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Escape on Purpose


7072 NC-751
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 244-4887
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Photo of Zims Brew Zims Brew
Mar 18, 2019 5

Fun and engaging. Their rooms are well thought out and well maintained. The staff is friendly and helpful. One of the best escape room providers in the area. As you arrive you will get registered in their lobby. We loved the fact that they have a very friendly lobby dog their to great you. Once registered, your host will take you to your room and provide you with the details needed to start your hour long journey. The rooms are well maintained and I have yet to find a mechanism that isn't in proper working order. If you need help along the way, simply wave at one of the cameras and your host will flash a clue on the TV screen to get your team back on course. You have a total of 1 hour to get out of the room, but you can also try for a faster time to set a record for that escape room. Once you're done, you come out and discuss your experience with the host and take team pictures. They have 3 rooms to choose from, we have so far done 2 of the 3. I highly recommend reaching out and booking a time.

Photo of Richard Mihans Richard Mihans
Jun 8, 2019 5

We had a wonderful time and solved the final mystery with seconds remaining! The staff was courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly! And they have a house dog who is precious! Will come back.

Photo of Tom Grennell Tom Grennell
Apr 8, 2019 5

The most incredible escape room I've ever seen! My girlfriend took me here for our anniversary and we played the Uncommon Room and couldn't have had a better time! The room was well-themed, a ton of fun, a perfect difficulty level, and endlessly fascinating! And the owner is fantastic too! We can't wait to come again!

Photo of Peter Clark Peter Clark
Jun 9, 2019 5

OMG! This place is wonderful from start to finish! The folks who run Escape on Purpose are not only purposeful with donating a portion of your ticket to the charity of your choice (from their list) but also in that they want you to have a good time while you're there. I cannot recommend Escape on Purpose more strongly! We will go back and try the other two rooms soon!

Photo of Carlos Vargas Carlos Vargas
Mar 23, 2019 5

I am so glad I had to opportunity to do two different rooms here at escape on purpose. The owner Howard was out game master and was super nice. As someone who does a lot of different rooms these are probably some of the best rooms! Would definitely come back. Plus the fact that some of the profits go to charity is a huge positive in my book!

Photo of Kristopher Lukas Kristopher Lukas
Aug 4, 2019 5

I had an amazing experience here! The staff is super friendly, the rooms were rewarding with their challenges, and there are two dogs!!! And just when you thought this place had it all, they also donate a portion of your fee to the charity of your choice, allowing you to have fun and give back to your community at the same time. I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to have fun and make some great memories.

Photo of Ashley McClain-Oliver Ashley McClain-Oliver
Aug 5, 2019 5

They put so much thought into their rooms and they are the friendliest couple! I’ve been too many escape rooms and this one definitely changes how I will look for clues. Highly recommend!

Photo of Nicholas Naimo Nicholas Naimo
Sep 7, 2019 5

From the very beginning the Nancy and Howard are very welcoming and friendly. They want you to have a great and fun experience and really made it happen for us. We did the airplane. The room had many locks and problem solving (both really fun and simply to some which required a little wit, time and patience to solve) which made it great for different personalities to tackle each. The room was well planned where it all flowed instead of feeling scattered without reason. There were 4 of us and we got out with 54 seconds left. Their two dogs were there top greet us when we opened thre door (love them). We will 100% come back for the other rooms.

Photo of Rachel Nisbet Rachel Nisbet
Sep 20, 2019 5

The owners were incredibly kind! The rooms were all very unique and engaging. I was nervous at first, but it ended up being so much fun!

Photo of Megan Raley Megan Raley
Nov 9, 2019 5

Had a great time, and in particular enjoyed the themes! Family-friendly/no "scary" scenarios. We're experienced escapers and had a fun time in the mascot room with just the 2 of us. Very charming owners, with a fuzzy friend in the lobby to greet us :) We'll definitely return!

Photo of CF Myers CF Myers
Sep 20, 2019 5

Escape on Purpose was the first escape room I participated in. There were multiple rooms/plots to choose from. All rooms were well laid out and the scenarios were interesting/engaging and challenging. The place was clean and the staff was nice. Based on the positive experience I had, I have taken co-workers to Escape on Purpose as a team building exercise. I highly recommend Escape on Purpose!

Photo of Ernesto Corral Ernesto Corral
Nov 11, 2019 5

Fantastic experience! Great staff, great doggie and unique. Did the uncommon room which was "magical" and his difficult enough for a first timer. Thoroughly enjoyed!

Photo of Ken Amelio Ken Amelio
Oct 28, 2019 5

Airplane room was a great challenge level with fair challenges that works well with a larger group. We solved with three hints, but all hints were for fair challenges we had overlooked due to our own fault. Fun experience for our group of 10.

Photo of Stacy Kozlowski Stacy Kozlowski
Jan 3, 2020 5

We went with some friends and absolutely loved it! I LOVE dogs, so for escape on purpose to have two lobby dogs, I was very happy! The escape room was fun and challenging and overall the experience was amazing! I’ve done a couple escape rooms before, but this was my hands down favorite!

Photo of jackie henney jackie henney
Jan 25, 2020 5

We have done many escape rooms but this was our first time at this location and we were so pleased. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by the sweetest pup and the nicest staff. We didn’t have a wait, but if you did there is plenty to do to keep you entertained. We did the airplane room and the set up was absolutely amazing. Unlike other escape rooms that we’ve been to, there were so many clues and puzzles that kept us both very busy. No waiting for one person to solve a single clue before you could move on. There were only two of us, but it would definitely be fun as a group. We can’t wait to go back and try the other rooms!!!

Photo of Cherise McManus Cherise McManus
Jan 25, 2020 5

Great place! My group and I did the airplane escape. The staff was nice and the steps to escaping was thought provoking. Will definitely go back.

Photo of Grace Ring Grace Ring
Feb 16, 2020 5

We had an absolutely amazing experience here! Not only we were greeted by friendly dogs but the staff was amazing and super helpful! I love the fact that they give back to charity as well. We will definitely be going back to try the other rooms 😊

Photo of Maggie H Maggie H
Feb 21, 2020 5

Really excellent escape room, with clever clues and interesting electronic gadgetry. The owner was very nice and talked with us about it for some time after, as we are somewhat geeky and had a bunch of questions about the technical wizardry. He mentioned a spaceship room coming in April that we'll definitely check out!

Photo of Molly Lioness Molly Lioness
Feb 22, 2020 5

My friends and I did the Uncommon Room escape last night and we had an absolute blast! The owners were super friendly and their pups were just precious! It was our first escape room and it was challenging but very rewarding; we couldn’t stop talking about it all night. Lots of great puzzles, fully immersive and surprising room and LOTS of laughs with friends. We can’t wait to try another room!

Photo of Sarah Durden Sarah Durden
Apr 13, 2019 5

I never review anything but this place deserves it. The owners are so Sweet! They crafted the rooms themselves and I can't explain how well made they were. Some of our puzzles were even custom made for us. 10/10. My favorite rooms I've ever been to.

Photo of Christy Beam Christy Beam
Oct 7, 2018 5

Husband & I had a blast doing the airplane room. The owners are super nice and friendly and their doggy assistants are adorable!