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Glasshouse Kitchen


5 Laboratory Dr
, NC 27709
Phone: (919) 241-3039
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Photo of Carolyn Gaul Carolyn Gaul
Dec 27, 2023 4

Excellent service, beautiful restaurant, we loved all of the suggestions. The cocktails and charcuterie were excellent, really good mortadella. The one thing a lacking was the pasta, a little overdone and lackluster compared to the rest of the dishes we tried

Photo of goklt goklt
Dec 23, 2023 3

A hidden little place next to a couple of labs. A very discrete area but the ambiance is quite nice. Tall, glass, and airy. It was a refreshing space. Service was consistent and quick. Everyone was quite nice. The food was standard. Pasta good, but it didn't really stand out. My friends had the skirt steak and the salmon. I got a very good review of the salmon. She praised the sear and the taste. Not so much for the steak itself. She said it needed seasoning but the vegetables were very good.

Photo of Deepen Dawadi Deepen Dawadi
Dec 15, 2023 4

We went on our first anniversary. I reserved a table before and was offered a high top table(there were few other low tables empty). During reservation, i wasn't asked what type of table i want. We asked if we could get the lower tables but didn't get at the first. We sat on the high top and ordered a drink. My wife was uncomfortable 😕 so we asked again if we could switch, or else we were ready to leave. We finally got the low table. 🙌. Thanks to the server who helped us. But we had to go through hassle on my 1st anniversary. The atmosphere was great. Cocktails were really good (5/5). Appetizer fried oysters was good, but Entrée was JUST OK. I had the salmon, which was salty on the skin. (3/5) Bit overpriced for the food.

Photo of Bugs Subu Bugs Subu
Nov 21, 2023 5

We went to Glasshouse kitchen for my birthday dinner. It's a beautiful restaurant and the atmosphere gets five stars. The food options are limited - Especially vegetarian entrées, but there were a bunch of vegetarian sides. The cocktails are spectacular. Unique and curated carefully! Overall definitely worth a visit for a special occasion!

Photo of Joshua Koonts Joshua Koonts
Oct 27, 2023 4

Service: 5 stars. Food: 4 stars. TL;DR very good experience. Notes on the food: The beef cheeks were good, a little on the rich side and kind of one note. Oysters were fried well but the breading lacked flavor. The dish really relies on the kimchi and cilantro lime to deliver on the flavor. This is a matter of personal preference, but I prefer kimchi cold and it was served room temp/luke warm. The skirt steak was seasoned so heavily you couldn't really appreciate the meat fully. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream was light and delicious. Bartender made me a fantastic Tom Collins.

Photo of Cruz Nestler Cruz Nestler
Sep 17, 2023 5

Let me start by saying this place is AMAZING! The location is stunning. Glasshouse is the perfect name for such a beautiful glass building. Upscale atmosphere with truly amazing food and killer drinks. I was there for a hosted tasting with Scottie Pippen himself. They serve breakfast on occasion, lunch, and dinner. Your price point is 20/30 during lunch and closer to 35/50 during dinner. You can expect a little more laid back lunch vibe as it’s catered towards your business lunch goers. Dinner is all out magnificent and you may want to wear a collard shirt, although I don’t believe it’s required! I urge you to put a visit here on the calendar. The GM Jim was a real standup gentlemen who clearly cares a lot about his restaurant. Thank you Glasshouse for hosting a spectacular time!

Photo of Manuela Jones Manuela Jones
Aug 12, 2023 5

Such a lovely restaurant! The food was soooo delicious and the place was beautifully decorated! I love the large windows, brings a lot of brightness inside. The service was great and you can’t go wrong with anything you order. First time here today for brunch, got the Kentucky Brunch as my cocktail, ordered the smoked fish dip as an appetizer, the chicken biscuit as my meal, and my husband got the brunch burger. Everything was delicious!!! We loved it and can’t wait to come back and recommend it to others :)

Photo of Zeba Darvesh Zeba Darvesh
Jul 23, 2023 5

Beautiful restaurant with amazing brunch menu. We had made booking for 4 adults for Sunday brunch. However, we had two kids join us. The restaurant staff was sweet and was kind enough to adjust our reservation. We would recommend all the dishes we ordered. We ordered the following: 1. Avocado toast (the ginger slices were very flavourful) 2. Cauliflower Pizza 3. Breakfast Sammie 4. Turkish Eggs 5. XO fried rice We look forward to going there gain to try their weekday lunch menu and some of the unique desserts they have. Unfortunately, they dont do desserts over weekends.

