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Durham Bulls Athletic Park


409 Blackwell St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 687-6500
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Photo of Steven Mosborg Steven Mosborg
Nov 24, 2022 5

Thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park on a wonderful spring day, even if the Bulls didn't have a scheduled game. Beautiful ballpark adjacent to the historic American Tobacco Campus. Easy parking with multiple parking garages close by. A must see for baseball fans. Check it out! “Walt Whitman once said, ‘I see great things in baseball. It’s our game. The American game. It will repair our losses and be a blessing to us.’ You could look it up.” ~ Annie Savoy, Bull Durham film

Photo of Michelle Michelle
Oct 19, 2022 5

Great stadium, felt like a major league ball game! 😃 The prices are super reasonable. There isn't a bad seat in the stadium. The view of the park is spectacular from any angle. We decided to not sit in our seats and stood in all different areas during the game and it was great being able to walk the whole park and see the game form all different ways. It was one of the last games of the season and it was almost sold out, but the layout made it not seem that croweded. It is wide open and spacious. Great night of baseball and a fun spot to take the family for a night of entertaiment that won't break the bank!

Photo of Theodore Melton Theodore Melton
Sep 21, 2022 5

Beautiful ballpark within a great setting. Not a bad seat in the house. Plenty of services for food, drink, and souvenirs. Parking was easy with multiple parking garages close by. A must see park for AAA baseball fans.

Photo of Sam Fantaye Sam Fantaye
Sep 18, 2022 5

The seats were great and the concession has great selection of food and drinks. It's a fun and great atmosphere to take a family and friends out to enjoy a nice game during the weekdays or over the weekend. The Athletic park has great access and walkway from the parking structure located on each side. The fountain on the main entrance was great spot to meet and take photos.

Photo of Bugs Subu Bugs Subu
Sep 6, 2022 5

An evening at the Bulls game is truly a fun family event! The food and beverages are delicious and the children have a number of activities to keep them occupied! It is a true family entertainer!

Photo of Muniba Khan Muniba Khan
Aug 26, 2022 4

I came here to watch a game and had a really great experience. Didn't have any issues finding parking, and it was surprisingly easy to get into the stadium and find my seats. Plus, refreshments were relatively cheap (minus the drinks), and everyone working for the stadium was really helpful and friendly.

Photo of Jim Alexander Jim Alexander
Aug 22, 2022 5

Love this ballpark. Bulls games are so much fun. Very good selection of foods. Something always going on during the games. Their Friday and Saturday night fireworks are superb.

Photo of David K David K
Aug 9, 2022 4

Great place to watch the game. Enjoyable for all ages. Food is all right. Not that fond of their bbq sandwich but dogs are good. Plenty of drink selection. Fireworks and just overall experience was great.

Photo of Donna Melpolder Donna Melpolder
Jul 29, 2022 5

Great experience!!! Enjoyed seeing some food prices reduced on Thursday night games. Good crowd with many families, variety of action both on the field and between innings and comfortable seats under fans. A good time for fans.

Photo of tater “cakesauce” Dev tater “cakesauce” Dev
Jul 17, 2022 5

If you are looking for a fun amazing time then a Bulls game is something to experience. The park is so nice great food, beer, and seating options. Not a bad view in the house!

Photo of Danielle C McKeon Danielle C McKeon
Jul 12, 2022 5

We had a great experience at our first Bulls game. They had a nice selection of food and beer (including local craft beer options) that we enjoyed. Our seats on the 200 level behind home plate were covered with an overhang which would provide nice shade on a sunnier day. Parking is convenient in a garage right across the street.

Photo of Rolf Grandstaff Rolf Grandstaff
Jul 11, 2022 3

My wife and I are Bulls fans and have been enjoying games at the DBAP for 25+ years now. The Bulls online ticketing app is easy and convenient to use but we have recently encountered an issue with it that we would like to have addressed. Apparently, the default selection for ticket type is "price assurance ticket" which means that unless you know to change it, you will pay extra for ticket "insurance" whether you want it or not which seems misleading. The way you change it is to use the little pencil next to it which when clicked on, gives you the option of also selecting either "standard ticket", which is the cheapest, or selecting "loaded ticket" which allows you to build in $5 for use at stadium concessions if you like. It's not obvious or intuitive as to what the little pencil icon is for because there is no instruction whatsoever to depict its meaning. Many folks are probably unaware that they're paying extra for this ticket insurance and to be FAIR the application should EXPLICITLY show the 3 options available and allow the ticket purchaser to choose accordingly based upon what they want. Failing that, it should default to "standard ticket" which is likely what most folks think they're buying anyway. I'm sure we're not the only Bulls fans who are unhappy with the current set up.

