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Golden Corral Buffet & Grill


Phone: (919) 544-2275
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Photo of Yahaira Botello, CPA Yahaira Botello, CPA
Apr 7, 2019 5

This is by far the best Golden Corral I’ve ever been too. The steak here is amazing. The food overall was high quality. I’ve been to others and leave there feeling grossed out. I stopped here because there was nothing in the area to eat (I don’t even like buffet food) and this location exceeded my expectations. The steak station was 5 star ⭐️. I even tipped the steak guy because he was amazing. This place has changed my view on Golden Corral. Coming back for sure and highly recommend.

Photo of Terence Chua Terence Chua
May 5, 2019 4

What I love about this place is the steak. They are usually juicy and delicious! There are a lot of other choices as well, from salad bar, Chinese entrees, pizza, fried chicken and not to mention the dessert choices. The place can get really crowded though on Sundays lunch time.

Photo of Timmy Budd Timmy Budd
Mar 14, 2019 4

Food ( broiled steak), salad n desert bars are always fresh and very tasty. For the price it's unbeatable!! What is always disappointing to me...is to see so many people waste so much food. Some parents need to be more responsible with children filling their plates and eating very little....then going to desert bar. 😤"Take what want, but eat what you take". This helps keep the price down as well folks

Photo of anqeliitha luna anqeliitha luna
May 4, 2019 5

One of my favorite places to eat, the servers are very attentive and friendly. The food is always hot and ready. And the desserts? Always on the top! My kids love to eat here.

Photo of Vee Ron Vee Ron
Apr 23, 2019 5

One of the best Golden Corral Buffet establishments in the South! Food was really good and staff was friendly. The location is really nice and seems safe. I would definitely visit again when I'm in Chapel Hill!

Photo of William Luks William Luks
Jun 30, 2019 5

Fresh, tasty food, great selection. Friendly and attentive staff. My family have been coming here for years and have always had a great experience. One of the best Golden Corral restaurants around. My kids love coming here too and we all love it.

Photo of Marie Carter Marie Carter
Jun 27, 2019 5

Food was hot and steadily full. My server Luis was nothing short of amazing! I will definitely come back, and when I do I am going to request Luis as well as telling anyone i know to check out this location and Luis. Was not to crowded, busy but comfortable. Loved it

Photo of William Luks William Luks
Jul 24, 2019 5

Fresh, tasty food, great selection. Friendly and attentive staff. My family have been coming here for years and have always had a great experience. One of the best Golden Corral restaurants around. My kids love coming here too, we all love it.

Photo of Cecelia Fisher Cecelia Fisher
Aug 18, 2019 3

The food was tasty however I didn't like people picking all over the food I was about to eat. Unsupervised children playing over the desserts. I saw a woman with Daisy Dukes shorts hovering all her stuff over the food. A worker was cleaning the counter space between the entrees and hitting the chicken with his dirty rag! I did not like the carnival/amusement park like entrance with the big yellow chain you had to pass through after you paid!

Photo of Debra Kennedy Debra Kennedy
Aug 21, 2019 4

Good customer service! The food was hot and fresh. The salad bar was cold and fresh and I hadvalot to choose from. The employees had smiles a few of them had asked if we were enjoying ourselves. They also said thank you for visiting! I will return very soon!

Photo of Kevin Burke Kevin Burke
Jul 10, 2019 3

The server was great. The food was fine. I expected better fried chicken as I love Golden Corral's fried chicken and this did not meet that level of expectation. The popcorn shrimp was great, as was the salad bar. The meatloaf had a bit too much ketchup on top for my taste. For the price, I expect a bit better from the food. The dining area and restrooms could use a deep cleaning.

Photo of Araina Swinton Araina Swinton
Aug 13, 2019 4

This is one of the better golden corral restaurants which I have been. The only thing that could have made it better was if the rolls had just a little more color. They were soft and completely cooked though, just not the color I would have preferred.

Photo of Lisa DeWitt Lisa DeWitt
Oct 19, 2019 4

Travelers, this is a good solid food choice. The salad bar was great. The food was very fresh. There was a tremendous variety of things to choose from and they had a lot of vegetables on the buffet. The service is friendly with a smile. Quick and easy to get on and off the highway. Check it out. We recommend.

Photo of Tersha Cox Tersha Cox
Sep 24, 2019 4

Would have been five stars however they stopped refilling food containers a hour and a half before closing. Also watching them through water in the air to land on the floor near the food discouraged me from returning to the buffet. Other than that what I did enjoy was the yeast rolls and yams.

Photo of Shae Rob Shae Rob
Sep 19, 2019 3

It's Golden Coral. It's not a fancy or upscale dining establishment. It's a low budget eatery. It's a buffet. Unsupervised children. I did witness a staff member correct an unsupervised child from continually eating directly from the buffet. That was good. The food was ok. Again, its Golden Coral.

Photo of Laura Boatman Laura Boatman
Nov 9, 2019 5

I've been to many Golden Corrals and this is the only one I reccomend. The food is always hot and fresh, and the employees are very friendly. I love coming here and always look forward to it!

Photo of Shirley Plant Shirley Plant
Nov 19, 2019 4

We stopped here for dinner. It was buffet-style and there was a large variety of food to select from. The meat consisted of ribs, chicken, prime rib, turkey, and ham. We also had seafood: fish, shrimps and crab legs. There were all types of desserts also.

Photo of Joseph Dean Joseph Dean
Dec 26, 2019 5

I ate there last weekend and enjoyed it. The prime rib was very good, and all of my vegetables were fresh. The restaurant was clean, and the staff was friendly. It was all I could eat for around $14.00.

Photo of Andres Becerra Andres Becerra
Jan 4, 2020 4

It was packed, the waiter was able to help all 8 of us fit in a table. We had to ask for them to put on the A/C (it was a hot day in winter). Fried chicken and the Fresh made to order steak is on point!