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Falafel 54


2105 NC-54
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 237-1635
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Photo of Tania Poo Tania Poo
Dec 19, 2022 5

I really like Mediterranean food, and in fact I already had a favorite place to eat. I had never been to Falafel 54, but it was close, I was starving and decided to go inside. From the outside the place is not so attractive, so I did not make many expectations. The person who takes the orders explained to me that there are 3 ways to order: à la carte, buffet or by weight (obviously they are different prices). I ordered the buffet so I could try a little bit of everything. Everything was delicious!!! There wasn't one thing I didn't like. Also, Gerardo (the person who attended us) was very nice and friendly. Without a doubt Falafel 54 is my favorite place for Mediterranean food.

Photo of Yolanda Ray Yolanda Ray
Sep 26, 2022 4

This was my very first time eating here and it was good! I got the buffet to go and everything was great. I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and try things I normally would not. I’m excited to return.

Photo of zack702 zack702
Sep 1, 2022 5

Really good food. Order a meal or, Buffet also! The space isn't huge but it wasn't crowded when I went for lunch. Food was top notch. Tea was crisp and clean tasting. Buffet wasn't massive but the chef kept it hot and fresh and very delicious. 5 stars from me.

Photo of Blanca Arantxa Blanca Arantxa
Aug 19, 2022 5

Delicious and fresh food, plus friendly staff. Love this place for lunch.

Photo of Eamonn Fitzgerald Eamonn Fitzgerald
Aug 9, 2022 5

Extremely kind and helpful staff, delicious food, and a homey atmosphere. One of my favorite restaurants and a hidden gem.

Photo of Burnes Ray Burnes Ray
Aug 1, 2022 5

Great mom and pop restaurant for everyone, really good food and very reasonable prices

Photo of Mehvish Qayam Mehvish Qayam
Jul 31, 2022 5

We ordered a few items from this restaurant and they were all delicious and even looked very tasty.

Photo of Anthony Altemara Anthony Altemara
Jul 20, 2022 4

Very good falafel wrap, though I would have liked more tzatziki sauce.

Photo of Rui Chen Rui Chen
Jul 4, 2022 5

Good buffet, even very small and few choices, but very dilecious and stuffs are fresh.

Photo of James Davoli James Davoli
Jun 8, 2022 5

Hidden Gem! Definitely go for the Buffet inside! The Gyro is Bomb!

Photo of BenJ BenJ
Jun 3, 2022 5

Another fantastic Mediterranean food restaurant in the area! Love the spices, would definitely eat here again!