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Foster Street Coffee


530 Foster St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 797-9555
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Photo of Melissa Zurita Melissa Zurita
Feb 8, 2019 5

This place is amazing! I only had their smoothies which was good but could’ve been better. I did some work here on my laptop and have different sitting options. The inside looks modern. Will come here more often!

Photo of Tracy Robinson Tracy Robinson
Mar 23, 2019 4

Great place! Only reason I gave 4 & not 5 stars is b/c of limited menu selection of side items at this time. Food was great tho👍 certainly a do-over

Photo of Jerry McGrath Jerry McGrath
Jan 11, 2019 4

Good coffee, nice atmosphere and great prices. The owner and staff are all extremely pleasant. I was so pleased to find a decent new coffee shop in the area where I could sit down and get some work done and enjoy a good cup of coffee without having to refinance my home (looking at you, Cocoa Cinnamon). The only gripe I have is that it closes too early at 5pm. Even two more hours (until 7pm) would make a world of difference to us folks who aren't free until late afternoon/evening.

Photo of Steve Gardner Steve Gardner
Mar 11, 2019 5

Love this place. Excellent coffee and a great place to bring your laptop. They even have a conference room you can reserve!

Photo of Austin Semmel Austin Semmel
May 14, 2019 5

Very well-made drinks and one of the quieter coffee shops.

Photo of Jeremy Wynn Jeremy Wynn
Jun 19, 2019 5

I love this place! Roomier and brighter than other coffee shops in Durham, making it a great place to study. It's a small thing but I also really like how they bring your drink to you rather than making you go up and get it.

Photo of Melanie Rogers Melanie Rogers
Aug 16, 2019 5

Love this place. Great for studying and doing work. Had an iced chai tea latte which was better than most places. Great if you need to change up your study space :)

Photo of Kristin Dungan Kristin Dungan
Jul 18, 2019 5

Cosy atmosphere that's good for working (quiet but not silent). Prompt, polite customer service. I ordered a cappuccino and it was good.

Photo of Madeline Parker Madeline Parker
Aug 7, 2019 5

Lovely ambiance, kind and helpful staff (and the owner, Tracy, is unbelievably sweet!) and probably the best chai latte in town.

Photo of Nadeesha Perera Nadeesha Perera
Oct 8, 2019 4

Lovely staff, very clean (unlike certain other Durham coffee shops I could mention *cough*), croissants baked on site, many comfortable chairs. Also your indoor plants give me great joy. I will come back to this review and give you your fifth star as soon as you get some metal cutlery so that we can skip the plastic. :)

Photo of Emmanuelle Munsen Emmanuelle Munsen
Oct 19, 2019 5

Went there to grab some vegan pastries from Crum bakery. Super sweet staff and delicious food! Love the space!

Photo of Kevin Murray Kevin Murray
Nov 16, 2019 3

Comfy. Service was fine. If you want a good cup of black, light roast coffee, look elsewhere. Nothing to write home about. Wife’s chai latte was good, she says.

Photo of Donna Miller Donna Miller
Dec 21, 2019 5

Went to Foster Street Coffee for the first time today. My husband and I loved it. Great service, delicious hot chocolate and the best quiche I've ever had! The owner, Tracy, is so helpful and kind!

Photo of Ginny Moye Ginny Moye
Dec 28, 2019 5

Great coffee, very comfy chairs. Can actually get large sized cappuccinos. Relaxing space. Has a room with a large table for work or study. Limited food options

Photo of Alyson Newby Alyson Newby
Feb 5, 2020 5

Lovely and bright coffee spot with many caffeinated options and plants galore. Their Jazzy Java blend is my favorite. There's a good mix of tables and chairs with a handful of cozier furniture. Good place to study, have an informal meeting, or just grab a cup to go.

Photo of Dre Elder Dre Elder
Mar 11, 2020 5

I stopped by this place Sunday morning and had a really good experience. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. I had a chai latte and spinach feta croissant fresh from the oven!! It’s a very spacious, but cozy atmosphere inside. You won’t be disappointed.

Photo of Jay ONeal Jay ONeal
Feb 3, 2019 4

Cozy little spot. The seating is pretty spread out. It was also pretty crowded when we went. Overall ok - the drinks aren’t great tasting.