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Durham Marriott City Center


201 Foster St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 768-6000
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Photo of Gianna Brown Gianna Brown
Jan 5, 2024 5

This is my first time ever writing a review, and it’s all thanks to Stuart (the bartender at the hotel restaurant, Table South). I had the absolute blessing of coming to the hotel restaurant and being served by Stuart. My job allows me to travel every single day, and I am always experiencing new people, restaurants, and different levels of service. I have never had a better experience at a restaurant and it’s all thanks to Stuart. I watched him, as he went out of his way to make a connection with all of the Customers that came to the bar. He created an experience I’ll never forget and I am looking forward to coming back to this hotel just for his service. The world needs more people like Stuart. I hope anyone who comes here in the future has the pleasure of being served by him.

Photo of Gabriele M Gabriele M
Nov 15, 2023 3

Staff is the best! What is not so great is that the room stinks like stale air. The problem is there are no windows that open to allow fresh air in. I lowered the temperature in the room and asked for a fan to make it tolerable. After you leave, you have to wash all the clothes you brought in and your hair.

Photo of Jenna Rogalinski Jenna Rogalinski
Nov 8, 2023 5

Staff were very nice, friendly, and helpful. They accidentally sent me up to a dirty room at first, but when I came back down, they gave me access to the "M Club," so I could have free breakfast and snacks throughout my stay. Location close to quite a few restaurants. Nothing exceptional about the rooms or the gym, but they did the trick for what I needed!

Photo of Patricia W Patricia W
Sep 10, 2023 4

All of the staff members encountered were exceptionally friendly. In fact, they were some of the friendliest and most helpful we’ve encountered at hotels recently. Our room was okay. The air conditioner made a very loud noise every time it came on, and it didn’t cool the room evenly. This was mostly okay for us since my husband likes things a little warmer than I do. I really liked that there was no carpeting in the room. The pillows were way too soft and did not support our heads very well. If we stay here again, we’ll ask for extra pillows so we can build them up for better support . My husband and I both woke up with sore necks. The room was clean, but smelled a bit musty. Honestly, a lot of the buildings we went into in Durham had a similar odor. I think it has to do with the age of the buildings and being in the south. The hotel is very well positioned in the middle of everything in Downtown Durham. We had easy walking access to the Amtrak station and The Carolina Theater. There were plenty of restaurants within walking distance. All in all, this was not a bad hotel stay and we’ll probably stay here again if we return to Durham. There were plenty of outlets including USB outlets.

Photo of Victoria Owens Victoria Owens
Jun 19, 2023 3

Great location, staff were mostly kind and approachable. I think the parking price of $25 a day is absolutely horrendous, especially considering they can't manage pillows that don't compress under your head so badly that it feels like your practically sleeping on a napkin... You're honestly better off folding up a bath towel from the shower and laying your head on that. We realized we made a mistake when we saw so many other people checking in with their own pillow. For a hotel of this nature the pillows shouldn't be so poor. Also sadly I don't know if anything could be done about how loudly the doors slam but my gosh it's heard all night long. People coming and going from their rooms.

Photo of Carol Sole Carol Sole
Jun 10, 2023 5

Went for company ceremony event. Has no parking of its own, must pay. Some of the serving/service staff looked unkempt, shabby and sloppy. Expected more polished and neat appearance for this event. Wouldn't be encouraged to do a wedding here. But facilities were clean and polished.

Photo of Elizabeth Guernsey Elizabeth Guernsey
Apr 25, 2023 3

This hotel is a nice hotel. I stayed there this last weekend. While the location was not important for me this trip, the hotel itself was. The rooms were nice. wish the lounge would have been open on the weekends . Oddly the hotel doesn’t mention that it has a pool or hot tub on the Marriott website, but it does. That was a big bonus! On a side note I thought the restaurant had a nice selection and good food. The service was extremely slow at night. In the morning we choose the buffet option and I ordered an omelette. Again, the service was slow, but the self help buffet was nicely put together. What really made the difference for me at this hotel were two staff members. Johanna in the restaurant and Lee at the front desk were amazing! Johanna was extremely friendly and helpful. She made sure our dining experience was a good one! She even helped us by telling another guest she had accidentally taken our table. My kids loved her as well! Lee was super courteous and made sure we had everything we needed. She is what a terrific front desk agent should be. I even had thought I left my glasses in the room, and she checked the front desk in addition to calling housekeeping. That’s so appreciated!

Photo of Tery Lockitski Tery Lockitski
Apr 19, 2023 5

Terrific amenities, service, and luxury appointed rooms. Pedestrian access to downtown businesses, entertainment, and retail...and spectacular staff. Business or tourism, you're in for a treat. High value - definitely worth every penny spent here with quiet rooms (are they sound proofed?!) that let this road warrior have a great night's sleep. Seriously 💯/💯.

Photo of Chris Seguin Chris Seguin
Apr 19, 2023 3

Typical Marriott property. Good M lounge. Major issue, lack of feather-free rooms. They gave me a feather comforter / duvet and it caused major issues for my allergies. Although I requested a feather free room they don't have a lot of feather-free pillows or feather free duvets so I wound up with three sheets from the top of my bed instead of a comforter. Very disappointing that a quality hotel would not be able to accommodate a simple request as in a feather-free room.