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Durham Performing Arts Center


123 Vivian Street
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 680-2787
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Photo of Carmela Williams Carmela Williams
Aug 28, 2022 5

Nice venue with ample parking nearby. Plenty of employees to make ticketing go by fast, getting to your seat quickly. There were a plethora of bars and snack areas close by and with enough of a variety to please just about anyone. More importantly, these areas were also heavily staffed so that you could get your food and drinks and quickly get back to your seat. Seating was perfectly arranged so that everyone had a great view of the performer. Overall, our experience was definitely enhanced by such a nice venue. Thank you DPAC!

Photo of P Adams P Adams
Aug 13, 2022 5

Lots of restrooms. Seats were comfortable. Concessions food and drinks were good. RENT was GREAT! In fact, every show I have seen here has be good! Update: went to see Abba Arrival. It was a great show! Still my favorite place to go to see shows!

Photo of Im Giroir Im Giroir
Jun 22, 2022 4

Went here for Jesus Christ Superstar Musical. The seating was fantastic. Paid $125 a seat & was a perfect distance from the stage but close enough we could see the spit & sweat from the performers. ORCH Sec.2 seats G 305 & 306 & F 305. The food is obviously limited... containers of trail mix & yogurt pretzels for nearly $5 hot pretzels for $6 & sodas were $7. They do have alcohol available at different stations for each floor. The security is thorough but ladies are currently NOT limited on bag size like other venues. Parking at ATC was available for $7..only a few hundred feet from the venue....funny parking cost the same as a soda.. 😆. From the looks of it...I'm not sure there's a bad seat here...unless you short like myself.. but i still managed a fantastic view. 😊😁 wish I had more photos to share...but no video or photos were allowed of performance. 4 stars due to pricing of the concessions... they could definitely do better on this

Photo of Wanda Taybron Wanda Taybron
Jun 5, 2022 5

I've been to many great shows at the DPAC and have never had a bad experience. The staff is always very helpful. The venue is one of the best I've ever been to. I enjoy myself every time I go. It also didn't hurt that I won tickets to see Hamilton (again).

Photo of Patrick Nalley Patrick Nalley
May 28, 2022 5

The first picture is the orchestra pit. The second one is the stage for Hamilton. What an amazing show. The theater is of course fairly new and just beautiful on the outside. They have several parking lots, so parking was easy. The interior is beautiful also oh, and very very clean, and very secure, with lots of service people two man the food and refreshment stands. Drinks and food all right bit cheaper then they would be at the Ballpark. All the employees are extremely helpful. And friendly. I'd go there all the time if I could afford a season pass.

Photo of Nick de Silvia Nick de Silvia
May 6, 2022 5

Great facility that brings High Level and hit performances to the Triangle region. Parking in the area is very easy with 3+ associated parking decks. I feel lucky to have this available in our region. Have gone here multiple times to see Broadway and other shows. There are several check in lines and the easiest and fastest are for those patrons that don't bring bags or purses with them. Security is present with metal detectors and bag checks. Once inside assistance is always easy to find if needed and there are the typical concession booths and wine/alcohol for sale but also free water fountains.

Photo of Dewey Raynor Dewey Raynor
Apr 24, 2022 5

Saw Pretty Woman The Musical yesterday and thought it was fantastic. It has become one of my top three battling with Les Mise'rables and Phantom. Must say a "pretty" strong neighborhood. Not sure how the three will shuffle out over time. 🤔 I have to say the sound was excellent, the story true, the singers well tuned. Simply put an amazing production. 👏

Photo of Sherry Bevins Sherry Bevins
Apr 8, 2022 5

Fantastic venue for an extraordinary 2Cellos Concert! All the staff were efficient, friendly and welcoming and the area of Durham was great. Had dinner at Tobacco Road Cafe and the food was plentiful and delicious!

Photo of Kelli White Kelli White
Mar 20, 2022 5

Saw Slash with Myles Kennedy here last night want great venue! Beautiful, comfortable seats, not a bad seat in the house. Parking decks close by. Would definitely come back for another show!

