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Fitness World


105 W North Carolina 54
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 544-9000
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Photo of M R M R
Jan 21, 2022 5

I joined this gym a little over a year ago and have had a great experience the entire time. The space is clean and well cared for, other members are respectful, and the employees are super friendly and helpful. The trainers are all super knowledgeable and happy to answer random fitness questions, and there's a really good variety of equipment that's accomodating to a range of abilities and workout goals. The transition to Fuel Fitness has been seemless and I'm excited to see their plans for the future come to fruition. Staff is always great about communication re: holidays, weather events, etc.. The manager even came in the snow and ice the other day to keep the gym open- Thanks LeAnna!

Photo of Drea J. Drea J.
Sep 20, 2021 4

I would be giving this gym a 5-star rating--they are clean, affordable, and well-stocked--but unfortunately, they are not enforcing the recent mask policy at all. I have been to the gym a few times since the mask mandate was reinstated, and there have been many people blatantly not wearing a mask. Employees have walked past unmasked people and not said a word. This is very disappointing and speaks volumes about their regards for health and the pandemic. Update on 9/20/21: The masking situation has improved immensely at the gym. There are still a few people who take their masks off, but they are few and far between and overall it is good. There are signs that have been put up around the facility and staff seems to be more aware. I am updating the rating to 4 stars to reflect this change.

Photo of Monica Webb Monica Webb
Aug 20, 2021 4

Your mask is required now 😷. Clean, quiet at 11am, in and out.

Photo of Monica Webb Monica Webb
Jun 18, 2021 4

No more mask 😷. Clean, quiet at 10am, in and out.

Photo of William Burns III William Burns III
May 12, 2021 5

🌈 Fabulous gym, lots of fresh equipment there's a lot of great diversity🌈 many extraordinary local athletes come here on a regular 🌈

Photo of Cindi Wood Cindi Wood
Apr 24, 2021 5

Just joined this gym.Love everything about it! Smoothies are great Especially when Maria makes them!

Photo of Brandy Dorsagno Brandy Dorsagno
Apr 24, 2021 5

It has been over a year since I have been in a gym. I was a little hesitant to go back in but I feel totally safe. Staff is constantly cleaning and mask wearing is a requirement! Would definitely recommend it to my friends....smoothies are amazing too

Photo of Doug Strader Doug Strader
Jan 11, 2021 5

Love this place and will be heading back after covid restrictions have eased. Great staff always willing to help. Really miss my aerobics classes and pickleball.

Photo of Jonah Pollone Jonah Pollone
Jan 11, 2021 5

When COVID hit, the gym I was going to suspended operations, which means I had nowhere to work out with weights. I grew tired of running and bodyweight workouts, so I looked online for a good gym near me and found Fitness World. They have just what I need and their pricing is affordable. Would highly recommend this gym.

Photo of Jin Yoo Jin Yoo
Dec 23, 2020 5

I’ve been a member here since 2002 and I can’t find other gyms in the area that has all that Fitness World has to offer — great equipments, family friendly from the youngest to the oldest, but most of all, caring staff members to always help you out.

Photo of Bryce Chaney Bryce Chaney
Sep 5, 2020 4

Lots of cleaning solution bottles for every guest...

Photo of James Young James Young
Sep 9, 2020 5

The gym was great, sanitation was always regarded and employees were great in person and friendly. Membership discounts for people that work locally with certain businesses, and they even have a phone app. If I still lived in the area I would still be here

Photo of Tersha Cox Tersha Cox
Dec 18, 2019 5

I've been coming for the last three months and I like the environment. For the Christmas Season they have a Mocha Peppermint protein shake that tastes amazing. I primarily take the Zumba and Hip Hop classes and they burn a lot of calories and fun. Definitely reccomend this gym.

Photo of Devin Mack Devin Mack
Dec 11, 2019 5

My family loves this gym and we have been going for three years. The childcare is great and our kids really enjoy it. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I had a wonderful conversation with one of the managers, Robin, who was very helpful in helping me to find the right classes that work for me. There are a variety of classes offered and the teachers are great. Also keep an eye out for the new inside look. Very cool and trendy interior design.

Photo of Katherine Johnson Katherine Johnson
Jul 2, 2019 5

This gym is so awesome. I came in very nervous about the gym environment and have been welcomed with open arms. I love my trainer and all of the staff is super nice. They make the best of the space that they have. The gym can be very busy at times but that’s just proof of how much people love this place

Photo of Casey Privette Casey Privette
Jan 21, 2019 5

Great locally-owned business. I always enjoy my workouts there.

Photo of Treva Perry Treva Perry
Mar 12, 2019 4

large facility, great customer service and awesome classes that keep you moving. Did not give 5 stars because the equipment is a little outdated. Would definitely recommended.

Photo of Jose Ignacio Jose Ignacio
Feb 2, 2019 4

Great young environment, friendly staff and the management really cares. Equipment is very well maintained, bathrooms are super clean. It is a small gym but it keeps getting better, with expansions and upgrades to the equipment, remodeled bathrooms and more -- the owners really re-invest in this place. My favorite part is that the place is near the tobacco road trails and they have bike racks which allows me to ride a bike or run to the gym some days. Probably the best location for a gym in Durham and RTP. The mall, nice restaurants and coffee places nearby. I would give this place 5 stars but they close very early every day, specially on the weekends. Seems to be always closed when I want to go. Sunday 8AM closed!, Weekdays 9:30PM almost closed. Other than that, I love my gym.

Photo of Stuart Shefter Stuart Shefter
Mar 11, 2019 5

What a fantastic gym! Plenty of equipment so it's rare you're waiting for a particular station or machine; all of it impeccably maintained. The entire staff is super friendly and will help with any questions you have. When we joined, the manager toured my girlfriend and I around which made us feel immediately at home. The group classes are varied for any skill level and they keep workouts interesting. Whether you're starting out, getting back into shape, or already know your workout routine, this place is for you.

Photo of Bill Mitchell Bill Mitchell
Aug 6, 2022 5

Equipment is well maintained and it's very rarely crowded so you get to use the equipment without any waiting. Also have good classes.

Photo of stephen Saez stephen Saez
Aug 12, 2022 5

I’ve been a member for years and love working out here. The staff is friendly and encouraging. The gym is clean and the variety of equipment is great. I love the smoothies too!

Photo of martio22 martio22
Aug 15, 2022 5

Kelsey's classes have improved my strength and mobility.she is a very knowledgeable, and experienced with seniors, and is an excellent trainer and awesome friend. The gym has a family feel and the trainers help to reshape our old bones and muscles.

Photo of Jethro Libutan Jethro Libutan
Aug 12, 2022 5

Working out here is awesome! The staff is awesome! The equipment is awesome and clean! The basketball court is awesome too! Fuel Fitness is awesome!

Photo of Matt Matherne Matt Matherne
Aug 12, 2022 5

A huge THANK YOU to Kami at Fuel Fitness near Southpoint! After a few weeks of searching for the perfect gym, I was finally able to find it because of her! Her customer-first focus, commitment and dedication to helping, and solid knowledge of the facility is what separates her from the rest. Anyone out there wanting great customer service, a high level of professionalism, and a great facility with all of your exercise needs, look no further. Thanks again Kami!