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Fellowship Baptist Church


515 Southerland St
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 596-9331
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Photo of Ebony Lamberth Ebony Lamberth
Nov 3, 2021 5

I love this church I grew up in this church the Sunday school bus use to pick us up every Sunday the pastor Rick Kennedy is awesome we lived on commerce st in Durham nc I was thinking about this church this morning even tho as I got older I didn’t do what I should have but I just wanted to let the world and this church know that I’m very appreciative for the love this church showed my family and other families in our Neighborhood we love you I’m 32 years old today and I attended this church when I was 5 up til I was about 14 my grandma had us ready every Sunday we send our love from ebony Lamberth Arsenio Lamberth Dominquie Lamberth and Jasmand Lamberth even tho we have made mistakes in life your church has given us love that will never be forgotten thanks for taking the time to Minister to us his kids we will never forget you pastor and I’m going to do my best to visit the church soon 🥰❤️❤️

Photo of Mark Aka Boston Mark Aka Boston
Mar 28, 2022 5

This church is just amazing, I knew from the moment I walked in I was "home". I joined there faster than I can say " Paaahk the caaah" and I was even recently baptized there. The bible study and services on Sunday are so intuitive uncommon to what I'm use to in the "Gotti" churches in Boston. The choir is superb to any I have witnessed and the baptism area is just so beautiful. The holy spirit is alive in this house of GOD.

Photo of J. Scott Yadusky J. Scott Yadusky
Aug 20, 2021 4

Sermons always provocative and prayers always thoughtful!

Photo of Jamie Wilkins Jamie Wilkins
Sep 12, 2021 5

We love Fellowship Baptist. Visited the church after 5/6 other churches and immediately felt like family! The church congregation is down to earth, accepting and made us feel welcoming! So we now call FBC our home church. Pastor Rick Finley preaches the Bible and real life applications! You should come visit. We also have online services FBCofDurham.org if you need to stay home! We welcome all visitors!

Photo of Daisy Melendez Daisy Melendez
May 31, 2021 5

I go to this church and I'm so amazed at how much these people care for one another,I love going there and watching the live stream when I can't make it.

Photo of Joey Funderburg Joey Funderburg
Feb 3, 2021 5

Awesome church and very friendly people! My wife and I moved to Durham this past summer and are so happy to have found a church home! The preaching is Biblical, congregation is diverse, staff is welcoming, and such an amazing spirit is present as soon as you walk in the doors. We're so thankful and blessed to have found Fellowship!

Photo of Toria Haddad Toria Haddad
Dec 28, 2020 5

Love my church! The preaching is grounded in solid doctrine and music is honoring to Christ. Very friendly and welcoming!

Photo of Robert Schwane Robert Schwane
Dec 7, 2020 5

After attending multiple churches in my lifetime I can't say that I have been involved with a church that is more caring of people in our community and throughout the world. The preacher and the staff are very passionate about getting the Gospel to the world and do amazing work.

Photo of Jim Gibson Jim Gibson
Dec 17, 2020 5

It was a great message! I truly hope they practice it as well. God knows. It was truly well presented.

Photo of Tammy Mentzel Tammy Mentzel
Dec 3, 2020 5

Fellowship Baptist Church is not just a beautiful building with Amazing preaching and great music.....It is a place to run where God's love shines bright in a lost and dying world.....It is a place for the broken hearted, the weak, the sick, the weary, the needy to come and find peace and comfort......Its a place full of beautiful people from every walk of life....My amazing church family.....It is a place I am proud to call home!

Photo of rockhoya101 rockhoya101
Dec 3, 2020 5

Love my church family here. I never grew up or attended a Baptist church and my theology is quite different on some aspects but this is the church Jesus led me and my family to. We fell in love with our church family here. This is the most loving church I have ever attended and we are some much involved in the community and loving and serving others. I am in love with my church and my family here.

Photo of Garan Patrick Garan Patrick
Nov 14, 2020 5

Great church! The people are so friendly, and the pastor and his wife are very genuine and kind. They have such a heart for people and especially for missions! We really enjoyed our visit while in the area.

Photo of Fawn Townsend Fawn Townsend
Nov 4, 2020 5

Love pastor finley

Photo of Betty-Renee Nottage Betty-Renee Nottage
Jan 24, 2018 5

Great family fellowship

Photo of Caleb Turner Caleb Turner
Sep 13, 2020 5

Wonderful church that loves the Lord and demonstrates that love by how they care for people. Pastor Finley is a man of God who preaches and teaches the Bible. If you are looking for a friendly church in the Durham area, you need to visit Fellowship Baptist!

Photo of jveddie jveddie
Feb 21, 2018 5

This is a place to worship the Lord and feel like family and always at home. I would recommend Fellowship Baptist to any church goer. Saturdays they go out and try to get other people to come too, this place is awesome.

Photo of Davis Vasquez Davis Vasquez
Jan 17, 2020 5

Nice church church and the Pastor is a good man

Photo of Jae Pickey Jae Pickey
Dec 22, 2019 5

If you want to build a solid relationship with GOD this would be the place to start. God bless.

Oct 28, 2019 5

Been going since I was a kid what a wonderful place to call my church

Photo of Ellen Paynter Ellen Paynter
Sep 19, 2019 5

I love this church, the school and all the people here!

Photo of Real Deal Real Deal
Oct 20, 2019 5

Love the church! Great people and great preaching! We have felt very welcomed by everyone here!!

Photo of Kathy Wyatt Kathy Wyatt
Feb 11, 2019 5

Great place and friendly people, truly a house of the Lord. I love it there!!!

Photo of Cecil Dewey Cecil Dewey
Jan 16, 2019 5

My granddaughter and husband Brandon and Heather Smythers attend this church and their 2 children. Heather told us of the church and we love it.

Photo of Jack Haddad Jack Haddad
Jul 14, 2018 5

Love My Church! There's not many church's like this in America...guaranteed. we have an Amazing Pastor, great programs for kids & even an academy for all grades. Very friendly & people loving environment. Thankful my family & I are a part of the ministry of Fellowship leading us through life.

Photo of angel millaramirez angel millaramirez
May 1, 2019 5

I love this church i have a family there

Photo of Steve Mcmahel Steve Mcmahel
Jan 2, 2019 5

Love the friendliness and fellowship and the kids programs and always there is interesting teaching and preaching in the services. I am always encouraged by Pastor Finley and glad I made this place home. For 15 years we have grown and thrived and made lifetime friends.

Photo of Stanley Dale Stanley Dale
May 12, 2019 5

When l am in Durham l love going to meet with God's people and hear his word at Fellowship Baptist. Pastor Finley is great caring pastor who preaches God's word. Great for all the family and great programs, one being Refomers Unanimous. Wish we this church was in my town or nearby. Also Liberty Baptist is a great church if anyone is visiting Durham N.C. Either are good friendly caring churches so if you're looking for a church home give them a visit and pray for God's leading.

Photo of Maverick By Day Maverick By Night Maverick By Day Maverick By Night
Apr 30, 2022 5

Not just a place of worship but a family. The preacher's are so knowledgeable and we'll spoken.