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Falafel 54


2105 NC-54
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 237-1635
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Photo of Andrés Chaves Andrés Chaves
Dec 20, 2021 5

Good place, nice price. In that restaurant, you can find some Mediterranean and middle East dishes as: Gyros, salads and some wraps. When I went, I asked for the Dine In per pound.  It was delicious, I took:  salad, chicken curry,  seasoned strips of  beef and lamb, grape leaves humus, tzatziki, baba ganush, and obviously the falafel. Everything was delicious, the service was excellent, and they have a lot of tables for having social distance, and they also have outside tables. It was a good experience.

Photo of Lewis at Namebadgers Lewis at Namebadgers
Feb 23, 2022 5

Excellent!!! Wish I had dined in to try everything on the buffet, but the takeout was still fantastic, definitely recommend.

Photo of Laura Rachal Laura Rachal
Feb 6, 2022 5

Probably the best falafel I’ve had since moving to the area 4 years ago. Will definitely add to places I’d travel to for food in the triangle.

Photo of Angela Orellana Angela Orellana
Feb 3, 2022 5

Yum! This place is amazing! The food is great and fresh! We always get the buffet! For two people it’s about $35 with drinks! Have been a few times in the past month!

Photo of Mansoor Mansoor
Dec 16, 2021 4

First time visiting this . Every one was wearing mask that was a good thing. You have a an option of buffet to stay or go or just order from menu. Just order the gyro sandwich and chicken shawarma they both were ok. Everything was okay will say meat portion size was small for the gyro sandwich more salad than gyro meat. Overall will say ok. Would try out again in the future.

Photo of Joanna Sass Joanna Sass
Oct 30, 2021 5

So good. Best falafel in the area!!! Got buffet and everything was delicious! The desserts are amazing

Photo of Tania Poo Tania Poo
Nov 4, 2021 5

I really like Mediterranean food, and in fact I already had a favorite place to eat. I had never been to Falafel 54, but it was close, I was starving and decided to go inside. From the outside the place is not so attractive, so I did not make many expectations. The person who takes the orders explained to me that there are 3 ways to order: à la carte, buffet or by weight (obviously they are different prices). I ordered the buffet so I could try a little bit of everything. Everything was delicious!!! There wasn't one thing I didn't like. Also, Gerardo (the person who attended us) was very nice and friendly. Without a doubt Falafel 54 is my favorite place for Mediterranean food.

Photo of Payton Hardee Payton Hardee
Sep 17, 2021 5

Had a wonderful catering experience with Falafel 54. Everything was so fresh and each dish was delicious. Will definitely be back

Photo of Jill Shepard Jill Shepard
Aug 14, 2021 5

Amazing! Food was all so good, you must try it!

Photo of Tara Bryant Tara Bryant
Aug 20, 2021 5

This place is AMAZING. We stopped in very briefly for a rushed lunch but enjoyed every second. The food on the buffet was incredible and the gentleman at the register took the time to suggest which foods would pair best, which were spicy. Etc. Definitely recommend.

Photo of Lawrence Grossfeld Lawrence Grossfeld
Jul 1, 2021 5

Absolutely delicious, extremely fresh and a ton of variety, not to mention friendly staff. Will be returning soon!

Photo of Steven Helbert Steven Helbert
Jun 12, 2021 5

Food was delicious.. so glad we found this place..best buffet around

Photo of Carolyn Fager Carolyn Fager
Jun 9, 2021 5

next store! Food os fantastic, and the staff keeps the buffet fresh.

Photo of Md Didarul Islam Md Didarul Islam
Jun 3, 2021 4

I had the lunch buffet ($15/person) which is decent. Overall the food was good, but the deserts were terrible. Probably can't expect better in a buffet in this price range. The gyro, baba ghanuj, chicken kebab tasted great. They also had kinda asian food section where they had chicken curry, white rice, and chick-peas.

Photo of Fahmid Morshed Fahid Fahmid Morshed Fahid
Jun 1, 2021 3

Small place in a friendly neighborhood! Clean and friendly staff. Most of the food is delicious, specially the spicy salad. Had the best gyro ever! The number of dishes are very limited. The desert items (there were 2) were very bad, full of cinnamons. The plates and spoons are very cheap. The cost is somewhat reasonable, but would be nice to have either a few more items or a little cheaper. Overall, not bad and might come back to try again!

