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Durham Salt Cave


410 W Geer St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 724-9967
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Photo of Keshia money Keshia money
Nov 20, 2023 5

By far one of the best experiences that I have ever had!! We reserved the Salt Cave for our team's Wellness Retreat and were highly pleased with the experience. We were promptly greeted by Alicia who guided us through the entire process. I definitely will be back to experience the salt cave again!!

Photo of Rachel B. Rachel B.
Nov 14, 2023 5

a truly clarifying and cleansing space… the staff welcomed me, the hot stones grounded me, the vibrations of the chair and music supported me, and the halo salt therapy allowed my mind to see clearly… followed by a warming herbal tea and sweet conversation! this space is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to feel held and comforted in their own body and mind… thank you

Photo of Joshua Moody Joshua Moody
Nov 8, 2023 5

We had a wonderful experience at Durham Salt Cave! The staff was incredibly kind and went above and beyond to give us the best experience possible for our unique needs. It was a rejuvenating session that left us feeling at peace and clear minded. We had never been to a salt cave before and now we want to return again and again!

Photo of AJM AJM
Oct 28, 2023 5

I had a lovely experience at the Durham Salt Cave. I just left a toxic workplace and I have a break before starting my new job. I went to the Salt Cave with the intention of purging! Kelsey was a great guide and totally got my goal. I was able to relax and let go! I’m returning to take my friend for her birthday next month.

Photo of Evan Overton Evan Overton
Oct 10, 2023 5

Felt like 45 min was collapsed into 10 minutes. Feel completely blissed out and relaxed. Colors are more vibrant. Senses heightened. The whole experience was amazing. Go check this out!

Photo of Cindy Delaine Cindy Delaine
Sep 25, 2023 5

My visit to the salt cave was pleasant. The attendant was professional and polite. She thoroughly explained everything to my friends and I. The adjustable recliner chairs were comfortable. We we also offered a blanket each, which made the experience cozier. It was a relaxing experience!

Photo of Lauren Smith Lauren Smith
Sep 4, 2023 5

This place is amazing! The staff is so friendly and we had such a relaxing experience. We are going to make this a regular appointment for self care. I have terrible allergies and just 15 minutes into the session I was breathing more clearly than I have in a really long time! Love it here.

Photo of Graham Whitley Graham Whitley
Sep 1, 2023 5

We didn't expect binaural beats and sound healing therapy to be part of the experience, what a pleasant surprise! Simple and easy to enjoy, left us feeling grounded and sweet.. improved awareness with multiple sessions

Photo of Ashley Kitchens Ashley Kitchens
Aug 28, 2023 5

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Durham's Salt Cave and sound bath for an experience that I can only describe as truly relaxing and rejuvenating. From the moment you step into the cave, the atmosphere is peaceful, calming, and inviting. The combination of soothing music, warm lighting, and comforting temperature creates a space that is conducive to deep relaxation. The sound bath portion of the experience was particularly wonderful. The combination of gentle sounds and vibrations creates a feeling of complete tranquility. I felt so relaxed after the session that it was hard to believe how quickly time had passed! I can highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a way to release stress, relax the mind and body, or simply enjoy some quiet time. It was truly magical!

Photo of Chris Holt Chris Holt
Aug 15, 2023 5

I visited the Salt room about a week and a half post abdominal surgery. The experience was super relaxing and healing, and my surgical site appears to be healing well ahead of schedule. Highly recommend for both general relaxation and also healing from surgery etc.

Photo of Erin Hanehan Erin Hanehan
Jul 15, 2023 5

An incredible experience. Healing, powerful, relaxing, comfortable, beautiful. Every detail is considered & excited with care. This is a must do in Durham!

Photo of Danielle S Danielle S
Jul 2, 2023 5

We absolutely loved our experience! It was a group who requested a last minute appointment and Bruce was so accommodating! It was so beautiful and peaceful & we will definitely be back!

Photo of Nikki Nicole Nikki Nicole
Jun 6, 2023 4

This was a nice experience, the hot stones were my favorite part. I did expect the room to have more, I felt like something was missing.

Photo of Rita D Rita D
May 18, 2023 5

An exceptional and restorative experience! Owners are incredibly friendly and warm. The halo therapy and sound therapy, the beauty of the space all work together to provide deep rest and restorative peace. A great reset. We will be back...with friends!

Photo of Joey Dadass Joey Dadass
May 12, 2023 5

This place is a wonderful escape from day to day grind in “the real world” Bruce and Aubrey made me feel very safe and at home. The salt cave is the best salt room I have ever experienced, the lights, the music, the chairs, weighted blankets were all such a treat. With this level of relaxation I almost fell asleep several times. 10/10 would recommend and visit again. Thank you 🙏😊

Photo of Owen Dodge Owen Dodge
Apr 17, 2023 5

Wonderful space to de-stress and breathe easy. We had a great time there. Truly a refuge to take a 45 minute reset on the edge of Durham. Wonderful, inspired owners too.

Photo of Morgan Siem Morgan Siem
Feb 6, 2023 5

Deep nourishment for the body and spirit. Few things could be more needed! Beautiful, peaceful space and a heartfelt welcome from Aubrey and Bruce who were working on the day when we came in. Thank you so much. What a blessing

Photo of Heather Travis Heather Travis
Dec 31, 2022 5

A truly unique experience to rejuvenate your whole being. The atmosphere was cultivated to create an oasis in the middle of the city to allow you to be a state to be receptive of all of the benefits available to you. We did the Salt Suite. From the warm welcome, the easy flow and peaceful guided intention, to the immersive experience that took us on a restorative journey back to ourselves after the stress of the holidays. Highly recommend!!