all of us. Drinks never failed and clean up was just in the right moment. We were not hovered or stalked. The chicken, steak, rice👍, and vegetables were excellent. I am reserved on the ice cream. No chocolate and was not to tasty. I'm glad my family decided to go here. I had forgotten about this location. Well, it's now on my radar and GPS as favorites to go to. Thank you management for great team.

Photo of Gary Arrington Gary Arrington
Nov 2, 2023 5

My wife and I stopped here on our way home from the beach. I had steak, shrimp, and BBQ. The steak was very tender and no gristle. My wife loves the yeast rolls here. They offer a senior discount. Will definitely be back.

Photo of Roberto Zorro Roberto Zorro
Sep 20, 2023 4

Have not been there for a while. Most of the food is okay so look Fourth what do you really like and load up for I liked my ribs. The server was really attentive which I like . I definitely will come again but later than sooner Overall it was not bad

Photo of Kindra Duncan Kindra Duncan
Sep 3, 2023 3

Sunday afternoon is very busy. A lot of people enjoying their food and conversation. Food was hot and good. A lot of choices to choose from. I recommend if this is what you choose for home cooked meal.

Photo of Luma Berry Pi Luma Berry Pi
Aug 14, 2023 4

Just as other buffets go, this is no different. With a variety of food that resembles an American dinner, each plate was tasty. The limited time drink (Hibiscus Lemonade) was also very yummy and enjoyable at an endless amount. The dining areas do feel a little cramped, and navigating to food can be a hassle when there is a full crowd. Overall a good sit down, enjoy a few plates and laughs, and leave kind of place.

Photo of Lettie C Lettie C
Aug 10, 2023 5

I stopped by for supper here. It is a smaller restaurant in this chain. The service was excellent. There was a wide variety of food but some of the food was almost out. However, I enjoyed being able to pick what I wanted to eat rather than ordering from a menu.

Photo of Sharon Jiang Sharon Jiang
Aug 9, 2023 5

Love this GC! Looks like they recently added some awesome variety of chicken wings - garlic, buffalo, and sweet bourbon. 😋

Photo of Sheila Harris Sheila Harris
Jul 27, 2023 5

Never saw so much food in my life! Each dish was delicious and we were all satisfied... really satisfied

Photo of Dwight Christian Dwight Christian
Jul 12, 2023 4

I must say that if you've been to one buffet you've probably been to the all. Lol The food was good, the service was on point with the drinks & removal of the plates. And the overall ambiance of the reastaurant was smooth but the men's restroom was a total disaster. It just wreaked of needing some 'Overhaul' attention!! It's definately time for a total redo on the restroom.

Photo of Chris Roule Chris Roule
Jul 10, 2023 5

It was such an awesome experience compared to the old style buffets. Much more room to move around. The food was kept very fresh

Photo of India Reaves India Reaves
Jun 1, 2023 5

I loved it here. I enjoy the food so much. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Definitely would come back when I come to North Carolina.

Photo of Jackie “Jillfromphilly” Walker Jackie “Jillfromphilly” Walker
May 21, 2023 3

They need to season the chopped bbq very bland! Beef stew taste a little different as well. The fried fish is very good and the salad bar and rolls are good, the taste I remember

Photo of April J April J
Apr 10, 2023 3

I don’t eat at Golden Corral often as I am not a fan of buffets. But when I do decide to dine here, what I enjoy most is the fried chicken and sweet potato soufflé….. along with a couple of other meatless food items. The downside of eating here is the crowd handling of the serving utensils which is totally unsanitary but it’s the price you pay when eating at a buffet along with dirty dishes and utensils from time to time. But worse than that are the dirty bathrooms…. Absolutely disgusting! Wait, did I say they are just nasty, and that’s an understatement. If the bathrooms are this dirty and smelly, it really makes you wonder what the kitchen area looks like. C’mon Golden Corral, do better!! In the meantime, bring your own sanitizers & Lysol spray and be prepared to use the bathroom after you leave the establishment.

Photo of Mena Bump Mena Bump
Mar 16, 2023 5

It a very nice day to eat and with the buffet was excellent. Me and the kids walked out full with a smile. At5pm, it wasn't crowded either.

Photo of E Blckwl E Blckwl
Mar 12, 2023 5

I’m not a fan of buffets but promised my partner we’d go. Glad we did. A lot of fresh food & wasn’t any piles of filler deep fried beige stuff, canned veg & cheap meat that we are used to from our previous State. There was a great selection - You name it they had it. The place was packed - it was 530pm on a Saturday. A massive rainstorm had made it extra busy. There are 4 dining rooms so it didn’t feel like you were all in one big room. The decor is basic but comfortable. The servers were amazing. The brisket was out of this world, but the very best thing was the steak. I couldn’t believe it. I think it might be the best steak I’ve ever had! including many amazing steakhouses in Europe, the Caribbean, Britain and America, over decades. I’m not kidding it was that good. There were good choices of fresh veggie accompaniments. We finished with some really good soft serve ice cream topped with chocolate dipped strawberries. Even the coffee - which was made fresh, was outstanding. This change my mind about buffets. The price was pretty good, drinks are extra & ordered with cashier before sitting down. We left a tip at the table but didn’t see much of that going on which i thought sad as the staff were really amazing & couldn’t do enough for you. Everything was the temperature it’s supposed to be, the plates etc were extremely clean. Everything was topped up and if anything was out (like the strawberries) just ask and it appears in minutes. I’ve given 4.5 stars as the seafood section was lame & the bathrooms were a nightmare, half the stalls were out of order & the others I’m pretty sure were housing the possessed. The soap was out. I don’t know if I can really blame them for the loos, they were hit with very heavy traffic but still, I might need therapy after that. * We’ve been back several times and it’s been excellent every time - had to upgrade to 5 stars because they totally deserve it.