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Funnel Me Crazy


7072 NC-751
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 937-9210

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Photo of Angela Jones Angela Jones
Feb 6, 2023 5

Y'ALL what can I say!!!??? Love this place! My friends and I usually catch this for an after church sweet delight. Our first visit it was pretty quiet but the latest visit was bananas! The wait was kinda long but bay-bee we were not leaving without the funnel goodness. The team worked so well together to serve everyone as quickly as possible and everyone waiting was chill because we knew it was going to be worth it. Pictured is the Cookie Monster. My second visit I had the Snickers(sorry no evidence of this delight lol). I usually get the mini which is quite enough to quench my sweet tooth. Pricing is fair in my opinion and I've been told the lemonades are great but haven't tried it yet. Also of note everything I've tried is not overly sweet which I appreciate. We definitely need one in Raleigh. It's also black owned so please support this business so they can expand!

Photo of Heather baxter Heather baxter
Feb 3, 2023 5

My husband and I decided to try this place. It was an interesting concept. We ordered the mini-strawberry cake. It was a 4 inch funnel cake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, and a red glaze. The funnel cake was freshly made and was hot and crisp. The strawberries were fresh and ripe. The combination of vanilla ice cream with the funnel cake was good. Cost was $9.25. My only complaint is they only had 4 flavors of ice cream so you couldn’t really design your own.

Photo of Daniel Block Daniel Block
Jan 12, 2023 4

Got a large sized strawberry cheesecake. They made the funnel cake fast and it was nice. The strawberry sauce tasted pretty artificial and the cheesecake was like rock hard and cold so it may have been previously frozen. It tasted very good though and I would recommend going but very very sweet if that’s the type of desserts you like.

Photo of Jarred V Jarred V
Nov 5, 2022 5

One the best dessert places to go to. You will not be disappointed. I purchased the Churro funnel cake and it was delicious. Can't wait to try the others.

Photo of iSoSounds Kitty iSoSounds Kitty
Oct 16, 2022 5

It was really amazing!! Loved that I don’t have to wait for the fair to get a yummy funnel cake! The fact that they do different ones and different flavored lemonades. It was all delicious!

Photo of Denese Etheridge Denese Etheridge
Sep 25, 2022 5

I had to try this place while I was in Durham for the weekend!! They did not disappoint. There was a little of a wait but there are signs posted warning they were short staffed so be patient. And honestly my wait wasn’t even that long and I went on a Saturday around 1:30 in the afternoon. The funnel cake was good and so was the crazy lemonade. I’m not even going to hold y’all….go try it! You won’t be disappointed!!!

Photo of Steph Does It Steph Does It
Sep 18, 2022 5

I had the Birthday Cake Funnel Cake & Lemonade of the month for September. EVERYTHING was SOOOOO GOOD….Better than what I’ve had at the NC State Fair. Definitely worth the wait. I really liked how the workers treated everyone who walked in even though they were busy. They welcomed each guest while working and made sure EACH customer was recognized. Great customer service and dessert! Keep it up.

Photo of Layla Borisouth Layla Borisouth
Sep 4, 2022 5

Must GO!! Amazing flavor and choices. Tasted really good. Lemonade looked amazing. The mini was a perfect size

Photo of Jasmine 'JB' Brown Jasmine 'JB' Brown
Sep 3, 2022 5

There so many options, however, I stuck with the classic mini and it was DELICIOUS. A friend got the 24k fried Oreo and it was even more divine.

Photo of Robin Gibbs Robin Gibbs
Aug 26, 2022 5

First time visiting and it did not disappoint. We got the butter pecan funnel cake and raspberry lemonade. Both were great. Can't wait to try the other flavors

Photo of Micah L Micah L
Aug 26, 2022 5

We tried this place for the 1st time the other night and they did not disappoint. We ordered the Wednesday special upon the workers recommendation. We ordered the peach cobbler funnel and the classic and they both were yummy and full of flavor. Can't wait to go back and try something new.

