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Eastcut Sandwich Bar


3211 Old Chapel Hill Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (984) 439-1852
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Photo of Corey O'Brien Corey O'Brien
Oct 28, 2022 3

The portion size and quality of the food here was fantastic, a little more pricey than competitors but I hate to say that because the food was well worth the extra money. This restaurant is a step up from the usual sandwich shop, and I still can't believe quite how friendly and helpful all the staff were. Ordering, however, was... awkward as hell. It was based on the Toast system, which always makes me roll my eyes because there's a good Toast application on my phone that remembers your favorite orders, and your credit card information, and lets you order them super quickly... but this is supported only for take out. If you want to eat in, you have to scan a QR code and do battle with a clunky web application and menu that takes about 10 minutes longer than it would to just give your order to a human being and then it takes another seven minutes to enter your credit card information to pay for it. And it's hard to make dietary modifications to your order in the kitchen that aren't already accounted for on the menu. Sadly I don't think I'll go back since I just want to walk to a counter, order some food, get my order, and sit down and eat it. They have such helpful staff who are so good at those kinds of human interactions... what a waste.

Photo of Quinlan Gallagher Quinlan Gallagher
Oct 5, 2022 5

Great, lowkey, fast service. Plenty of unique options and none will leave you unsatisfied. Be sure to pair your sandwich with their phenomenal curly fries. Their outdoor seating is very nice as well!

Photo of Summer Semnani Summer Semnani
Sep 25, 2022 5

The excitement of finding another order by QR place! Atmosphere is great. The wide variety of places to choose where to eat is above and beyond. Plenty of outdoor seating as well as indoor. The amount of meats you get on your sandwich is worth the money. Make sure to grab a few extra napkins. You're going to need it!

Photo of Gabe Gabe
Sep 11, 2022 5

You grab your seat and order via QR code on your phone so no waiting to order. Every sandwich looks great and tastes just as good, there’s enough options to last you long enough to be ready to go back through them all again. Good customer service and a nice clean environment.

Photo of Caitlin Graham Caitlin Graham
Aug 20, 2022 5

5 stars all around! Great atmosphere, service, and easy QR code ordering from the tables. The sandwiches were amazing and the chocolate chip cookie was probably the best I’ve ever had. Will definitely be back!

Photo of Aaron Provost Aaron Provost
Jul 25, 2022 5

If you don't order a flat Turkey Sandwich without cheese, you'll likely have a better time. Maybe try a real sandwich like the Spicy Gabagool with all the goodness it's meant to come with. Amazing bread, great portions (you'll have more for later), easy pick up when ordered ahead.

Photo of Steve Earp Steve Earp
Jun 26, 2022 4

Our Sandwichs were warm but not seemed to be just made. No seating for more than four people is available inside the restaurant so our party of six had to sit outside. Fortunately for us it was not raining or too hot. Their service was a one and done for our party. We had to find our own napkins and refills are available for water and tea. Lemonade drinks of any type they serve is only for one glass at the time your order is given to you. There is some parking in front of restaurant but most is on the side or in the back. The conditions of their restrooms were unknown during this visit.