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Durham Bulls Athletic Park


409 Blackwell St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 687-6500
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Photo of Josey Wales Josey Wales
Jul 29, 2019 5

Great place to watch a game. Not a bad seat in the house. There are security and people to help you out all over the place. Makes you feel like if there are people acting up they will be addressed quickly. Many price points for seats 13-19 dollars. Variety of foods and the price are not bad for a baseball game. I've been to many parks and I highly recommend this stadium.

Photo of Alan Brokos Alan Brokos
Aug 15, 2019 5

Nice ballpark, in a great downtown location. Good selection of microbrews. Great sight lines! I enjoyed the walk of fame outside, with pavement blocks for the players and coaches who made it to "The Show"! Easy access off the highway, and a nice party area for larger party groups on the concourse overlooking the field.

Photo of Franchesca Tong Franchesca Tong
Aug 12, 2019 5

What a blast! What an amazing experience! Had such a great time! Stadium is beautiful, everyone is wonderful, staff is friendly, seats and areas were clean. Game was fun, seats were incredible, felt so close to the action. Even my teenager who hates going anywhere had a great time. Easy parking. Even concession pricing was bearable! Bring the whole family! We even witnessed a super sweet marriage proposal! It was just such a great day for family! Go Bulls!

Photo of Alan Grovesteen Alan Grovesteen
Jul 12, 2019 5

I'm not even a baseball fan but always have a good time here. Just a great place to hang out with friends and family and drink good beer. The food is actually pretty good for a sports venue and there are some nice areas around the park to hang out and eat while you pretend to care about the game you are supposedly there to watch. Plus it's right next to the Tobacco campus which is another amazing venue to visit.

Photo of Stephanie Grossman Stephanie Grossman
Jun 30, 2019 4

There was lots of traffic but everyone was helpful in getting us to a near enough lot. The stadium seats aren't too bad to sit in (every for my wide butt). My kids had a fun time watching the antics between innings and loved when the bull eyes got red and he blew smoke (home run!).

Photo of Brian Beauchamp Brian Beauchamp
Jun 23, 2019 3

Fantastic experience. Great seats. Reasonable prices. Wonderful beer selection...Only problem is that the park does not manage the crowds. People who buy standing room seats are all over the aisles making navigating very challenging. See attached pictures for a small illustration of the issue. Very frustrating.

Photo of Stephen Lynch Stephen Lynch
Jun 24, 2019 4

Great experience for kids. Lots to see and do. Easy in and out. Staff is incredibly friendly and competent. Food is a mix of traditional ball park offerings and new twists. Great night out for friends or family

Photo of Robert Bishop Robert Bishop
Jun 28, 2019 5

Absolutely phenomenal experience. The stadium is gorgeous for it's age (built in 95). As Durham continues to grow, the epicenter is the ball park. Inside the park, you can get typical game day food, but also more local and exotic options. No shortage of micro brewery beers. No bad seats in the park. Offering covered and uncovered. There is a giant play area for kids in right field. Them games are a blast too. For minor league, that facility, quality of play, and entertainment is top notch. Also the best fireworks in the area hands down. Parking in the area is free after 5 (two decks close by, and a third in walking distance). Add to that how cheap tickets are, and it literally is the best bang for your buck, fun for the whole family!

Photo of jessica rojas jessica rojas
Jun 3, 2019 4

Parking is moderately hard to find close by so be ready to walk a little. Staff is hit or miss, either really friendly or really unpleasant. I had a staff member at the food service area bark at me that they had closed after attending the person in front of me waiting in line for food. As for the park itself no matter what seats you get you’ll have a great view of the game and during the summer weekends they’ll typically have fireworks after the game. Would recommend

Photo of Josh Dorion Josh Dorion
Apr 12, 2019 5

Cheap tickets, reasonably priced food and beers, and a well taken care of stadium that is easily walkable. What's not to love?I've been to two games here and thoroughly enjoyed myself both times. There is a wide variety of food and drink available for the whole family, the stadium is easy to get around, the staff is friendly, and there are seats for every budget. It's a fun place to spend an afternoon with friends or family.

Photo of B Smith B Smith
May 30, 2019 5

This place is really nice. It's a big stadium with a lot of food and drink options inside. It's a great way to get out on the weekend and enjoy some baseball. The stadium is in a good area, too, so if you wanted to walk around town after, you could. There were a lot of craft beer options and the prices were some of the best I've ever seen for the inside of a ballpark.

