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El Dorado Mexican Restaurant


4900 NC-55
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 361-0302
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Photo of Monica Monica
Mar 29, 2022 5

Our waitress had great customer service and was very attentive! Food was delicious! 👍 Will definitely be back!

Photo of Kim Brown Kim Brown
Mar 30, 2022 5

Friendly and fast staff. Everything I get from there has been good so far. But my go to dish, which is so yummy, has got to be those chimis.

Photo of Nicholas Griffin Nicholas Griffin
Mar 5, 2022 5

Before I moved, it was my go-to Mexican restaurant. Great food! Great service! Great prices!

Photo of Roberta Wippich Roberta Wippich
Dec 30, 2021 5

This our go-to for Mexican cuisine. The food is awesome, as is the staff. We have a favorite table, and we almost always get it. My personal favorites are fish tacos, fajitas Hawaiian, and chimichangas. Last time I tried the El Dorado dinner, beef tips in a sauce with beans, rice and a guacamole salad. I may have to add it to my list of favorites!

Photo of Michelle Hayes Michelle Hayes
Dec 8, 2021 5

Always a blast. We are from NY but whenever we are in NC visiting family we go. service is top notch. food is incredible dishes are giant sized

Photo of Randy Fitz Randy Fitz
Nov 30, 2021 5

Three words: Authentic, Delicious and Nutritious. Everything we ordered was fresh and the service was excellent. The tacos al pastor are amazing. Chips and salsa were great. Beef tacos were delicious, too. I highly recommend this place.

Photo of Ms “Bitesville” Bitesville Ms “Bitesville” Bitesville
Oct 26, 2021 5

Plenty of seating, Great distancing, employees wear mask, quick service, affordable food and tasty food !

Photo of Melissa C. Melissa C.
Oct 11, 2021 3

The service was quick, food was good(slightly above average), but couldn’t help but feel like the waitress was trying to rush us out of there as much as she could. I went on a Friday night, around at 8PM and the restaurant was not hectic or slightly busy. As much as I enjoyed the food, not sure if I will return based on the experience.

Photo of Michael Milakovic Michael Milakovic
Aug 20, 2021 5

Awesome interior, incredibly friendly staff, great food. Would recommend

Photo of beth thomas beth thomas
Jul 17, 2021 5

The food was great! Service was friendly. Family like atmosphere. I will definitely return!

Photo of Lyneve Pompey Lyneve Pompey
Jul 4, 2021 5

Food/Service is ALWAYS GREAT😋Fitting/Filling for ALL Ages!! Authentic Hispanic atmosphere is VERY calming..Could be the🥴 GENEROUS Food and Drinks tho!!

Photo of Diana Diana
Jun 30, 2021 5

We had our food delivered, and it took a little longer than I would like but the food made up for the wait time. I ordered 3 orders of shrimp tacos. They were so good. I was so happy that I finally ordered something from a restaurant that was actually good. It was fresh and the shrimp were perfectly cooked. I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking about ordering from El Dorado's Mexican Resturant. The only problem I had was the tortilla's were a little soggy. They should be separated when ordering delivery.

Photo of Kevin Toale Kevin Toale
Apr 26, 2021 5

Locally owned Mexican restaurant. Enjoyed my selection. Went off hours 4pm so it was quiet. But busy takeout. That's a Good sign. Back in town for business will go again.

Photo of Dustin Klein Dustin Klein
Mar 30, 2021 3

I'd describe this place as slightly below average quality mexican food. There was nothing spectacular or special about our meal, but nothing wrong either. The prices were very reasonable so I'll probably return and there's no reason you shouldn't check them out yourself.

Photo of katrice perry katrice perry
Mar 9, 2021 5

I love their ACP! The Togo option is enough for 2 or 3 servings.

Photo of Alan Hendricker Alan Hendricker
Feb 2, 2021 4

It's cheap Mexican. Nothing unique, nothing special. As long as that's what you're expecting, you won't be dissapointed. Value for dollar I don't think it's possible to cook for cheaper so that's good. It's 100% consistent each time, another plus. Super fast. But yeah, somehow it's best positives seem like negatives too... Update Feb 2021: open for sit down dining during pandemic. I upped my rating to 4 stars because the staff and service here is so exceptional. Always friendly and happy to have you. A true gem in that regard.

Mar 9, 2021 3

It was ok I had better. The service was good. The manager needs some work. I found something in my food no big deal but when we showed it to him he act like it was just somthing else....all I know it was not part of my food. However the food for the most part is what you pay for..

Photo of Todd Herrell Todd Herrell
Feb 4, 2021 5

Best waitress, all but 5 feet of her:) great food,great service!

Photo of Andrew Strickland Andrew Strickland
Dec 29, 2020 5

Always great! Have continued to provide great food and service during the pandemic.

