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Foster Street Coffee


530 Foster St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 797-9555
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Photo of Rania Hassan Rania Hassan
Oct 5, 2022 5

I love Foster Street Coffee, probably one of my top coffee shops in Durham. They have great drinks and the staff is always super friendly. The shop is usually pretty busy so it can be hard to actually sit here but when you can it has a great work or hang out vibe. It's also in a really nice part of downtown. Highly recommend!

Photo of David P David P
Sep 14, 2022 5

Some of the best espresso drinks I’ve had. It’s a regular staple for me at this point. The atmosphere is bright and easy to study in, the staff are friendly, and the drinks are always well made. Make sure to catch their weekly dad joke out front too! Update: I've been ordering their food recently too and really enjoy their light and tasty options. Refreshing food that doesn't weigh you down.

Photo of God1is1love God1is1love
Sep 13, 2022 4

I will state that I've only been here once. Coffee: 7/10 Wasn't the most amazing coffee I've had but it was very good. If I remember correctly I ordered an iced caramel mocha. I'm no coffee wiz so I'm not sure of all the different coffees or even what the names mean or anything but I will say it was good. Service: 8/10 The staff seemed very polite when I visited. And when I asked what the barista what she recommended she didn't give a generic answer but actually what she prefers (which is part of the reason I can't quite remember the name of what I ordered 😅) Wait time: 7/10 There was not a line when I came in but after they took my order it was probably about 5 minutes when I got my order and honestly it might not have even been that long. Cleanliness: 8/10 Everything was clean clean. I can't really find anything to complain about in this area. The bathrooms were cleaner than most bathrooms I've seen. However, for certain people I must say that the men's bathroom does use motion sensor for the sink so you'll have to touch the knob. I personally prefer this as 90% of sensor based sinks gives you cold water. Atmosphere: 7/10/unsure I did not stick around it was just a quick stop on my way home one day. However, there were people in there just chilling on their laptops and what-not. Something about it gave me more of a food court "vibe" rather than a coffee shop but I couldn't quite place my finger on it. However, that is not to say it was bad just not coffee-shop-like. Parking: 5/10 I know its just because of the area but I'm not a fan of any kind of parking that I have to pay for, let alone just to do a quick stop at a coffee shop. It is close to a college in Durham so there are parking meters everywhere. So you'll most likely have to parallel park and pay for parking. The short amount of time I was there I only paid $0.75 for parking. Price $2-$10 Depending on what you get it can change but as far as coffee goes it was probably one of the cheaper coffees I've paid for which was $4-ish.

Photo of David Evans David Evans
Jul 12, 2022 5

Nice little coffee shop with good coffee. Didn't stay, but lots of people where there studying as it was a nice quiet environment.

Photo of Melissa Wagner Melissa Wagner
Jun 17, 2022 5

Hands down the best coffee shop in Durham!! I've tried other shops since I moved here and Foster Street is the best in my opinion. I went tonight with my husband and I got the Blackberry Mocha. It was delicious and exactly what I needed tonight. I love how they have a lot of room to relax, work and enjoy your coffee. It is a beautiful shop and in the perfect location. Definitely check it out!

Photo of Mumtahena Hannan Mumtahena Hannan
Jun 10, 2022 5

Awesome spot for enjoying a slow morning and getting some work or reading done. Coffee was awesome! The staff were so friendly and had a great playlist going, and the space itself is beautiful.

Photo of Makayla Syrstad Makayla Syrstad
Jun 3, 2022 5

Great coffee shop! Super cute atmosphere and dog friendly inside! They have treats inside for the pups and let them cool off while you enjoy your morning coffee. Very friendly staff too! My dog and I loved this coffee shop and it is now our favorite cafe!

Photo of Customer Support Customer Support
May 14, 2022 5

Always my go to spot when I want a light breakfast and good coffee while I telework. Superb service too.

Photo of Leanne Henry Leanne Henry
Apr 26, 2022 5

Without this place, I’d be asleep. But for real, I love Foster St.! I don’t really ever stay here and sip coffee, because my dog is usually with me, but the ambiance is very calming and the employees are always very nice! PS there’s some bistro outdoor seating if you do have your doggo with you 😁

Photo of Laura Krahe Andrews Laura Krahe Andrews
Feb 21, 2022 5

My favorite place for coffee. Great food and tea! Everyone is always pleasant and their meeting room is great for studying

Photo of Xia Meng Howey Xia Meng Howey
Feb 15, 2022 3

Nice atmosphere but they only have to-go cups even if you’re eating in which seems extremely wasteful

Photo of Enier Cruz Enier Cruz
Jan 7, 2022 5

Lovely place for a meeting or doing some online work. The place is quiet and welcoming. Coffee is really good!! I ordered a chai latte with lavender flavor and it was delicious 😋 I'll definitely comeback for another amazing experience.

Photo of Andrew Fetterolf Andrew Fetterolf
Dec 28, 2021 5

Best spot for coffee in Durham. Service was great! Very fresh, loved the roast. Last time we had iced americano and cold brew. Great seating inside and outdoors and it looked like they had a meeting room that was available to rent for small groups/businesses. If you love coffee do yourself a favor and check it out!