Fairview Dining Room


3001 Cameron Blvd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 493-6699
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Fairview Dining Room

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Photo of Abdul Kader Abdul Kader
Sep 14, 2018 5

Excellent place and service for brunch. I had my family there yesterday and they were not busy. The $26 brunch very reasonable for the brunch with a vast array of dessert selection and expresso. Food was great-crab cakes, salmon and pan cakes. Steak was good. Overall, I would go back with a piano playing give you a perfect English manor house feel.

Photo of R D R D
Dec 22, 2018 5

Great experience! Fantastic service, quality ingredients and great ambiance.5/5.

Photo of L St L St
Dec 8, 2018 1

The worst risotto I've had. For a $110 meal, it was nothing special. I didn't even eat my food and the server never cared to ask how it was. Very disappointing date night. We decided to leave and go somewhere better for dessert.

Photo of Bradley Buehler Bradley Buehler
Nov 8, 2018 5

Oh Wow! One of the best restaurants in NC! Wine list is deep and stocked with rare finds. My group was enthralled with the Zin from Turley. Menu changes routinely, but don’t miss the corn chowder, a staple house specialty. Enjoyed a sublime dish of risotto with chanterelles; frankly words don’t do the dish justice. Staff is professional and helpful.If you are in the area you must visit. This restaurant and Inn is worth the trip. If you don’t, it is your loss.

Photo of roberta weinman roberta weinman
Nov 10, 2017 1

I have eaten lunch at The Fairview Dining Room for many years. In the past year, both the food and the service have gone downhill. Food is either not cooked as requested or the wrong food is brought to the table! As an example, the last time I and a friend had lunch at the restaurant, we both ordered salmon well-done. My friend's salmon was undercooked (which can be a health hazard), and mine was practically nonexistent (a very small piece). The second time the salmon was brought to our table, it was still undercooked for my friend, although mine was the proper size this time. The kitchen finally got it right the third time. Our reservation was for noon. We got to eat lunch one hour later. In addition, the server never came to our table to replenish water and only came at the end to see if I needed hot water for my tea. Not one staff person, including management, offered to compensate us for awful experience.In the past, wrong dishes were brought to the table, and the service was just as poor.When sitting anywhere near the windows, there are also flies. We have had to swat away flies every time we sit in a certain section of the restaurant, which leads to a concern that the restaurant is not very sanitary.I would suggest not patronizing the Fairview Dining Room. There are plenty of wonderful restaurants in both Durham and Chapel Hill, where the staff takes customer services seriously, you eat at the appropriate time from being seated, and you do not have to worry about sanitation.

Photo of Sal Panettieri Sal Panettieri
Jun 20, 2019 5

Everything was top notch. Servers, food and atmosphere. This is one of the very few classy places in the area. The best part is the covered patio area. My wife and I like to eat alafresco (in the fresh air) and on a beautiful Wed. night (our wedding anniversary) we were the only ones dining on the patio. When we made the reservation we requested the patio, but they couldn’t guarantee it because of a special event that night. We sat at a quiet corner patio table only seeing a few fellow patrons. We walked around the restaurant and found it noisy. If you want a romantic date night call ahead ask when is a good time and date. Request the patio and tell them if it is a especial occasion for you, we received a free dessert, because we mentioned our anniversary.