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East Coast Asian Bistro


5410 NC-55
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 806-8899
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Photo of Falling323 Falling323
Oct 5, 2019 5

Great selection of dim sum, including crispy pan fried pork dumplings, black bean sesame buns, and chicken feet. They also offer standard American Chinese dishes and traditional Chinese dishes. The food is always delicious.

Photo of Dianne Sine Dianne Sine
Sep 13, 2019 5

This place is not much to look at but don't let that stop you. The dim sum is out of this world. The mei fun was freshly made and the two girls who waited on us made us feel like royalty. The family run business is a place you can feel at home. I highly recommend stopping by for a bite. You will not be disappointed. The price is very reasonable as well.

Photo of Lester Haaz Lester Haaz
Aug 26, 2019 4

Only go here in the afternoon weekdays and not lunch time. The morning staff are a bit rough and racy to the customers who bring baby strollers. I would give this place a one star for the morning staff but the afternoon staff to closing are excellent. The good is great.

Photo of Jason Chamberlain Jason Chamberlain
Sep 16, 2019 5

This is a very authentic Chinese dim sum experience. A Chinese friend took us here and did all the ordering. I wasn't wild about the chicken feet, but I'm glad that I tried them. Yes, they have fried chicken feet. I definitely will go back here if I want a dim sum meal. Fortunately, there's also a menu with pictures so when you fill out the sheet you can what you want.

Photo of Edward Bachman Edward Bachman
Sep 2, 2019 5

The best Asian restaurant I have been to in the triangle. Fresh food and authentic options. Friendly and prompt service. I go here with my family once a month or so.

Photo of Chrissy Claypool Chrissy Claypool
Nov 3, 2019 5

Excellent cream cheese wontons and sesame chicken. I wasn’t too brave because it was my first time eating there but it looks like they have tons of options for buns and small plates. Service was a bit slow but the kids that are serving are so sweet. The bathrooms were slightly blocked because there’s a table close to the entryway. I think they need to move it because people shouldn’t have to shimmy between diners to get to the restrooms.

Photo of jaime goldberg jaime goldberg
Nov 20, 2019 5

Clean, delicious and friendly staff! Really awesome quality Chinese food.it wasn’t greasy or overly saucy. Will definitely go back!

Photo of daydayupnow . daydayupnow .
Dec 11, 2019 3

I have to say, revisited one year later it's not as good as before. We ordered a dozen dishes, only the chicken feet, BBQ rib, pork and preserved egg congee and beef tripe are satisfactory. Others just didn't taste right. Portion is small. The waitress was quite pushy, rushing us to pay the bill. When she laid down the dishes they were all on one side of the table, and she over fill the Soy sauce on the noodle it spill some on the table and she didn't wipe it clean. Not much of a service. I'd give 3 star to the food, 2 star to the service.

Photo of Jeffrey Wubbenhorst Jeffrey Wubbenhorst
Dec 28, 2019 5

Great food. Local vibe. Service was good, plan to come back. Nice for families.

Photo of Grace Itchon Grace Itchon
Jan 12, 2020 5

My first time going today. I've been craving authentic and good Chinese food. I was definitely not disappointed. The food was delicious and fresh. I am very sensitive to salty foods and a lot of restaurant food can be very salty. Their food was perfect for me. I thoroughly enjoyed eating there. I will be going back!

Photo of Sharath Pawan Sharath Pawan
May 18, 2019 5

Excellent food, especially on Saturdays where they have a cart running around and your pick your dishes off it. The shrimp dumpling, tea leaf sticky rice, taro, turnip cake were excellent! The sesame dumplings make a nice dessert! It can get busy during lunches, so beware.

Photo of katie rebich katie rebich
Apr 7, 2019 5

Absolutely delicious! Great quality and prices. Really enjoyed it. It was so wonderful that I feel compelled to actually leave a review online, which I have never done before for a restaurant. Will definitely be returning!

Photo of Christina Scales Christina Scales
Apr 5, 2019 5

I ordered take out and this place was amazing. The quality was amazing. I had the beef ribs with lemon and honey and loved it. I wish there was a larger portion but it was still great for the price. I also got the sesame rice balls. They are my new favorite. I always wanted to try them and I am in love. I love these sticky rice balls. They were the perfect crunch on the outisde and sticky on the inside.