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El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant


3404 Westgate Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 402-9190
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Photo of George Mcghee George Mcghee
Oct 21, 2023 5

Couldn't figure out what to order. Everything looked so good. Had the waitress surprise me. 10/10 No Ragrets!

Photo of Valerie-real-estate-agent Trustable-in Raleigh-Cary Valerie-real-estate-agent Trustable-in Raleigh-Cary
Oct 8, 2023 5

Ordered salad and a dish. Very yummy. For leftover, the waiter brought a nice neat aluminum container. Love it. Great atmosphere. Plenty of parking lots.

Photo of C Me C Me
Sep 27, 2023 3

Food is hit or miss. When it's good ..it's good and when it's not.. it's not. This place used to be amazing but like so many others...things have gone downhill. I would go back and hopefully catch them on the good day.

Photo of Ma Lu Ma Lu
Sep 4, 2023 5

The food never disappoints! They serve big portions, the waitresses was attentive, kept bringing refills, asking is everything was okay.

Photo of Jymmi Taylor Jymmi Taylor
Aug 26, 2023 5

My friend turned me on to this place. I didn't know what to expect, but I was definitely impressed. The foid was amazing! Especially the rice and beans ( I love rice and beans). And the dish I chose was hands down delicious 😋 Check out the pics, I promise it’s as good as it looks! Enjoyed!

Photo of Lisa Gonzales Lisa Gonzales
Jul 23, 2023 5

The food was excellent...reminded me of my grandma's food. My sister in-law told us the food was good so we went here while visiting from Michigan...but it was beyond good.

Photo of Catie Neilson Catie Neilson
Jul 10, 2023 5

Food was very tasty! Drinks were strong! Servers were very nice, and accommodating to a big work group

Photo of Heather Heffner Heather Heffner
Jul 9, 2023 5

This place was great! Food was very good. We go to the other one in North Durham and this is 10x's better. Worth the drive! Delicious!

Photo of Keisha Webb Keisha Webb
Jun 30, 2023 4

The drinks were good, the food was good and the service was good. Not often do I get to say that. My only thing was there was no lively music. I'm used to a Spanish vibe but other than that I enjoyed

Photo of Eric Eric
Jun 23, 2023 5

Great food, service is usually good, very nice atmosphere. If you're lucky enough to have Danielle as a server, you will be wowed. Once food is ordered, it usually takes 10 minutes of waiting at table, then num num. Afterwards, it may be siesta time once you get home.

Photo of Melissa Redick Melissa Redick
May 5, 2023 5

The food here is always so so good and made incredibly fast. The prices are good. The service is good. The whole restaurant is so big and open. The ceilings are so high so it feels so good and comfortable inside. It's really great. I've been going to El Rodeo since I was 10 and I'm so happy it's still around Durham. The cheese dip is so good and a must try everytime you go. Something about their shredded cheese that comes on the taco salad is so good too. It's so cold and freshly shredded it seems like so that's my other favorite part. Overall a great place to come with the family for dinner, or for the lunch specials. It's great.

Photo of Kendra 'Miss New Build' Coggins Kendra 'Miss New Build' Coggins
Apr 12, 2023 5

Food is always fast and good. Service is always great. I've been going here over 10 years and have never had a bad experience. Oh yes..DAILY DRINK SPECIALS!

Photo of Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson
Mar 25, 2023 5

Waiter was kinda rude in the beginning, maybe he was tired. As soon as we sat down a nice young man brought over salsa/chips, another lady came right behind with drinks. Waiter finally smiled and perked up, kudos to the Chef, food was AMAZING!!!

Photo of Ma Lu Ma Lu
Feb 18, 2023 5

The food never disappoints! They serve big portions, the waitresses was attentive, keep bringing refills, asking is everything was okay.

Photo of Shelby Bowles Shelby Bowles
Feb 7, 2023 5

The food was great and came out in a timely manner. I don't like when wait staff are constantly at your table and this was a nice happy medium of service. It didn't feel like they were always at the table but we didn't have to flag them down either. The drinks are great and reasonably priced. They do make drinks that are not on the menu though so make sure you ask if it's not on there.