Photo of Matthew Cloues Matthew Cloues
Jun 15, 2019 5

Home of the Durham Bulls, triple A team for the Ray's, and a great minor league park and environment. Top notch and very good looking stadium. Fireworks every Friday and often on other nights. Bulls do pretty much everything well including great atmosphere and concessions many of which are of a local flavor.

Photo of Thomas Dorsch Thomas Dorsch
May 4, 2019 5

Great ballpark experience from beginning to end. Visiting Durham for the first time. Electric atmosphere is to be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. Had an outstanding dinner in the Tobacco Road restaurant. Clean well run operation. Great place to spend a warm summer evening.

Photo of CariAnn Watson CariAnn Watson
Mar 29, 2022 4

Take me out to the ballpark.There’s nothing like being at the ballpark on a beautiful summer evening. Whether the Bulls win or loose you still get fireworks. Get you family or group to a game.

Photo of Dominic Balla Dominic Balla
Oct 4, 2021 5

The Bulls have a great stadium atmosphere! Great for kids and tickets are cheap for a great night out! Fireworks show was great and they have Rita's water ice!!! Really appreciated that as someone from the Philly area.

Photo of Jay Henson Jay Henson
Mar 23, 2022 5

Does minor league baseball get any better? I don't think so. Continues to be a fabulous atmosphere and an always contending team. Great baseball.

Photo of Kenneth Williams Kenneth Williams
Nov 8, 2021 5

Awesome stadium!!! Not a bad seat in the house! If you're coming in the summer bring a hat, so you can have some shade. Also, bring a poncho if it's going to rain. A open

Photo of Bob Stanson Bob Stanson
Oct 19, 2021 5

The park was closed, it still nice to see a bit of history. I have been to games here, seating is roomy for average person. Food a little pricey. All and all you will have a good time here.

Photo of Nick Capets Nick Capets
Sep 26, 2021 5

Games are affordable and fun, even if you don't follow baseball closely. Atomosphere is relaxed, Good choices for concessions, and local beers. Lots of options to leave your seats for a bit and watch from a railing, up by the iconic bull sign, or from the landing while getting another round. My personal favorite athletic park. Pro tip - park in the deck by the Justice center and walk in through the gate on the outfield side of the park.

Photo of Andy Kujawa Andy Kujawa
Sep 24, 2021 5

The history and nostalgia speaks for itself at this stadium as there is a certain feeling that is invoked just being here. The staff throughout was fantastic and the stadium itself was great. If you're a baseball fan, I think it's a must visit on your baseball bucket list. The food and concessions were good and their store is amazing. Definitely worth seeing a game here.

Photo of Tyler Tubbs Tyler Tubbs
Sep 9, 2021 5

Amazing ballpark and atmosphere. For being a AAA ball club, this place is a lot of fun. There are a ton of food options as well as lots of draft beer stands. You will not be disappointed coming to a ball game here, every seat in the house is fantastic. Next time you are in or around the Durham area, definitely plan a trip here! 10/10

Photo of Shelby P Shelby P
Aug 22, 2021 4

Obviously an iconic ballpark linked with the movie Bull Durham. The movie was not actually shot here however. There are dozens of options of concessions which is great. Prices are standard. The BBQ Nachos were a great grab as it feels like it's about a pound of food for $9. The entrance to the stadium is by far the best of any minor league ballpark we've seen. Great in game entertainment aspects and the big screen is very visible in the outfield. No real complaints other than the concourse isn't very impressive and it's all inside so you miss the game while you're getting most options for food.

Photo of Sandra Sandra
Jul 26, 2021 4

It was great. My husband and I were shoulder to shoulder, we didn't mind. But if you're on the robust side or you have very long legs the seats may present a challenge. I noticed some people brought their own chairs.

Photo of Martin Murphy Martin Murphy
Jul 26, 2021 5

We had a great time. The section we sat in was shaded and it was a wonderful breathe the entire time. Even though they was warmer nobody really complained about being too hot. Very much so enjoy the game and had fun spending time with family.

Photo of Kristen Dewey Kristen Dewey
Jul 19, 2021 5

Love this ball park. Clean and well-run. Efficient, online ordering for concessions. Good local/NC beer selection. Friendly staff. Always have a great time here!

Photo of David Hardison David Hardison
Jul 17, 2021 5

1st time there.. great Stadium first class field, comfortable seats with leg room. Great family atmosphere sitting behind visitors dugout has got tickets from a vendor. .. Food was good a lil pricey but hell it's the American think to do get Hot dog Cracker Jacks at game . Then some ice cream. Ready to go back again!Had hoped to let my Lil Buddy 2yr old meet Wool E Bull.. Maybe next time!

