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El Patron Mexican Grill


3438 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 937-9971

Google Reviews

Photo of Joseph Beal Joseph Beal
Apr 5, 2019 3

First off my waitress was excellent, my drink was never empty and that is very important to me. The food was okay. I'm picky when it comes to Mexican food and since moving to Durham I haven't found anything mind blowing. A little over priced for the quality in my opinion. I will probably not be returning to this place.

Photo of Matthew Clark Matthew Clark
Feb 1, 2019 5

The staff were extremely nice and helpful, and the food exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be going back.

Photo of Bob Baldwin Bob Baldwin
Nov 4, 2018 5

Well prepared Mexican food from a fairly standard menu. I really like their chili rellenos. Good prices on street tacos. Taco Tuesday is great. All staff there has been friendly and fun to interact with.

Photo of Brent Ingram Brent Ingram
Apr 2, 2019 5

El Patron is one of our favorite Mexican spots in Durham. They do taco Tuesdays and always have drink specials. Their street tacos from the grill are always our go to!

Photo of Dean Haz Dean Haz
Oct 19, 2018 5

My favorite thing here is the street tacos. It's a sign on the window but it's not on the menu unless you ask. They're extremely cheep and very delicious. The service here is fantastic and you get complementary chips and salsa which is always nice

Photo of Chris Kowal Chris Kowal
Jun 25, 2019 5

My go to Mexican place. Excellent Sincronizada, my lunch favorite. Service and food always very good!

Photo of Kristen Burch Kristen Burch
Jun 27, 2019 5

This was our first visit and we really enjoyed our food. The service was super-fast and excellent and food tasted great.

Photo of John Bowman John Bowman
Jul 5, 2019 5

Excellent food and generous size servings.

Photo of Robert Baldwin Robert Baldwin
Aug 7, 2019 5

One of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Durham. Their margaritas are better than most.

Photo of Arianne Leslie Arianne Leslie
Aug 20, 2019 5

Great food and great service! Will be back!

Photo of Jonna Boyda Jonna Boyda
Oct 4, 2019 5

Got the steak street tacos... really great! Chicken quesadilla was also good. The prices are reasonable and the service is quick. The closing time is wrong. They close at 10 pm, NOT 11!!!

Photo of Paul Stivers Paul Stivers
Sep 24, 2019 5

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who's into authentic Mexican food. The Ambiance is wonderful and the wait staff is very helpful. Reasonably priced food with nice sized portions.

Photo of M. Steelman M. Steelman
Sep 11, 2019 5

Very nice restaurant. Excellent service. Food was very good and large portions.

Photo of Rusty Spivey Rusty Spivey
Sep 23, 2019 5

The family wanted Mexican food after a long day at Duke hospital. The food and service were really good.

Photo of Marc Montoro Marc Montoro
Nov 16, 2019 5

Went there for lunch on a Saturday. The restaurant, specifically the kitchen, we’re very clean. They used fresh lime juice for their margaritas, accommodated the extra requests for our dishes and served food right off the grill. And the service was awesome! Worth the visit.

Photo of 祖创 祖创
Dec 23, 2019 4

The restaurant is closed from 22nd to 25th, but google stupid map doesn’t know smh

Photo of Gilberto Alicea Gilberto Alicea
Jan 24, 2020 5

Small from the outside but very roomy inside with outside patio. Decor and lighting fit well. Had the Caldo de Pollo (chicken soup) which was delicious. Daily drink specials with plenty of parking.

Photo of Laura Hayden Laura Hayden
Feb 22, 2020 5

Awesome! Never expected such quality from this little gem located in run down strip mall. Fresh delicious authentic! Best in Durham. It's not hip to look at but so good. Margarita was also fresh and delicious. So glad the Chinese restaurant across the street, our usual Saturday go to was closed.

Photo of Jimmy Goodwin Jimmy Goodwin
Jan 1, 2019 5

Really good food and excellent service. The street tacos aren't listed on the menu. You have to ask for them and they are with it.

Photo of John Morris John Morris
Sep 6, 2018 4

Cleanliness: Tables were clean as was the entire dining room area. Bathroom had been neglected a bit and smelled heavily of urine. Food preparation was taking place without gloves on, after staff had scratched their faces or wiped sweat from their foreheads. I noticed this while looking through the kitchen doors while waiting to pay my check. Service: Was awesome. Our waitress was pregnant and still working very hard to give us drink and chip refills. She was great. Quality: Your typical Mexican restaurant dishes, like fajitas that come out on a sizzling griddle, chori-pollo, shrimp tacos, etc. Not entirely authentic, but good. Price: Wonderful prices and big portions! I would say this is the best part about this place. $0.99 cent Taco Tuesdays? Incredible offer and price! I will definitely make this my local go-to Mexican restaurant.