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Durham Cycles


756 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 251-8103
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Photo of Emily Rhode Emily Rhode
Feb 20, 2023 5

Responsive, accommodating, and skilled! They don't talk down to you if you're not super knowledgeable and they are realistic and up front with time frames and prices. Highly recommend!

Photo of Brian Coyne Brian Coyne
Dec 14, 2022 5

Great experience yesterday after rear brake lever broke. Emailed shop and got quick response from Dave. Said they had part and went by shop on commute home. Mechanic told me they could do it yesterday but would take up to an hour. Less than 20 minutes later it was fixed. Great experience all around. Great to have them in the Durham community. I remember meeting them at the UCI World Championship races in Richmond, VA.

Photo of Rustam Salman Rustam Salman
Nov 16, 2022 5

Good value for money, a decent touring bike (propped up on its stand in this picture), and helpful advice from Brandon, who kindly put mountain SPD pedals on the bike for me. I highly recommend the out-and-back route on the American Tobacco Trail greenway; it was ~75km there-and-back, but you can choose to shorten it by returning at any point. The Peruvian chicken place over the road is great for replacing protein and carbs after a ride!

Photo of Melanie Mahoney Melanie Mahoney
Sep 14, 2022 5

Thank you SO much for your help getting my road bike converted from a racing bike to one I can comfortably ride with my baby boy! I appreciated the help I got in finding a new stem that would adjust the headset positioning to what I needed.

Photo of Ted Smith Ted Smith
Aug 28, 2022 5

I've been taking my bike here for years. Friendly people and great service. I just took my 10 year old hard tail in for service. It was clanking around the front crank. They removed the spindle, which is a bit worn now, but it's so old they didn't have a suitable replacement. But after he tightened it up it stopped making noise. Problem solved for a while at least.

Photo of Robert Wood Robert Wood
Aug 21, 2022 5

Hydraulic work on rear. Had some trouble with initial repairs but after owner found out I was asked to bring in to make it right. I can't recommend Durham Cycles enough. Very friendly and concerned you are satisfyed and safe on the rode or trail.

Photo of Jeffrey Ritter Jeffrey Ritter
Jun 26, 2022 5

skilled professional team that makes all their customers roll away with a smile. Stopped in with mechanical hiccup and saw their team serving kids, casual riders and serious cyclists with focused attention. A great jewel in our town.

Photo of Claudia Alberico Claudia Alberico
Jun 2, 2022 4

Great local bike shop. Service was quick and very well done. A bit on the pricier side. Not many options for biking gear - maybe two of each type of thing? Which is totally understandable since they are a small shop. Many many many bike options though, def worth a look!

Photo of John Krege John Krege
May 26, 2022 5

I recommend this shop and I would like to relate a few experiences. First, I have had very positive experiences with Dave and his staff. Dave is an interesting guy, having done graduate work in American literature but deciding to pursue the bicycle business for a living. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, very honest and open, and he enjoys interacting with and helping customers. I was getting ready for my event "The Assault on Mt. Mitchell" and Dave helped me with a fitting session to optimize the fit of the bicycle. He spent about 2 hours with me, explaining everything in clear and understandable ways and adjusting things over and over until they were in the middle of the optimal range. The fit made an ENORMOUS difference, and I could feel an obvious benefit right away. To me, this service is worth every penny. A couple of days before my event, I had a crisis with a broken bolt to one of my water bottle cages. One of Dave's staff who was extremely competent got the broken bolt out of the frame in about 5 minutes and replaced the bolt with a stronger one for my peace of mind. He picked up that my headset felt off and he checked that out for me. I completed my event, beating my previous PR by 15 minutes. I have to say, I love this bicycle shop.

Photo of Liz Liz
May 24, 2022 5

Brandon was fantastic. I came in as a total beginner wanting to learn about mountain bikes and components so I could decide what to buy. He taught me all the basics and let me test ride a few bikes to help me get a feel for what I wanted. His passion for the sport shines though his work. I tried numerous bike shops that were closer and just never got the respect I was looking for. I found it here.

Photo of Suzie So Suzie So
May 17, 2022 5

I bought a used bike off of FB and found out the seller fudged on the bike's age. Phil at Durham Cycles was kind enough to check out if I really got screwed over, or if the bike was ok for the money. He recommended a tune up and some other repairs. After a few rides, the bike was having some pedaling issues and when I brought it back, they took care of that with no fuss. If you're worried (like I was) that a biking novice would be talked down to by cycling elitists, you can rest assured that you won't find that at Durham Cycles. Rather, I felt like I was appreciated and acknowledged as one entering the hobby with friendliness, respect, and fairness.

Photo of Jim Sigafoos Jim Sigafoos
May 15, 2022 5

Easily my favorite bike shop and a great vibe. Over the last decade, I’ve had several fittings and purchased two bikes from Dave. The folks there are knowledgeable and easy to work with, and the service and wrenching are outstanding. I highly recommend.

Photo of Shanquanna Long Shanquanna Long
Apr 21, 2022 5

Had a great experience. Celia was very helpful in going over different models with me! I'm a super newbie and she was patient. Thanks!!

Photo of Hal Sandick Hal Sandick
Apr 7, 2022 5

That's my bike.shop! Helped me figured what bike to get. Always helpful. For small repairs they'll always squeeze me in. That's Durham Cycles!