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Enzo's Pizza Co.


2608 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 309-3696
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Photo of Chris Vaughan Chris Vaughan
Oct 21, 2022 4

We love this place, best pizza around, truly - local or big chain pizza places. My only complaint is with the online ordering. The process is easy, but the time estimates never seem to be right. If it says 20 minutes it's 30 minutes or more, typically. But if it says an hour, it seems like it's way faster. We got pizza tonight that was supposed to take an hour to make and I got there five minutes later, only to take home cold pizza that had apparently been ready for probably 30 minutes before I got there. Usually I love getting food early, but not when I expect it ready later and show up long after it's prepared. The service is great and staff are generally friendly, just frustrated with the time estimates is all.

Sep 29, 2022 5

The wings were baked but still good. The Loaded Pep and Cheese pizza fulfills my homesickness. Very good.

Photo of Free Rein Riders Free Rein Riders
Sep 27, 2022 5

This is our go to on our last 3 trips to Duke. Pizza is amazing, light on sauce but big on toppings with the speciality pizzas. Wings are the biggest we’ve seen! Where do they get those?! Garlic Parmesan is a little bland but still good and mild buffalo is a favorite. Homemade ranch or blue cheese in the big cups for those big wings. They do it right!

Photo of Sharise Jones Sharise Jones
Sep 9, 2022 5

I love Enzo's pizza!! They never disappoint! Depending on when you plan to visit, you may want to order online for quicker service, especially during weekly lunch hour. I've tried many variations, but their Bruschetta pizza is my favorite! I always ask for my crust to be well done.

Photo of Will Will
Aug 24, 2022 5

Absolutely amazing pizza and the 8 inch pizzas are a great cheap option. Even though this is a pizza place, Enzo's has some of the best wings I've ever tasted. The wings are fall off the bone tender but still have that nice crispy skin.

Photo of Boyang Hu Boyang Hu
Jul 28, 2022 5

Really good local pizza place. Have taken out on multiple occasions Taste and quality of base/dough are great, nice and soft, yet also has a tasty chewy toughness. Food review: Chicken BBQ - 8.5/10: I love the flavour on this, chicken, bbq, pineapple, bacon. Tastes great and a lot of my friends have expressed the same when ordered for a party. Plenty of people asked where I got it from. My personal favourite Bruschetta - 7.5/10: if you like tangy veggie pizzas like me, you’ll like this. It’s like a nice margarita with tangy tomato salad and basil Enzo’s bomber - 8/10: house special pizza with marinara and beef meatballs, what’s not to like? Veg out - 8/10: I like veggies and this one is loaded with tons of veggies. Well put together and has Enzo’s house red sauce Overall: probably my favourite pizza place in the Triangle area

Photo of Yared Zuniga Yared Zuniga
Jul 23, 2022 5

We always order pizza. And is really good. No complaints, we are definitely coming back.

Photo of Taryn H Taryn H
Jun 17, 2022 5

Our go to for pizza in Durham. Great selection of pizzas. We enjoy the Rustic Pizza and Hot Honey Pizza the most!

Photo of Amanda Brinson Amanda Brinson
Jun 7, 2022 5

Enzos had amazing customer service! They are truly there to please! The food was equally as awesome! Definitely the place to stop in Durham! Wings, pizza and dessert, loved it! Will stop next trip.

Photo of Ski Kat Ski Kat
Apr 13, 2022 3

Our 14 in. classic pizza was again undercooked (as it is every 2 out of 3 rimes). Despite my always leaving specific instructions for pie slices, the restaurant our the pizza into squares (once every three or four orders). Are their young employees unable to pay sufficient to cook and cut simple pizzas properly?! Fortunately, the pizza is tasty, otherwise we would have blown this place off long ago!