Photo of Denise Prickett Denise Prickett
May 25, 2021 5

Fantastic! I miss the Urban Turban, but these are the same delicious flavors. The buffet is perfect for a quick lunch.

Photo of Richard Patterson Richard Patterson
Mar 27, 2021 5

Great food! Will definitely be back!

Photo of Nik V Nik V
Mar 13, 2021 5

Amazing food and amazing owner! Must visit!!

Photo of Sophia Joli Sophia Joli
Feb 6, 2021 5

The owner is so cool and friendly. The food is exceptionally good and the cost for the buffet is unbeatable.

Photo of Marc Sylvestre Marc Sylvestre
Jan 18, 2021 4

I have eaten at Falafel 54 numerous times. 1) Great value for the dollar 2) Consistently tasty food 3) No nonsense atmosphere, just friendly people serving up good food In this time of covid, it's still a great value with take out. Today I bought several pounds of gyro, several pounds of chicken kabob, and we still ate it so fast we have nothing left. I'd eat there 3 times a week!

Photo of SS I SS I
Dec 4, 2020 5

Amazing food. So happy with the quality and flavor of food. Will definitely be back!

Photo of Jack Sosinski Jack Sosinski
Feb 22, 2020 5

This is one of the best restaurants in Durham. Everything here is amazing, and it's all very fresh. You cannot go wrong coming here.

Photo of India Evans India Evans
Feb 2, 2020 5

One of my favorite lunch spots, their falafel is the best

Photo of Andrew M Andrew M
Feb 11, 2020 5

This is my go-to spot to satisfy my AYCE cravings during my work week. Great selection of Mediterranean food and they're very good about keeping popular items replenished. All the items are very delicious and the staff is always friendly.

Photo of Gilberto Alicea Gilberto Alicea
Jan 23, 2020 4

Long time that I haven't had Mediaterean food and well worth the trip. Fresh food made as soon as their serving area is low. The place is clean throughout.

Photo of Joseph Beal Joseph Beal
Jan 18, 2020 4

Food was really good I just wish there were more options. There are literally only 2 types of chicken and some gyro meat strips. The quality in my opinion was good. I liked the falafel seemed good to me. It seemed like for the price it should be more options like sitar in Durham.

Photo of Kevin Mann Kevin Mann
Jan 15, 2020 5

Love this spot for lunch during the work week. The food is utterly delicious. The chicken and gyro meat are always tender and moist, the hummus and tzatziki are delicious, the balsamic salad dressing is homemade and amazing, and the falafel is always crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. To top it all off, the people behind the counter are always friendly.

Photo of Bern C Bern C
Dec 30, 2019 5

This is an amazing little spot! You can pay by the pound if you want to do take-out, but I recommend eating-in (which is buffet). The buffet has a great selection of salad, meats, and different Mediterranean dishes (including desserts). Everything is cooked in small batches and the food is always fresh and delicious. I have come back here at least every other week and I work 35 minutes away. The owners are super nice too! At about ~$13 for lunch, this is a great value!

Photo of Shawn Masters Shawn Masters
Dec 7, 2019 5

Google recommended this place along our route, and we are so glad it did. We were just going to get a quick bite, but saw the buffet and changed our minds. There was an excellent choice of salads, vegetables and meats. If we hadn't been on our way to a holiday party later that day we might have stayed longer and ate more. I'll be looking for other times I'm passing that way and am hungry.

Photo of Chris Love Chris Love
Nov 11, 2019 5

Hands down best Mediterranean buffet in the triangle. Small, no frills spot. Family owned. They keep fresh food out al day. They don’t skimp and have things out like feta cheese, taziki, and gyro meat. A++++

Photo of Ethan Jarrell Ethan Jarrell
Nov 12, 2019 5

Great food. Compared to other local Mediterranean options, Falafel 54 has generally a higher quality of food. The atmosphere isn't quite as fancy. ( their food is served with paper plates and plasticware ). That being said, the food tastes better than other alternatives. So if you like atmosphere, go somewhere else. If you like good Mediterranean food, this is for you.

Photo of cherie mcgee cherie mcgee
Oct 22, 2019 5

My 1st time there. I went in expecting to get a chicken gyro when i saw the buffet line, so i got curry chicken, chick peas, green beans & rice w/ naan bread & it was delicious. The chicken was perfectly cooked. Im definitely going back again

Photo of Brad B Brad B
Aug 16, 2019 4

Small but fresh all-you-can-eat buffet for$12, or make one to go and pay by the pound... about $10. Nothing fancy about this place, but the food is very good.

