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Early Bird Donuts


2816 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (984) 888-0417
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Photo of Annika Shi Annika Shi
Nov 27, 2022 5

Best donut I’ve had in the RTP area cuz they were FRESH

Photo of Blake Niva Blake Niva
Aug 20, 2022 5

To be honest these are the best donuts that I have ever had. They never scimp on the filling for them and they are always fresh and packed with flavor. They have great customer service and I would honestly recommend this place to anyone and everyone who lives in Durham.

Photo of Alan Belanger Alan Belanger
Aug 11, 2022 5

there is no donut like a raised yeast donut, and these Early Bird yeasties are the absolute bomb!! EB donuts (yeast or cake) are as good as any I have ever had! I also love that the jelly and cream filled are filled right when you buy them! Totally Awesome! I am from Southern CA - which has the best donuts in the world. The best donut shops there are almost always mom and pop shops like Early Bird Donuts.

Photo of Neisha Reynolds Neisha Reynolds
Jun 20, 2022 5

This place is great! The donuts are fresh and filled to order. The name says it all. If you come too late in the afternoon; you'll miss it. Donuts sell out early.

Photo of Ana Ehrisman Ana Ehrisman
Jun 4, 2022 5

Delicious! They use Michael's Muffins for their breakfast sandwiches and the doughnuts are to die for. The apple fritter was as big as my head. It was also very, very good.

Photo of Adam Lynch Adam Lynch
Jun 4, 2022 5

Some of the best donuts I have ever had. A new weekend treat!

Photo of Amy Sonder Amy Sonder
May 27, 2022 5

Just can't stop thinking about how lucky all of the people in the area are to have a hidden gem like Early Bird Donuts! It's a unique concept, I think, where you get to select your donut and the filling. Everything is fresh, homemade and tastes divine! I just wish I hadn't gone alone so I could have tried more flavor combinations. If I'm ever in this part of NC again, I'll be sure to grab a dozen!

Photo of B 123 B 123
May 18, 2022 5

Their donuts are actually really really good. I've had donuts from chains and mom and pop shops and these are some of the best I've ever had. Kind of strange they don't have an actual website and just a Facebook page.

Photo of L O'Dell L O'Dell
May 4, 2022 5

The donuts are absolutely delicious with lots of variety. I also got the breakfast croissant and it was just, well, too much (sloppy) and not really flavorful. But this could definitely be just a matter of taste/opinion because I saw another customer who seemed to be enjoying theirs very much!✌️ Overall... Go early and get those ridiculously delicious donuts!!

Photo of Beatrice Cherrier Beatrice Cherrier
May 1, 2022 5

Some of the best donuts in Durham, less expensive than in most other places. For some of them, you can choose your filling. All favors are delicious, and all the colleagues that I fed with donuts on mornings agreed

Photo of Alex H Alex H
Apr 24, 2022 5

Finally tried this place this weekend and so enjoyed! A classic old-school donut shop (reminded me of Daylight Donuts in Raleigh). Went at 8:30 on a Saturday morning and there was a line but it moved very quickly. We got an assorted dozen donuts to take to family and all were a hit. I especially loved the customizing of fillings. Big fan of the Apple fritter - it’s enormous! My husband tried a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit and loved it. We always enjoy Monuts and Rise, but Early Bird has a bigger donut selection and slightly better prices - definitely getting added to the regular rotation. P.S. for all the negative reviews about being sold out of donuts in the afternoon, have you never been to a bakery? Every donut shop or bakery I’ve been to in my entire life - including Rise and Monuts here in Durham - sells out of donuts (or pastries, bread, etc.). If you go an hour or two before close, there are going to be slim pickings. Everything is made fresh that morning and they INTEND to sell out before they close to ensure there’s no waste. Ridiculous to leave a bad review because you came to a bakery at the end of the day and expected a full selection.

Photo of Christopher Forbes Christopher Forbes
Mar 25, 2022 5

Outstanding donuts and coffee better than Krispy Kreme. 😀