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Empower Personalized Fitness


3211 Shannon Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 401-8024
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Photo of Emily Antoszyk Emily Antoszyk
Sep 28, 2023 5

Marques is the absolute best! I felt like I was decently fit when I began my sessions with my friend about a year and a half ago, but he continually finds new ways to challenge my strength, balance, and form; he’s no drill sergeant but he also won’t let you slack, which is a great combo for a coach. Since working with Marques, I’m more confident in my ability to lift heavier and have a better understanding of how to position myself to prevent injury. Thanks for making working out fun, Marques!

Photo of Laurie Millar Laurie Millar
Sep 25, 2023 5

My husband, Bob, and I have been coming to Empower for over 7 years. The trainers are the big draw. We are both tennis players and currently working with Marques. He does a great job of keeping us fit so we can excel at what we enjoy doing. On those rare occasions when we overdo, Marques is also great at working with us to get us back on track. We both highly recommend Empower to anyone interested in getting and staying fit for life, whatever your interests!

Photo of Heather Bennett Heather Bennett
Sep 23, 2023 5

Going to Empower makes working out fun! The staff is so warm, friendly, and welcoming, so there isn’t the “intimidation” that can happen at other facilities. The studio is immaculately clean and well laid out so always room for everyone. Special shout out to Blaine Warren who keeps my workouts fresh and energizing. He is a true professional and expert in the field. Blaine knows just how hard to push me to get results and is a terrific motivator. I can’t recommend Empower highly enough!

Photo of Lorie Laroe Lorie Laroe
Sep 15, 2023 5

Empower has become my new happy place and with the help of my trainer Chris. I have lost almost 30 pounds and gained a lot of muscle. But the best part is with their help I've gotten my health back. Before I started training at Empower I could barely walk to my neighbors house. Now I am doing 5k's and all my medical numbers have improved drastically. With Empower I have made health and fitness my new lifestyle!!!!! 100% recommend.

Photo of Olivia Tomasiello Olivia Tomasiello
Sep 15, 2023 5

I cannot say enough good things about working with Chris P. at Empower. I began working with Chris right before getting pregnant and largely credit working with him twice a week through my pregnancy for how good I felt and how healthy my pregnancy was throughout. He was so accommodating to my scheduling requests and spent time looking into exercise precautions with pregnancy which made me feel comfortable and safe continuing to work out throughout my pregnancy. Chris continuously checked in with me regarding my goals for my sessions and was able to put together fun but challenging workouts that met my needs. I can’t wait to get back to Empower and continue working with Chris!

Photo of Cambey Mikush Cambey Mikush
Sep 15, 2023 5

I'm so grateful I found this resource and even more grateful I ended up with Chris as my trainer! He's been kind, patient, and encouraging while I learn to be more active and care for myself (even with three kids)! I appreciate the atmosphere at Empower - I'm easily overwhelmed in crowded gyms with people who I perceive as much more fit and confident than myself. The Empower team strikes a nice balance of between nourishing a welcome space and honoring individual needs. Thank you!

Photo of Laura R Laura R
Sep 14, 2023 5

I started working with Iman at Empower about a year before my wedding. At the time, I thought of it as a short-term commitment to help me look my best on the big day. But that was 4 years ago and I’m still going 2-3 times a week! I feel stronger and more confident than ever. Iman continues to be a great instructor. She is knowledgeable, encouraging, and fun to work with. She listens and meets me where I am and also pushes me and holds me accountable to my goals. I appreciate the 1-1 format, the friendliness of the other trainers and clients at Empower, and the gym - it is big enough to feel spacious and keep workouts interesting, but small enough to feel approachable for any skill level. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness. It is worth the investment.

Photo of Nancy Herndon Nancy Herndon
Sep 8, 2023 5

I've been training with Marques for a year and a half now, and it is one of the best decisions I've made. He always comes up with a different routine that feels fresh and challenges all parts of the body. I especially appreciate his attention to form. I do a lot of physical work in my daily life, and knowing the right way to lift and carry is a lifesaver. Highly recommend!

Photo of Lotus Seed Meditations RJ Lisander Lotus Seed Meditations RJ Lisander
Sep 6, 2023 5

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy working with Judy! She is so knowledgeable, creates workouts that are fun and engaging while infusing them with great coaching on form. Above and beyond all that, she understands the work I need to do as a 50-something female and she encourages a mindset that allows me to embrace this age, celebrate what my body can do, and allows me to embody what it means to be strong … mind, body and spirit. If you haven’t met Judy you need to!!! Run to Empower NOW and sign up for personal training or a class with her! You will leave wanting more!!!

Photo of Lisa Long Lisa Long
Aug 30, 2023 5

I’ve been a client at Empower for about 8 months now and am so grateful to Jessica for creating this space and Judy, my trainer, for helping me feel the best I’ve felt in years. Judy has been absolutely phenomenal to work with on my journey to not just feeling but actually being healthier. Judy understands my priorities for my health and incorporates cardio, strength and resistance training, as well as barre and yoga moves all for strength, balance, flexibility, and toning. My overall health has improved since we started this journey & I genuinely feel like I’m rebuilding my body. Setting aside this time each week has not only vastly improved my physical health but has also proven so beneficial to my mental and emotional health. The workouts allow me to physically process stress and struggles. I don’t think I appreciated how detached I was from my body until I started working out with Judy. I know the cost of personal training may seem daunting to some and I feel very fortunate to be able to invest in my health now. After watching family members struggle with diabetes and heart disease I sincerely hope my investment of time and money into wellness will save me the bigger cost of illness down the road. Judy makes each session fun but challenging and in challenging me to step outside my comfort zone has empowered me (no pun intended). I really didn’t know what I was capable of physically until I started working with her & I continue to surprise myself and am gaining confidence every session. She believes in me and that has inspired me to believe in myself. The trainers at Empower are literally improving and saving lives and I’m just so grateful to have a trainer like Judy who is a partner to me on this journey. 💜

Photo of Mark Davis Mark Davis
Aug 30, 2023 5

For the past five months Empower has been a phenomenal experience for me, the entire gym has a wonderful atmosphere. All trainers are wonderful and come from diverse backgrounds. My body has made great changes in this small amount of time all thanks to Kyle. His patience and knowledge may be unmatched. Highly recommend.

Photo of Rebecca Essinger-Bosworth Rebecca Essinger-Bosworth
Aug 30, 2023 5

I have been training with Judy Raby for about a year now and it has been the most empowering and rewarding experience! Judy is inspiring and encouraging and her routines are always fresh and challenging. I have dropped inches, built muscle mass and definition but perhaps most importantly I feel strong and more confident in my own skin! I absolutely adore training with Judy AND have a great deal of respect for each of the other trainers, nearly all of whom I have also had the opportunity to train with. Each of them hold true to the deepest ideals of Empowered Personalized Fitness; to create a meaningful training experience focused on each individuals’ personal goals. An Empowered Personalized Fitness membership was a loving and thoughtful gift from my partner. BEST GIFT EVER!!!

Photo of Chelsea Tabor Chelsea Tabor
Jun 26, 2023 5

I’m so grateful for finding Empower! I was looking for a clean, professional and friendly atmosphere that was a safe space to start my fitness journey. Empower is exactly that! I was paired with Telese and it could not have been a more perfect match! Telese is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. She has customized my workouts to meet my specific goals and will always modify if needed. Telese is the real deal! We have been working together for almost a year and my body is so much stronger! Her workouts are no joke! If you are thinking about starting your personal training journey this is THE place! They have so many options to help you meet your goals - whatever they are!