Photo of Jessica Gulledge Jessica Gulledge
Sep 3, 2019 5

I am obsessed with this place. It is a mix of Mediterranean and Indian and the flavors are amazing. Great vegetarian options and the Baklava is THE BEST!

Photo of Warren Harding Warren Harding
Oct 19, 2019 4

The buffet includes make your own Gyros, spicy chicken breast, two types of hummus, salads and wonderful baklava. Seniors get a dollar off. Or get a $7 lunch plate. Always good.

Photo of Spencer Downs Spencer Downs
Sep 19, 2019 5

The buffet here is very delicious. My favorite things were the Curry Chicken (which was very tender) and the Gyro Lamb. The staff here is super friendly. I would definitely recommend this place. I'm sure we will be back here again next time we are in the area.

Photo of Boilermaker Devil Boilermaker Devil
Jul 6, 2019 5

Five words: all-you-can-eat baklava. Need I say more?!? Who’s even heard of that?! Yet, that isn’t all, there is amazing hummus, delicious falafel (the namesake dish), and so many other tasty Mediterranean dishes. We just love this place! Buffet for lunch or dinner, too.

Photo of Travis Worthington Travis Worthington
Jun 18, 2019 5

The food here is amazing. Very nice staff

Photo of Zachary Goldman Zachary Goldman
Feb 7, 2019 5

I eat here at least once a week. Great authentic food at a very reasonable price. The business model is unique: buffet style with a made to order menu. Wide variety of eat in and take out options. Excellent customer service.

Photo of Jim French Jim French
May 20, 2019 5

Great food at a good price. All you can eat. I couldn't stop...

Photo of Mark Easley Mark Easley
May 18, 2019 5

Nice little lunch buffet spot. Jalapeno hummus is great. On friday they close at 6 so you can get an early dinner there if you want. Grab and go offered as well.

Photo of Sami Shoaibi Sami Shoaibi
Jun 17, 2019 4

Good buffet except the gyro which was too fatty. I didn't understand what was going on till I saw what people were doing. There was menu and no indication how things worked including the price $12. Also they need to hire more cooks to keep up with the lunch crowd.

Photo of Catherine Bhattachar Catherine Bhattachar
Apr 15, 2022 3

The falafel was great! It's weird that the employees serve out of the same space as people take their own food from the buffet. They don't make their own pita - it comes in bags. The place had a weird smell, and the floor was sticky.

Photo of Jeffrey Wubbenhorst Jeffrey Wubbenhorst
Jun 23, 2021 5

Great food, easy service, decent prices. A lot of vegan options

Photo of BenJ BenJ
Jun 3, 2022 5

Another fantastic Mediterranean food restaurant in the area! Love the spices, would definitely eat here again!

Photo of James Davoli James Davoli
Jun 8, 2022 5

Hidden Gem! Definitely go for the Buffet inside! The Gyro is Bomb!

Photo of Rui Chen Rui Chen
Jul 4, 2022 5

Good buffet, even very small and few choices, but very dilecious and stuffs are fresh.

Photo of Anthony Altemara Anthony Altemara
Jul 20, 2022 4

Very good falafel wrap, though I would have liked more tzatziki sauce.

Photo of Eamonn Fitzgerald Eamonn Fitzgerald
Aug 9, 2022 5

Extremely kind and helpful staff, delicious food, and a homey atmosphere. One of my favorite restaurants and a hidden gem.

Photo of Mehvish Qayam Mehvish Qayam
Jul 31, 2022 5

We ordered a few items from this restaurant and they were all delicious and even looked very tasty.

Photo of Burnes Ray Burnes Ray
Aug 1, 2022 5

Great mom and pop restaurant for everyone, really good food and very reasonable prices

Photo of Blanca Arantxa Blanca Arantxa
Aug 19, 2022 5

Delicious and fresh food, plus friendly staff. Love this place for lunch.

Photo of zack702 zack702
Sep 1, 2022 5

Really good food. Order a meal or, Buffet also! The space isn't huge but it wasn't crowded when I went for lunch. Food was top notch. Tea was crisp and clean tasting. Buffet wasn't massive but the chef kept it hot and fresh and very delicious. 5 stars from me.