Photo of David Goforth David Goforth
Dec 11, 2020 5

Absolutely love this place! Best Mexican restaurant I have ever been to around this area, with a nice price tag as well. Every other “fancy” place I’ve been to just does not hit the same quite like El Dorado, whether their service is subpar or their food is dry and tasteless, I always know that El Dorado is there waiting for me to be dazzled by their wondrous food.

Photo of Jess Sullivan Jess Sullivan
Oct 19, 2020 5

It's your typical mexican restaurant but super fast and very consistent good food. Amazing salsa makes it a 5 star review

Photo of Mike Mc (Skimmer) Mike Mc (Skimmer)
Oct 6, 2020 3

Quick service, nice bar, good food. Not great, but I'll be back. Not a first date place, but a great place to hang out with friends or family.

Photo of M Gladwell M Gladwell
Sep 13, 2020 3

My husband and I popped in for a bite and a beer early last week while waiting for an oil change at the Jiffy Lube right there. We noticed and appreciated the good service right away, from both the host who seated us and our server, they were very prompt and friendly. However I have to say this is almost the most basic and most disappointing "Mexican" or Tex-Mex restaurant I've been to, second only to The Flying Burrito in Raleigh. The queso dip with chorizo was tasty enough but was much more of a sauce than a dip, it was very runny. It also tasted a bit too much like slightly dressed up Velveeta. I know some people like that but it's not hard to make real queso dip with real cheese, which is far superior. But the most surprising and truly disappointing, to the point of just embarrassing for them (I'd hope), were the so-called "chiles rellenos". I love chiles rellenos, they're one of my favorite Mexican dishes and I almost always get them any time I go to a Mexican restaurant. So I've had a lot. These were not chiles rellenos. They weren't coated and fried, they were just baked or sauteed plain, served open with a mess of cheese and, in the case of my husband's beef one, the most unpleasant, mealy, fine and grainy, sad, grey and bland ground beef I've ever had in my life. I reminded my strongly of dog or cat food and I do not say things like that lightly. It could not have been quality meat that was also horribly cooked on top of that. If indeed they even cooked it fresh themselves, I honestly doubt it. The icing on the cake (I ended up wishing it was icing and cake...), was the sauce all over the chiles. I swear it could have been any generic, jarred pizza or pasta sauce. It was just tomato sauce, tasted just like it belonged on mediocre spaghetti. These were just the laziest, most incomplete, boring and also just confusing chiles rellenos I've ever had, by a long shot. I've never had bad ones. I don't know if other dishes are somehow better and we got unlucky but what we did have was not a remotely promising sampling of their menu, plus nothing should be that bad and weird and low quality anyway. It's not hard to make good Mexican, I really hope they step up their game even by a little. That stuff can be cheapish but still good, right now it's just cheap in the bad way and it shows, so just give them a hard pass for now. Unless you're just going in for a Modela Negra.

Photo of Faith van Beveren Faith van Beveren
Oct 4, 2020 4

Nice hospitality, everything looked great. Both of my parent's orders were delicious, but mine didn't taste so good.. That's not due to poor cooking, I just didn't like it. Slight misunderstanding with our waitress, but it should be expected since the difference in languages. Also the prices are affordable.. Overall a good place for families.... With COVID-19 though, I didn't see everyone employee with a face mask on, but I also wasn't staring at everyone in there. 😂✊🏼 Our waitress didn't have her's over her nose though.. But I can let that slide.. I'll give them a nice big 4 🌟 rating.

Photo of Erin Hite Erin Hite
Sep 15, 2020 5

Food is always great. This is a favorite local spot for lunch or dinner. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Photo of Bobbie-Jo Elwood Bobbie-Jo Elwood
Aug 25, 2020 5

Contactless delivery, online ordering, decent chain Mexican food, large portions.

Photo of AJB2226 AJB2226
Jul 30, 2020 5

Great food and extemely friendly staff. Really affordable pricing as well. Will be back soon!

Photo of Ronnie Mcmillion Ronnie Mcmillion
Oct 20, 2017 4

Really good Mexican fare. Staff was very polite and attentive. Prices were very reasonable. Would recommend this restaurant to anyone who really likes Mexican foods.

Photo of Emir Campara Emir Campara
Jul 12, 2019 5

Great food, great service and huge menu to look at varieties of mexican food items

Photo of prithivi khatri prithivi khatri
Jan 20, 2020 5

Food is very authentic and price is very reasonable . Staffs are very friendly and welcoming . I often visit there and has been never disappointed.

Photo of Jennifer Hennigan Jennifer Hennigan
Jan 14, 2020 4

The food was really good. I had chicken fajitas, and they give you a good amount. The salsa also has a nice flavor to it.

Photo of Kyle Kenyon Kyle Kenyon
Dec 18, 2019 5

Love this place, everything's delicious. Great service too - I once saw the owner dealing with an exceptionally rude customer (who was clearly a regular) and he was so calm and professional about it.

Photo of Mindy Espinoza Mindy Espinoza
Dec 10, 2019 5

Very good food. Been going here for years. Always taken care of by the staff.

