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Early Bird Donuts


2816 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (984) 888-0417
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Photo of Sydney Fannin Sydney Fannin
Dec 23, 2023 5

Donuts are always delicious. We love that you can pick the filling for your donuts. Breakfast sandwiches are great as well. Simple but very tasty. Vietnamese coffee is always a nice change from the usual drip or ice coffees at other shops. Highly recommend. Also, the specialty donuts for Christmas were an extra special delight.

Photo of Therrick Redding Therrick Redding
Dec 17, 2023 5

Well, this place is on my new top list. This is the first time coming here. The experience was great. Great customer service. The place was clean and Dought taste great and they are huge. It was a diffently wroththe trip out this morning. So if you haven't been here yet or have been wanting to go. You should, i know we will be coming back .

Photo of Hope Bell Hope Bell
Oct 24, 2023 5

Delicious! The donuts were warm and being made in small batches so they were constantly providing fresh warm donuts. This takes a ton more time but with donuts it’s worth it! Soo good

Photo of Megs Megs
Sep 24, 2023 5

This is the best donut place I’ve ever been to! Everything is extremely fresh. The quality of the ingredients and the expertise of the recipe REALLY shine. The food is amazing and the staff are lovely people.

Photo of Aliese Sarkissian Aliese Sarkissian
Sep 20, 2023 5

Amazing fresh donuts! Finally found a close place that makes delicious yeast donuts. The salted caramel have that perfect salty/sweet combination and the filled ones are done right in front of you! Coming back again and again!

Photo of Melissa Keinan Melissa Keinan
Sep 5, 2023 5

SO YUMMY!!! it’s not called early bird for no reason, if you get there late on the weekends they may have run out of donuts! My kids love that they can choose their filling.

Photo of Emily Franey Emily Franey
Aug 8, 2023 5

I actually tried this spot the DAY I was about to move 30 minutes away from it 😂 I went early (8:30/9) since other people have noted they tend to run out of stuff and they seemed to have plenty of everything. The donuts and cinnamon bun were DELISH. The savory croissants were ok but the sausage one truly just had sausage in it and I think needed some melted cheese or something to be less dry. Also, the savory croissants did take a bit longer to make so if you’re in a rush, I’d suggest sticking to the sweet stuff!

Photo of Tim Donahue Tim Donahue
Jun 24, 2023 3

Great donuts, but more often than not, they are out of their most popular items. Sometimes they have no donuts at all. There are lots of donut places nearby, so I usually opt for a place with a little better inventory management.

Photo of Rebecca Slaughter Rebecca Slaughter
Jun 23, 2023 5

I am funny about donuts because I don’t like overly sweet confections. The cinnamon sugar donut here is the best donut I’ve ever had. Just like biting into a cloud.