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Firebirds Wood Fired Grill


8030 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 544-6332
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Photo of Ursula Lobacz Ursula Lobacz
Jun 2, 2019 4

The hostess and wait staff are friendly, and the service is quick. The restaurant has a nice bar with plenty of seating, and the dining room is a good mix of booths and tables, which can accommodate various sizes groups. The open kitchen design means you get to see the cooks preparing the food and hear them getting out the orders. I had the portobello sandwich with fruit salad for dinner. My son got the Cesar salad with chicken. We both got the lemonade which is very good and they offered complimentary refills, which was nice. My son really liked the salad. The dressing is delicious, the croutons we're crispy with a slight spice, and the chicken was juicy and flavorful. This is the second time I've gotten this sandwich and it is good but not great, and definitely not worth the $13 they charge for it. The bread of the sandwich was over toasted and much more than the filling within, so the second half I removed the bottom slice, and ate the top and filling with utensils, which helped. The fruit salad was good and had a mix of pineapple, melon, grapes and strangely green apples. Some of the grapes were mushy so I didn't eat them. I guess, though, if you're going to a restaurant that specializes in grilled meat plates, you should go with a meat dish. Next time I'll get something with chicken.

Photo of Justin Nolan Justin Nolan
Mar 30, 2019 4

Consistently delicious burgers. Host stand can be a little odd? I think honestly it's just the effect of like 4 bored people sitting in the same spot all day. The waiters I've had here have literally always been excellent. Easily 10 visits and I've never had bad food. Around winter time the fires are super cozy and wonderful.

Photo of Judy Bradley Judy Bradley
Mar 15, 2019 5

Excellent food. The sirloin was cooked to perfection. I usually like to tweak my steaks to my liking once they get to the table but there was nothing this steak needed except to slide into my mouth. They have a really good drinks menu as well. Our server Riley was a joy! The building was beautiful. We have been wanting to go and this was the first chance we had. We were not even a little bit disappointed. We Will go back. Sorry about the picture....we demolished that dinner!!

Photo of William Love William Love
May 21, 2019 4

Really good food, everyone enjoyed their meals. Tenderloin salad was fantastic, beef cooked as expected. Grilled Ckn Breast was very flavorful and moist - delicious. Service was also good. No complaints.

Photo of Lewis Johnson Lewis Johnson
Jul 7, 2019 5

I came close to not ordering the prime rib based on reviews I read. It is best to experience for yourself. There are nay-Sayers out there. I took the "leap of faith". Faith prevail. Wonderful experience all the way around. Eat with a party of 7. No complaints from anyone. The waiter, actually two other helpers too were exceptional. In laymen terms "Off the Chain.

Photo of saralynn1997 . saralynn1997 .
Aug 17, 2019 5

We had the best time! It's my sisters birthday and we were celebrating. My sister accidentally spilled water all over the table and booth and a passing server immediately noticed and helped clean it up. He even made a joke to clear air and help us relax. The food was amazing and we really enjoyed our time there. I especially want to thank our waiter Kristie. She was super sweet and looked after us.

Photo of Marc Tolbert Marc Tolbert
Jul 9, 2019 5

Had a birthday dinner and you could not ask for better service from our two servers. The restaurant was as usual very clean, the staff was friendly and accommodating. The food was outstanding, steaks cooked to perfection, appetizers were absolutely luscious. I cant begin to say how good their salads are. All around an excellent place for an absolute great dining experience.

Photo of Mary Knight Carter Mary Knight Carter
Aug 10, 2019 3

The food is always good.. I set near the window, the floor was dirty and must have been 4 old cloth napkins left on the floor for some time. I enjoy this place, it just need some clean attention.

Photo of Page Long Page Long
Oct 13, 2019 5

This is a wonderful place to go for dinner with your family. While it's not probably known for being a place to bring kids, they do have a kids menu, and big booths that are good for kids. It's a decent size and relatively noisy so it's ok if kids get a little loud :) Their loaded baked potatoes are so good and their steamed broccoli is seasoned wonderfully. I love their bread and have not ever had anything I do not like. Our waiters name was Larry and he was great! He has been a waiter at the restaurant for almost 10 years. Ask for Larry if you go!

Photo of Patrick S Patrick S
Sep 25, 2019 5

Had the Delmonico steak and the tuna starter dish. Bothe were amazing good! Our server Jada was the best! Very attentive to us. We will be back and ask for her!

Photo of Daniel Jenkins Daniel Jenkins
Oct 19, 2019 3

The food was great and the service was good but we were seated next to tables that were so loud and obnoxious that we couldn't even hear the people at our table. It was so bad that the waitress could not even hear us to order. Nothing was done by management to quiet them down. The yelling and over the top laughing was so much that I left with a headache Other than that I enjoyed the meal

Photo of Jessa Garrison Jessa Garrison
Nov 6, 2019 5

What an awesome experience! Our waitress Jada was so nice and informative. She is also so pretty!!! The food was just delicious. I got the coconut shrimp which was truly scrumptious but was overshadowed by their version of a veggie slaw. That veggie slaw is so good I wish I could buy it at the grocery store! The other person with me ordered steak and I did try a bite and found it velvety and delicious. All in all, great experience!

