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Emma Lani Massage Therapy


37 Juliette Dr
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (808) 728-1210
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Emma Lani Massage Therapy

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Photo of Janet McNamara Janet McNamara
Oct 20, 2018 5

Emma provides a great massage. I prefer deep tissue massage for 90 minutes. She is as strong at the end as she is at the beginning. It's wonderful to feel a tight knot release as she applies consistent pressure for as long as it takes for that to happen. I have had home visits as well as office visits. She is professional, calm and likes to educate her clients. I highly recommend Emma!

Photo of Leilani Barry Leilani Barry
Jan 20, 2019 5

I have chronic neck and shoulder pain from poor posture. Emma relieved so much tension in a 90 minute session. She was very knowledgeable and professional and found many points of tension I didn't even know I had until I felt her working hard to reduce them. She even advised me on how I can improve my posture and relieve/prevent muscle tension. :)

Photo of Andrew Montgomery Andrew Montgomery
Oct 21, 2018 5

I have numerous car accidents which have included numbness and neuropathy from hematomas on my left leg and nerve damage in addition to diabetes. Through her excellent skills, Emma managed to get through the mainstay of it, returning feeling to my leg to the point where only the top part is numb now, instead of the whole leg. After a few treatments, she managed to remove the pins and needles feelings in my hands and feet, to the point where circulation was restored. I must highly recommend her skills for diabetics seeking relief from injuries or neuropathy.

Photo of Rob Dejournett Rob Dejournett
Oct 26, 2018 5