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Durham Friends Meeting


404 Alexander Ave
Durham, NC 27705
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Photo of Mary Olson Mary Olson
May 18, 2019 5

Need a place for a low-key event or meeting? Check out their facilities rental options. Reasonable, near a Duke U and good folks.

Photo of Lee Foster Lee Foster
May 10, 2019 5

Quaker mtg on Durham camps May be a little too restrained. I love it.

Photo of anna lisa gross anna lisa gross
Apr 21, 2019 5

Beautiful building and warm community

Photo of Greg Lewis Greg Lewis
Nov 18, 2018 5

5 star

Photo of Bruce Arnold Bruce Arnold
Dec 7, 2014 5

Beautiful buildings and grounds. A welcoming Quaker meeting.

Photo of Kent Wicker Kent Wicker
May 2, 2013 5

Durham Friends Meeting is a traditional Quaker Meeting which practices "waiting worship" without sermon, liturgy, choir, creed or paid ministers. If you have never experienced this, you should try it. While unlike most church services in its simplicity, this sort of worship can be remarkably deep and holy. All are welcome to join in worship 10am Sunday. You enter and sit in silence; after the young children leave for Firstday (Sunday) School around 10:15, the silence can grow deep, meditative and prayerful as those prsent focus on the Inner Light of God. During this time, some Friends may feel led to offer vocal ministry in the form of a brief message. This is followed by a time in which the community shares its Joys and Sorrows, as well as announcements. Afterwards, there are snacks and socializing in the Fellowship Room. Having built two new buildings within the past decade, Durham Friends Meeting is thriving, with many children, youth and adults attending regularly. The main worship time at 10am Sunday (for which there is child care) attracts anywhere from 50-100 adults each week; there is also a much smaller 8:30am meeting for worship. There is an active youth program as well as regular after-worship forums and events, and classes or meetings during the week. Once a month, after regular worship, DFM holds a special Meeting for Worship With Attention to Business, where the business of the Meeting is conducted not by voting but according to traditional Quaker process. Durham Friends Meeting is affiliated with both branches of traditional, unprogrammed Friends in the United States, through NCYM-C and FGC (by way of Piedmont Friends Fellowship). It is an open and affirming meeting which honors same-sex marriage. DFM engages in several active local ministries under the care of its Peace and Social Concerns or Earthcare Witness Committees. Quakers represent a unique, mystical religion that grew out of Puritan Christianity. It focuses on stripping away what is false or superficial -- both personally and culturally -- to find the transforming Divine Truth or Inner Light at the heart of things. Because Friends believe there is "that of God" in everyone, Friends have traditionally been leaders in social justice issues, particularly in the anti-slavery, prison reform, asylum reform, civil rights and anti-war movements.