Photo of Anne Love Anne Love
Aug 25, 2022 5

If you told me that I no longer had to wait for a local fair to get a funnel cake that taste much better than what they sell at the fair I would not believe you, but here we are in 2022 and anything is possible! This local black owned business is a hidden gem. It opened in April 2022 hence there not being much advertising on the front of the building yet. My husband and I had the honor of trying their Strawberry Cheesecake and Cookie Monster Cheesecake in the 6" size. They were both so delicious! We also got the pineapple mango lemonade that was very refreshing. The front staff was very pleasant and our order was ready in a timely fashion. Do yourself a favor and give this place a try. Your taste buds will NOT regret it!

Photo of Mark Easley Mark Easley
Aug 24, 2022 5

Cool local concept. Who doesn't like a good funnel cake all year long? Service is a little slow because it is made to order so be patient. They are creative with the menu.

Photo of Laura Badovinac Laura Badovinac
Aug 20, 2022 5

Super fun and delicious. Really nice to have something different and nostalgic. We got the peach and churro and both were great!

Photo of A. Francis A. Francis
Aug 14, 2022 5

🗣Best funnel cakes ever! The pineapple mango lemonade deserves an honorable mention as well! Black owned business, friendly, and fresh, made to order. Definitely will be revisiting. Keep in mind that they do not accept cash. Credit and debit only.

Photo of Darius Long Darius Long
Aug 13, 2022 4

First Timer....we got the 8' Oreo Cookie Monster...replace blue ice cream with regular vanilla...and the strawberry 8' funnel with whip cream and regular vanilla...everything was super fresh and really beautifully made. We came 30 minutes before closing, but staff was attentive. There wasn't too much signage, just a small vinyl sign. This might be hard for possible customers to find location but other than that...this is really neat spot!

Photo of angie hall angie hall
Aug 8, 2022 5

So yesterday I came across a hidden gem in durham, NC for those of us that hate waiting all year for the fair to come, fighting through the long lines and parking just to get a funnel cake, look no further 26 year kiyanah owner of the funnel cake shop got us covered...with her very own funnel cake batter creation on top of so many flavors you will not be disappointed I have landed in funnel cake heaven, and it's no fun if I have to enjoy it all alone so I say yall should join me lol and be sure to wash it down with a tasty lemonade you will not be disappointed I promise

Photo of kayla jefferson kayla jefferson
Jul 25, 2022 5

Probably one of the best funnel cakes I’ve had. The strawberry cheesecake was delicious! Definitely will be going back!

Photo of Sharice F.C. Sharice F.C.
Jul 9, 2022 5

1st Timer @funnelmecrazy OMGOODIES!!!! 📸 Peach Cobbler Funnel Cake 📸 Strawberry Cheesecake Funnel Cake 📸 Banana Pudding Funnel Cake Thanks @marieinthemiddleton for joining us for this sweet treat! @funnelmecrazy YOUR STAFF ROCKS! See you soon...but not too soon I got to work this off! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Photo of Nekita Blue Nekita Blue
Jun 22, 2022 4

The only reasons I’m not giving 5 stars is because they aren’t open enough and the funnel cakes are thicker than I like. I’ll definitely ask if they can do then a little thinner the next time. Other than that they are really good!! I would recommend anyone to check them out!!

Photo of Christian Marsh Christian Marsh
Jun 11, 2022 5

Customer service was amazing And the funnel cakes even more so… Great experience.

Photo of Destini Kollock Destini Kollock
Jun 9, 2022 5

The funnel cake was sooo good and fresh. They offer a variety of flavors & decent portions. The guy that rung us up was also very friendly. I’ll definitely be back!

Photo of Jamie Thomason Jamie Thomason
May 25, 2022 5

Kind, clean, and DELICIOUS! I have been telling every person who will listen about this place. So so good!

Photo of Lakisha Snipes Lakisha Snipes
May 20, 2022 5

This was so good!!! When me and my daughter walked in the staff greeted us with so much happiness in there voice one guy I'm not sure of his name he looked mixed he was very nice the lady who made my funnel cake helped me with what funnel cakes were favorites I love a really nice staff makes me wanna eat there more you gotta try it you won't regret it I had the cookie monster !