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Five Guys


5332 McFarland Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-3555
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Photo of B 123 B 123
Aug 2, 2022 5

Five Guys is what I consider to be the standard for measuring burgers. It's a good price and a delicious burger. It's not the best burger I've ever had but for the price it's close. The fries are fresh and they dump a ton of them in your bag.

Photo of Jeremy Schneider Jeremy Schneider
Jul 16, 2022 4

This place provided quick and friendly service, and the staff seemed to be enjoying their work. While not really bad, it didn’t seem especially clean, and as with all Five Guys, the food is very pricey for a simple burger joint.

Photo of Danielle Beaman Danielle Beaman
Jun 29, 2022 3

I have eaten at better locations. The gentleman that took our order was very nice and the wait for our food wasn't too bad. The music came in and out and was extremely loud in the bathroom. I am not sure if the portion sizes were changed. We ordered a medium fry and it was enough for one person.

Photo of Armando Soto Armando Soto
Jun 2, 2022 5

This location is great. Excellent service and hamburgers are delicious, and I liked their fries for first time. Definitely I recommend it

Photo of Malick Lanceberg Malick Lanceberg
May 22, 2022 4

Pretty decent place. I don't know 😕 if the burgers are better 🤷 than hwy55, but I like it. The restaurant has decent workers and clean establishment. My first time visiting in the Carolinas.

Photo of Isaias Dominguez Isaias Dominguez
May 20, 2022 5

really good burgers, I love that you put all the toppings you want, and the best part is that they close until 10 pm. plus a bunch of fries enough for 2 guys

Photo of James Mc Coy, Sr. James Mc Coy, Sr.
May 15, 2022 5

Great burgers!! Love their style of fries. Little pricey so not an everyday lunch event.

Photo of Richard Bobholz Richard Bobholz
Apr 16, 2022 5

I love this Five Guys! There is always plenty of staff and our order gets done quickly and always exactly as we wanted it. Highly recommend. Also very obvious they treat their employees well since they have 10+ people working everyday and there's a worker shortage.

Photo of Luke Render Luke Render
Feb 22, 2022 4

Great food. Really cold inside. With grills and 15 people working and at least that many customers you would expect it to be warmer. I would recommend them, just bring a jacket. They are a coke establishment. Handicap accessible. Handicap parking available. Outdoor seating. They do have a veggie burger option and grilled cheese for those who are so inclined.

Photo of Michelle Murray Michelle Murray
Jan 26, 2022 4

Delicious fries...my favorite thing to order! Cajun sprinkle on the side with loads of ketchup, although the fries are terrific naked!