Photo of Erica Hill Erica Hill
Mar 16, 2022 3

I had to take away another star for the seating and the fact that they ran out of pretzels within minutes of the 20 minute break. The seats are definitely not good. They hurt your butt after about 30 minute so I definitely recommend a seat crushing come with you. Had to take away a star because someone decided to kick and beat my seat. Not happy with that. Show is good so far, though. Very nice, crazy but nice. The bathroom is definitely nice. Complimentary lady products are available in the bathroom also. The entrance is crazy definitely going through a good search. Drug dog Metal detector Tickets scanned People are available to help around every corner

Photo of Brittany Zorn Brittany Zorn
Mar 13, 2022 5

My husband and I drove 2.5 hours to see Bert Kreisher perform here. It was totally worth it! Entering the venue was a breeze and so was finding our seats. The servers at the concession stands were very friendly and the food and drinks were pretty good! The bathrooms were also very clean and the venue staff were very helpful with guiding us out of the venue towards the parking lot. We will certainly return here!

Photo of Shelly Beard Shelly Beard
Feb 27, 2022 5

An eccentric venue for a variety of Broadway shows, concerts and other events. The building is always clean and the staff is very helpful. During the Broadway shows, they do a wonderful job with getting everyone through the restrooms and concession before intermission is over. I've been a season ticket holder for two seasons and just renewed for a third next year! It's a great place to see all the different events! Update: They also have great COVID protections in place, requiring masks and either being fully vaccinated or have proof of a negative test.

Photo of Lou Hall Lou Hall
Feb 27, 2022 4

First i need to start by saying I like to plan as much as I can to make sure the evening goes as smooth as possible. I like to leave early, I planned on the traffic I would encounter and other mishaps that could happen. I'm so glad I liked to do this as we didn't realize that proof of vaccinations or negative tests within a couple days were required.We were able to go back to the hotel and retrieve my work phone which had my proof.So we were going to see Hades Town, which is a great play and this was my and my dates first so I wanted it to be a great experience. Let me tell you, the people who were working that night helped me immensely! First they had people directing you to the closest parking ramp. Then once you parked, coming out of the ramp they had associates guiding you to the center. Did I forget to mention that it was raining? Not raining hard but sprinkling. I find it funny that each time I come here its raining. Once in they helped us to the door that led right to our seats. The people only enhanced my night out to the production. If you want to have a great night out, get tickets to DPAC. You will have a great time in my opinion. Make sure that you bring you vaccination information.

Photo of Peter R Peter R
Feb 11, 2022 4

I like the venue overall, nice design and layout, parking was good and right next door (and only $6). My only issue is the seats are a bit small. Besides that, nice place to see shows. Update: not much has changed that I've noticed, still a great spot to see shows.

Photo of Justin Abood Justin Abood
Feb 2, 2022 5

Great Durham venue to see live performances. Top tier seats can be a bit bass heavy I've noticed. Ground floor seating and sound is fantastic. Solid drink options too.

Jan 14, 2022 5

Although DPAC was experiencing technical issues, the show went on about a half hour late. The Christmas Story was a fun show to see. Great singing and visually a very professional set. I could this exact show on Broadway. Loved it.

Photo of Dan App Dan App
Jan 5, 2022 5

Very convenient and you don’t have to deal with such large crowds like in New York City. Police presence is a comforting feeling. People of all different races in Durham get along much better than in New York.

Photo of Sophia Alexandria Sophia Alexandria
Dec 17, 2021 5

I love this theater. It is a beautiful nice theater. The staff there were very friendly and welcoming. They we're eager to assist us what direction in service. I believe that this theater put on great shows that people will enjoy and love. The venue is very nice and elegant. You can come here for date night, family night, or even girls night. You can even treat yourself alone and have a great experience. I recommend everyone to try this theater. My seat location was great and I was able to see very well. Overall, this is a great time and a great experience. I will definitely be back.