Photo of Karthikeyan Pandian Karthikeyan Pandian
Dec 13, 2019 5

Food was good. We had grilled chicken, shrimps, french fries and fried ice cream. All were good. Service was excellent. 100 marks for their service.

Photo of Cynthia Haliburton Cynthia Haliburton
Dec 7, 2019 5

Modern decor and spacious seating observed. Friendly staff greets you as soon as you enter. Promptly seated and orders taken. Excellent Mexican food! Large portions so please come ready to eat. Looking forward to coming again.

Photo of Mike Joyce Mike Joyce
Nov 7, 2019 3

I used to really love this place but they stuff everything full of black beans now. I take most of them out there is a pile of them. Your burrito would be skinny if you take them out. They must be real cheap. But they ruin there burritos. A little wouldn't hurt but its ridiculous. I haven't eaten there in months, and don't plan on eating there again.

Photo of Barbara Lovelady Barbara Lovelady
Aug 21, 2019 4

Great food at a good price. Good service and Wednesday margarita specials! Not particularly cozy or up scale. Basic and beautiful.

Photo of Times Chu Times Chu
Oct 4, 2019 4

Not a bad place all things considered. The horchata was excellent, neither too syrupy or too watery, and the food was above par. Only complaints are that you only get three teeny tiny tortillas with a fajita platter, which isn't nearly enough, and that the mozzarella "cheese" given is so cheap and plasticky it barely qualifies as food. Ask for no mozzarella if you order here, because otherwise the food was lovely.

Photo of Matt Biro Matt Biro
Aug 24, 2019 5

This place has been a triangle institution since the 90s. I hang out in the Cantina bar area, bartenders are awesome. Great beer specials as well, can't go wrong here.

Photo of Richard Van Ness Richard Van Ness
Sep 9, 2019 5

We were traveling through Durham NC and found this place. The restaurant is clean. Staff is friendly. Prices are good. Food was delicious!!!

Photo of Ashley Odvody Ashley Odvody
Aug 11, 2019 5

Fast, good food, good service. A great place for large groups and families.

Photo of Dwayne Bailey Dwayne Bailey
Jul 23, 2019 3

Delicious! Well priced and friendly service too. I am editing my original post as there does seem to be some significant issues when differentiating between lunch and dinner as well as delivery. I normally go here funch lunch (in restaurant) and it is always amazing. However, I have had several issues as of late with online ordering, and my first dinner experience. I would say they were completely different restaurants.

Photo of Andrew H Andrew H
Jul 6, 2019 5

I debated what Mexican restaurant to go to as a visitor in the area. I didnt want the fake, Mexican-inspired food that is so common, I wanted authentic. I debated for over an hour, when I finally drove down... as soon as I saw the building I felt like I made the right decision. When I walked in and saw the employees I knew I made the right decision. I ordered, it was quick about 10 mins. Unfortunately I had to make another stop. When I finally got home to sit down and eat it was a bit different than I'm used to from authentic Mexican spots I've been to in CT. I thought it was gonna be soggy and nasty, but despite being more moist than I like, the deluxe burritos were very good and I cant wait to dig into the rest. Update: I got the #25. I couldnt tell the different between the two bigger things but they were good. Taco was good too. Chips were bland, salsa was ok. Chips and salsa was the weakest link but I was very satisfied with everything else

Photo of Tiago Sanchez Tiago Sanchez
Jun 13, 2019 5

Great drink special everyday! The staff is friendly cool little Mexican spot!

Photo of Reem Nouh Reem Nouh
Jun 18, 2019 4

It was good but the scenery is not appealing. The food was good and the waiters were nice.

Photo of Tamila Neal Tamila Neal
Jun 10, 2019 5

Some of the best Mexican food ever! The cheese dip had some spice to it very good. Restaurant was clean and well kept. In all a great meal!

Photo of Lee Nelson Lee Nelson
Jun 12, 2019 4

This was my first time here and I'll definitely be back! I got the Beef Chimichanga with rice that was excellent. The favor of the seasoned beef was delicious. I also got a Tamale on the side that was cooked very well, and the sauce that covered it complemented it nicely. I really liked the fact that when I asked for hot sauce, instead of giving me some generic store brand I got a squeeze bottle of homemade got sauce that actually had a little heart to it. The only reason I don't give 5 stars is because I wish the portion size would have been just a little bigger.

Photo of Dhruv Patel Dhruv Patel
May 29, 2022 4

I really enjoy this Mexican restaurant. I've been there multiple times, everytime for lunch. I mainly get the bean burrito and cheese enchilada with rice. The food is decent but I feel like it could taste better, so I'm deducting a star for that. The chips and salsa are good. Service is good too. Overall great place to eat for lunch (and presumably dinner).

Photo of GeeRochelle “G-Ro'chelle” GeeRochelle “G-Ro'chelle”
May 13, 2022 5

It's nice to be in a new area and be able to find a delicious Mexican restaurant on the first try! El Dorado! You get 5 stars from me!!