Photo of Michelle C Michelle C
Nov 5, 2019 5

We had a party of 12 for my sons 21st birthday November 4th. We had wonderful service provided by, I believe his name was Divon. I am probably not spelling that correctly. He was awesome! I really appreciate the hospitality they showed my son during our visit. My son recently came home from Afghanistan and they took care of his entire meal! What a great restaurant to recognize veterans service! They won my vote! Food was excellent as well!

Photo of Dimetriux Evans Dimetriux Evans
Nov 19, 2019 4

Good food and great service. I love this restaurant, great ambiance. I have been here several times and am never disappointed with my meal.

Photo of Kathy Ramsey Kathy Ramsey
Nov 23, 2019 4

Made reservations through open table and arrived to wait for approx 30 minutes. Otherwise we had a great waiter!! Food was good.

Photo of Bree Bristo-Wiggins Bree Bristo-Wiggins
Dec 17, 2019 5

Great service, well prepared meal and warm welcoming ambience. We were celebrating my spouse's birthday and truly enjoyed the evening. We'll be back!

Photo of confidentials01 . confidentials01 .
Dec 31, 2019 5

We love Firebirds! Every time we go we are treated to some of the finest food and the finest service anywhere. The grilled chicken is wonderful. Big piece of breast meat but tender as can be. The ribs are juicy and sweet. Hard not to order a whole rack! The servers are as friendly as can be. We go at least once a week and most of the servers we know by name and they know us by name. Great atmosphere, great people, great service, and great food. We highly recommend!

Photo of G B G B
Jan 12, 2020 5

We stopped in the other night for dessert and cocktails. I haven't been to any of the firebirds locations in awhile. The pineapple martini's were amazing, highly recommended. The table shared two desserts and both were super yummy....chocolate heaven. Hit the spot! The server was great and the manager was nice, he inquired about our experience. I will definitely go back.

Photo of Ashley Snyder Ashley Snyder
Jan 11, 2020 4

We were sat fairly quickly for a Friday night. The menu had a lot of good choices for a reasonable price (though I do feel like some of the entrees should have came with two sides not just one). All of the food was delicious. I was able to get a second meal out of my giant bowl of seafood pasta. I think the thing that impressed us the most was the kid's meal. The plate had several pieces of chicken strips, a bowl of good fruit (strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, grapes, etc), a good helping of macaroni and cheese, and a snack size pack of Oreos for later. The only negative in our experience was our waitress did not seem too happy to be there unfortunately, and it reflected in her attitude and attentiveness in serving.

Photo of Wilmer Gregg Wilmer Gregg
Jan 17, 2020 5

Soo good, the restaurant was beautifully set up, the menu was easy to understand, all of our food was delicious. This place was so good that while I was eating what I ordered I was thinking about what I would order next time I came. The waitstaff was professional and informative but also seamed like super cool people

Photo of Glenndora Williams Glenndora Williams
Jan 19, 2020 5

From Maryland went there with family in North Carolina. Packed place at 6:30-7:00. Made reservations but still had to wait 40 minutes to be seated. The food is really good so the wait was worth it. Family's with all ages. Go around 8:00 on a Saturday and it's not so crowded. Could be pricey for some but well worth it. Enjoy!

Photo of Christopher Greer Christopher Greer
Feb 14, 2020 5

Megan was amazing. My fiancé and I had our Valentine’s Day dinner at Firebirds tonight. Through all of the loud customers and constant table-waiting, she was very helpful to us. She made sure we had everything we needed. We watched as she ran around, covering multiple tables, and she never stopped working! Very impressed by her professionalism, kindness, and the very sweet ‘thank you’ note that she left on our receipt. So Megan, thank you! And Firebirds, promote her!

Photo of Fonda Kornegay Fonda Kornegay
Mar 11, 2020 5

Always delicious, fresh and hot. I do miss the BBQ Salmon Salad, but I kind of make my own with the BLT salad with salmon and some BBQ sauce on the side. Not quite the same, but when I need a fix I order that. We tried the appetizer steak rolls. They were really good, but not as good as the lobster queso. They were short on staff when we went for lunch, so we opted to sit in the bar area instead of waiting for a table in the dining area. Great service their too!

Photo of C Price C Price
Feb 15, 2020 4

Nice atmosphere and food is tasty. Lobster queso is my favorite appetizer. Side salad is tasty. I got the pineapple chicken I think it's called...it was okay. I think I will go back to steak next time. But would come back again for sure!

Photo of Ed Bailey Ed Bailey
May 28, 2019 5

Great food with great staff to serve it. Handled my dietary request perfectly. Definitely will be back!

Photo of Calio Williamson Calio Williamson
Jul 20, 2019 5

The food as well as the atmosphere was really good. I definitely enjoyed myself with my best friend.

Photo of Andrew T. Andrew T.
Jun 30, 2020 5

Stopped in for a quick quality lunch. Best chain restaurant at streets at south point!