Photo of Al Be (Al Be) Al Be (Al Be)
Jul 18, 2023 4

Great staff, great atmosphere and good food. It’s got some good outdoor seating options too. Just a very cool and unique atmosphere with all the glass walls. I had the steak and pistachio gelato. It was mad good and came out pretty quickly. We had to wait for about 10 minutes on a Monday night so call ahead and reserve to be safe.

Photo of H G H G
Jul 5, 2023 5

Glasshouse is a hidden gem within the Triangle food scene that provides an upscale culinary experience and an elevated attention to service. We’ve visited Glasshouse 4 times before writing this review, to make sure we had a consistent experience, and we did. While the restaurant itself is in the middle of an office complex, they do their best to make it feel welcoming. The campus is well maintained, has large grass spaces, and incorporates the glasshouse green houses that were original to the space. The overall feel is modern functional architecture with accents of glass, wood, greenery indoors and outdoors. Service has been very consistent all 4 visits. Some of the newer staff has seemed overworked and inexperienced, but they still provided us with good service and a positive attitude. The servers have been able to explain most of the dishes we had questions about and provided recommendations on pairings. Management has always stopped by our table to confirm we’ve had a positive experience. The food/menu is why I keep coming back. Whether you’re looking for tapas style dinner, a pizza, or a full entree, Glasshouse menu gives you the flexibility. See pictures from one of our visits. The bone marrow was fantastic, and we always pair it with bread service. It’s beef flavored butter. The yellow tail crudo is just ok. The tuna isn’t super fatty and the curry style drizzle is not one I would pick. The local greens is large enough to split in between two people, and the server can ask the kitchen to split it so it’s plated by the time it gets to your table. The lemon ricotta spread at the bottom of the salad compliments the fresh and crisp greens by adding an element of creamy/soft. The fruits/nuts toppers add another dimension of sweet and savory. I do not like beets, but you have to have the burrata. The beets are soft and sweet, the cheese is very mild, and the hot honey adds that little kick of spice. The duck confit is very good. The skin is cooked perfectly crunchy. A rather smaller portion and it’s so good you’d want to order your own anyway. The pistachio gelato is covered with a raspberry shell, which overpowered the overall flavor. We personally did not like it, and would not recommend. Not in the pictures but have tried are: Hanger steak, we highly recommend. If you add a couple small plates, you can easily split it in between two people. Salumi Flatbread is a healthy portion of pepperoni, salami, with cheese and hot honey. Big enough for two people. Overall, Glasshouse is a 10/10 for us and how we like to eat. There’s many vegetable options, many animal protein options, and the flexibility of portioning is ideal.

Photo of E L Smith E L Smith
Jun 19, 2023 5

The food was delicious (not sure if they wash the lettuce 😝) and well cooked. My friend did send her salad back twice for the critters she kept finding. They did really well with accommodating the errors. However, my food was great! I ordered the market fish and fried brussel sprouts. We were celebrating a birthday and had a large party. So, they definitely made this a great experience 🥳

Photo of Garima Vohra Garima Vohra
Jun 14, 2023 4

We went here for the first time for lunch and it was great, lives upto the reviews we had seen before. Cauliflower curry pizza is a delight 😋 must try, it was better then the pepperoni pizza. I got the raspberry drink can’t remmeber its name exactly but it was good too, in the end we ordered Turkish eggs and got them scrambled instead of poached, delicious! We sat outside so didn’t get chance to click pictures of interior which is scenic by the way, i will go back to try more options and may be inside dining this time. Server was nice, quick and answered all the questions we had regarding menu. My kids high chair was dirty 😑 otherwise it checks out all the things for a good dining experience.

Photo of princess oates princess oates
May 11, 2023 5

I was so excited to visit Glasshouse Kitchen, and they did not disappoint! It was their first time serving brunch and the food was delicious. Our server was so sweet and answered our many questions. Glasshouse has a beautiful aesthetic, inside and out. I will be coming back soon 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