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Enzo's Pizza Co.


2608 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 309-3696
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Photo of Morgan Stead Morgan Stead
May 17, 2019 5

Great specialty pizza. My favorite is probably the Black & Blue pizza but they have lots of great quality toppings to choose from. They might take a little longer to deliver sometimes, but it's worth it.

Photo of Anthony Wilborn Anthony Wilborn
May 12, 2019 5

Strong contender for best pizza in the city. Great crust and sauce, so much cheese that most places would consider it "extra cheese". Mushroom+banana pepper+Jalapenos, you're welcome.

Photo of Ian Wallace Ian Wallace
May 13, 2019 5

I feel like this is the only pizza worth a damn anymore. Go look at my credit card statements: there’s not a single order from another pizza place anywhere to be found. The last time I ate a pizza from somewhere else it was forced upon me by my office. Nothing makes me happier than to send an online order, grab a large double-sided pizza and an order of Cinna-Zo’s and relax after a hard day at work. Don’t bother with those other pizza places. This is all you need.

Photo of Mike Natchie Mike Natchie
Jun 9, 2019 4

Outstanding all around. Decently priced

Photo of Bruce Barker Bruce Barker
Jun 12, 2019 5

Awsome pizza if u go to durrum n.c I highly recommend it.you will love it

Photo of Gian Marco Sorarù Gian Marco Sorarù
Jul 6, 2019 5

Very good Pizza. I ordered a 12 inch for 2 people and it was very satisfying. The Jumbo Wings are also very good, BBQ and Garlic Parmesan are the best. Overall, satisfied will definitely go back

Photo of Osmar Soto Osmar Soto
Jun 21, 2019 3

The food was okay, nothing special. The dough was good I would say, but not worth the 20 minutes wait. They got my friend order wrong but didn't make a big deal out of it, so for first impression they fluked.

Photo of C Me C Me
Jun 21, 2019 4

The Tres Amigos pizza is evvvvvverything!!! Back for it a second time...if you try this pizza try it with lime! O my goodness.. delicious!!

Photo of M McMurphy M McMurphy
Aug 25, 2019 5

Truly a business where they go out of their way to provide customers with an exemplary experience. The pizza is delicious and the staff from the delivery personnel to the managers are amazing - they are kind, understanding, and go not just the extra mile, an extra 100 miles is more like it to get pizza to a customer. Unbelievably wonderful!!! Thank you so much for being who you are - I know it comes from the top down.

Photo of Kendra L. Smith Kendra L. Smith
Aug 15, 2019 4

Great food and service. The ceasar salad was great. Enjoyed the pizza. Will definitely be back.

Photo of Angela Munford Angela Munford
Oct 4, 2019 5

Pizza sauce is not overly zesty or overly sweet. Good balance. Lots of pepperoni and the crust is nicely baked and just thick enough to hold all the cheese & toppings. My family loves this pizza!

Photo of Jeremy Young Jeremy Young
Dec 12, 2019 5

This restaurant is my favored. I visit many restaurants but to this one I keep coming back again and again. The crew is very welcoming and the cuisine they cook is so fresh and tasty. I am always happy to have a good dinner here. Highly recommended.

Photo of Johnovan Cooper Johnovan Cooper
Dec 30, 2019 5

The Best Pizza Ever.... Dang My Lady instantly called The Heater her favorite pizza! We've tried six different kinds so far. We love this place and have recommended it to four friends so far. They love it too!!!!

Photo of Michael Slack Michael Slack
Dec 28, 2019 5

I simply like their food. I always get great customer service there. The place is well organised and the workers are always super friendly. Will visit here again.

Photo of Raquicia Reams Raquicia Reams
Feb 7, 2020 4

Trainee at the front was so sweet! The manager brought my food out to me personally so that his staff could focus on closing up. There were a few dirty tables, but I suspect that I walked in after a dinner rush. Toppings were flavorful and plentiful. Crust was a bit limp for my taste, but I feel comfortable going back.

Photo of Paul Howell Paul Howell
Feb 12, 2020 5

The pizza is always amazing. The pizzas are creative and tantalize your palate with a full flavor profile with excellent ingredients that are definitely fresh. Service is always friendly and welcoming. Salads and chicken wings are also solid winners in my book too.

Photo of Gage Tolar Gage Tolar
Mar 4, 2020 5

They have the best buffalo chicken pizza! The usually are busy but the wait is well worth it. They move through the orders efficiently and accurately.

Photo of C Price C Price
Feb 1, 2020 4

I love Enzos. I only gave it 4 stars because I have never ate in. I always get the Tres Amigos pizza (I think that's the name) and mild wings because they are spicy enough for me. I would definitely recommend you give them a try. I wish they were closer but always a nice treat compared to the usual pizza delivery place.

Photo of Shey Sanderlin Shey Sanderlin
Mar 20, 2020 5

So I am plant based due to allergies. I’ve came to this lovely location twice and received excellent customer service. The manager Debbie is very nice and patient. I love love the veggie out (no cheese). They used olive oil on my cinnamon knots, instead of butter. They tasted amazing. My family and I will make a special trip every month to this location. 😌

Photo of Will Sutton Will Sutton
Apr 28, 2020 4

I had never eaten there until my company ordered lunch recently. I appreciate you for staying open and weathering this pandemic and being safe. Back to the food..mmmmmmm the pizza (Buffalo Chicken) was delicious and plenty for one person so kudos!!!

Photo of Kaitlin Saxton Kaitlin Saxton
Mar 24, 2020 3

The pizza is good but it's probably best if you order in store to have the best chance of getting what you ordered in a timely manner. I like the pizza, but our last two orders have been mishandled. On one occasion they accidentally skipped over making our pizza despite our order showing up in the system and we waited an extra 30 minutes past when we scheduled to pick up our pizza so they could make it. They did compensate us with free cinnamon bread so we decided to keep coming to Enzos. Then the next time we ordered they gave our pizza to another customer and we received theirs, so we had to get them swapped out and remade.