Photo of Luis Marcano Luis Marcano
Jun 30, 2022 5

This is a great family friendly place! The staff is always friendly and helpful! I been going to Bulls game for many years and there is always a great time!!! Even when it's not a MLB game it feels like it and before/after the game there are may options around!!! If you haven't already seen them playing, I'll highly recommend you to try it!!! It's worth it!!! Friday night games always have fireworks!!!

Photo of Bill Clugston Bill Clugston
May 25, 2022 5

Great time at an iconic baseball park. No, this is not the same park featured in the film "Bull Durham". That park is long gone, but this park is a baseball addicts ballpark. It gives you a great view of the game with all of the advantages of a new modern facility. One final note - they still have the bull whose eyes glow red and his nose snorts smoke when a Durham player drives a ball out of the park ⚾🧢

Photo of Jashua Cumbie Jashua Cumbie
May 18, 2022 5

This was a really fun family night. Concessions are expensive, as to be expected, but the admission tickets aren't. Plenty of food options, including some popular chains that serve sandwiches and even a pizza place. We tried the funnel cake fries and weren't disappointed. The Durham Bulls beer was also very good for the price. I got a 32oz beer for less than my kid got a 20oz soda... how's that for encouragement to have a beer? Lol

Photo of Joseph Botkin Joseph Botkin
May 14, 2022 5

Amazing day at the park. From the ticket office to the pro shop, vendors and park staff were awesome! Spent some time at Tobacco Road for supper before the game and had a fine meal. Truly made for a great day. Field is beautiful and there are no bad seats in the stand. Tickets were affordable. Even if you're not a huge baseball person, the experience is well worth it

Photo of Tiffany Reed Tiffany Reed
May 1, 2022 5

We went to our first Durham Bulls game last night and it was such a great experience. The field had a fantastic view no matter where you were sitting, the food was good ballpark food, and the staff were so kind. We took our 6 month old with us and one of the nice ushers at the bottom of section 209 went out of his way to give her her first game ball! Such an amazing act of kindness that will forever be remembered. Thank you so much!!

Photo of Francesca Francesca
Apr 19, 2022 3

We used to love going to the DBAP multiple times each season. Since covid, things have changed for the worse in my opinion. DBAP has gone cashless. My first minor issue was at the parking deck, getting slowed down by paying with a card because my card tap didn't work. When attempting to enter the park, we were close to an opening that we weren't allowed to enter through. We later exited though those gates. Would have been more convenient to have a ticket scanner there at the beginning. We had to walk halfway around to another entrance where there was a ticket scanner. Moving on to food ordering..keep in mind that we are 36 & 43, so we are familiar with electronics and screens. Our tickets were preloaded with $5 so we attempted to order at one of the first few stations we saw. There are now screens to replace people. 👎 We selected our orders and tried scanning our tickets multiple times and it wouldn't work. My husband tried and still couldn't get it to scan. We ended up cancelling after being there several minutes and moving on to another area since no one was there to help. We actually found an area where a person took our orders, but we forgot to order a drink and were looking for the discounted Bull Durham beer (on Thursdays), which wasn't available at the normal food places. Wasted a few more minutes getting one soda and the tickets actually scanned there. Discount beer wasn't available there either. There was a little area with fridges on the opposite side as the food places (near a bar), which had the discounted canned Bull Durham beer. This was the 4th stop we made! Ridiculous. Once you make it to the seats, everything was perfect. The opposing team (Jumbo Shrimp) would throw a ball over the net after each inning for the kids to catch. My son loved this, but wasn't able to catch one. He later walked up to their dugout and was handed a ball. Very nice guys! We noticed the the Durham Bulls quickly went inside, not allowing time for signatures, but the Jumbo Shrimp remained outside for a little while. If we had a marker, we would have asked them to sign the ball. After we walked back the the parking deck, we saw that we were unable to exit. Parking deck was gridlocked at our location (level 5) and cars blocked us in. We decided to go back down the stairs and took some photos near the Lucky Strike towers and the water. There must have been some event at the neighboring DPAC, which led to an extremely congested exit. We took about 20 minutes down near the water and it was clear when we returned to the deck. Overall, this is still a great family experience, but not cheap if you're on a limited budget. On discounted food Thursday, this was still about $120 with tickets.

Photo of gregory galloway gregory galloway
Apr 17, 2022 5

This was my 1st visit to the Durham bulls park and I was blown away. Everything from the parking garage to the stadium itself was extremely clean and that's very important to me. All of the staff members made the experience very smooth the transitions between innings we're full of fun entertainment for the little ones. I don't think you could ask for a better experience.