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Fullsteam Brewery


726 Rigsbee Ave
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 682-2337
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Photo of Kris and Lindsey Brock Kris and Lindsey Brock
Dec 28, 2023 5

Megan S made our experience wonderful. She welcomed us upon entry, sat us in the front room with our dog, brought us menus, made recommendations, answered questions, took our order and was extremely polite. The service, food and beer were excellent and we will be coming back. Thanks again Megan S!

Photo of Yenifer Carbajal Yenifer Carbajal
Dec 8, 2023 5

Delicious food and on tap beer selection. Staff and atmosphere were excellent.

Photo of David Danner David Danner
Nov 14, 2023 5

Durham’s go to brewery & restaurant for the BEST beer in the city. Atmosphere is great, but beer selection is better and the ones I like are superb. There are three areas - outside, inside & bar. Great to find a space that works for you. Parking is paid - private or you walk a mile or so, but worth it.

Photo of Casey Roe Casey Roe
Nov 5, 2023 5

Love Fullsteam! Rocket Science is my go-to beer. I appreciate their commitment to sourcing local ingredients and all they do for the community. Plus it’s always a great place to hang!

Photo of Arthur T Arthur T
Oct 15, 2023 4

Stopped by for some quick beers. I opted for their Hazy on tap. When I visited early August, it was very hot and humid out. There were only some fans on, and no AC was turned out (not sure if it is available). Not too busy for the afternoon. Parking is extremely difficult here. You may need to park a few blocks away. Read signs carefully. Lots of construction as well.

Photo of Alyssa Raymond Alyssa Raymond
Sep 11, 2023 3

The place is really cool, and the bartender was really nice! However.. I drank a drink that had the fruit “paw paw” in it which is native to NC.. as someone from NJ, I had never heard of it and wanted to try it. The bartender was really knowledgeable! They knew a lot of the history of the fruit and even showed us one. They did mention it will “flush you out” if you eat the skin, but they SAID didn’t use it in their drink. About 1/2 through the drink I started to feel nauseous. I had eaten breakfast about an hour before and this was my first drink of the day. I drank some water which didn’t help and decided to leave, about 45min later I was violently throwing up. Like. Projectile. Just a fair warning to anyone trying to try something new…

Photo of Logan Schooley Logan Schooley
Aug 29, 2023 5

I am so attracted to this brewery and have no idea why. The beer was phenomenal, the food was out of this world, and the staff was beyond words. This establishment is one of the greatest to say the absolute least. It’s full of nothing but a good time. You want to play a board game? Go for it? You want a SIQ dank shirt? They got it. The food was incredible. I always hunt for a veggie burger on tour; preferably one with a beyond/impossible patty. These guys had the Beyond Vegetarian Burger!! With the special sauce!! The special sauce is really what pulls the pickles, onions, cheese, etc., all together. It’s the blanket on the pig!! I also sat and wrote a letter and doodled a doodle here!! It’s a great place for it! Lots of open space and places to move around too! They even had a bunch of plants all around! If you are ever in town please stop by here. It’s full of a good time and a pretty cheap tab. Hopefully I will get to see you guys again next year!

Photo of Bonnie Thompson Bonnie Thompson
Aug 26, 2023 5

Love the beer here, the food is good also. The fact they locally source ingredients is a plus. Always look forward to the Southern Basil and Carver. Everything else is also great. 🍻 Cheers!

Photo of Liz Van't Riet Liz Van't Riet
Jun 23, 2023 5

Absolutely fantastic brews in a really cool space. Megan was super helpful and knowledgeable about the different beers and led us to find our group favorite...the ASDR! She was able to describe the different flavor profiles in a way that was spot on and helped us pick options for our flights that we loved. She was very friendly and checked on us regularly. She and all of the staff that spoke with us were great! Highly recommend to check this place out!

Photo of Will Fonvielle Will Fonvielle
Jun 10, 2023 5

Although I live in Raleigh, this is a go-to stop in Durham. Been coming practically since they opened, and they never disappoint. Some beers are to my taste, some beers aren't, but that's the beauty of it. They truly have something for everyone and a staff that's glad to help you find what's for you. Consistently one of the best breweries in the Triangle.