Photo of Cindy Widener Cindy Widener
Jun 12, 2021 4

I loved the park, atmosphere, between inning entertainment and fireworks. Only disappointment was the all you can eat option we purchased. No hamburgers were offered which were on the list of foods. Buns were hard and cold. We probably drank enough drinks to make the extra charge worth it though. Overall we totally enjoyed our first trip to watch the Bulls play.

Photo of Henrique Monteiro Henrique Monteiro
Jun 8, 2021 5

Nice stadium. Organized and clean. Good game and crowd. Went with my family and the kids enjoyed it a lot. The ceiling fans blow a good breeze, so we didn't feel hot at all.They sold the all you can eat hotdogs but it was a long walk to the other side of the stadium at the rooftop. We went once only.

Photo of Al D Al D
Jun 5, 2021 5

One of the finest baseball complexes I've ever seen. It easily rivals a lot of major league parks. There isn't a bad seat in the house, and there are multiple dining spots within a short walk. There are also a significant number of parking options that have easy ingress/egress from the park. Will definitely be back to see another game when we're back in Durham!

Photo of Michael Tarnovetchi Michael Tarnovetchi
May 14, 2021 5

Awesome venue. Not a bad seat in the house. Cant wait to come back! Staff is so professional, and the stadium itself is very clean

Photo of Kimberly R Kimberly R
May 17, 2021 5

Fun night out in Durham N.C. If your in town or live here this will be a great time to catch a game! Great energy by the crowd an Bully of course !

Photo of Caroline Purdy Caroline Purdy
May 20, 2021 5

We love going to the Durham Bulls games, especially for Bark in the Park! We recently bought tix and had to move seats to the right section so we could bring our dogs - the girl in the box office was so kind and helpful. The games are entertaining and they have an amazing selection of beer and food. I love the Pie Pushers pizza! Highly recommend going to a Bulls game you won't be disappointed!

Photo of chrysanthie chamis chrysanthie chamis
May 19, 2021 5

We paid for a club room for 10 for dad's birthday. The staff was helpful and pleasant. The buffet selections were tasty and enjoyed by all ages in our pool arty from 4 to 91. The game was great, the Bulls won14-1! The inside and outside options at the club room made for a most enjoyable event.

Photo of Jared Blum Jared Blum
May 20, 2021 3

I love going to Bulls games. I've always had a great time and there's not a bad seat in the stadium. However, on my last trip on May 18, 2021 I had some not so great experiences with concessions and with the merchandise shop. The menu screens at the concession stands change so quickly that you don't get enough time to read them to see your options and pricing. When able to order, everything was ringing up at a higher price than was posted on the screens. Soda was only available in the plastic bottle, no fountain drinks. I asked how much and was told $5 for a 20oz Pepsi. The screen said $4 for bottled soda. When I asked why, I received an extremely rude "ain't my fault the sign's wrong" and she than yelled NEXT with a move along gesture towards me. Also, at another stand I went to get a beer. The sign said draft beers were $5-$12. I asked what what the $5 draft was only to be told they don't have that. They only have the $9 and up beers. The hot dogs were also not what I've always gotten here. It was like an inch short of the bun length on each end. Also, the food and beer concessions were credit card only, no cash. To top it all off, I wanted a new Bulls hat so I looked through the selection and found the one I wanted. It had a price tag of $24.99. I bought it and didn't pay attention, I guess. When I got home, I looked at my receipt and found that they charged me $28.99. How many people have been paying more than what they thought??? If I hadn't checked my receipt, I wouldn't have ever noticed. I can accept one pricing error, but for it to happen on 3 out of the 5 things I purchased seems almost intentional. I couldn't find a phone number to call to address my overcharge and experience in general, so I had to actually go back to the stadium store and get my refund. Fortunately, I had to go into Durham anyway so it wasn't that inconvenient, but I live in Cary and it's a 30 minute drive to the stadium. Still can't find anyone to answer the phone or respond to email. Anyway, love the Bulls and love watching games there, but I think from now on I will bring all my own food and sodas and just won't have any beer.

Photo of Linda Hanson Linda Hanson
May 14, 2021 5

Nice ballpark. Nice night to watch a game.

Photo of Scott Tilley Scott Tilley
May 14, 2021 4

Parking garage closed next to park???Also no soda larger than a $4. 20oz?Staff was professional and courteous.

Photo of Dominic Sergi Dominic Sergi
Mar 20, 2021 5

Amazing atmosphere, and one of the best baseball parks in the country!

Photo of FSS FSS
Mar 7, 2021 5

Great Place To Watch a Minor League or University Game or Special Event

Photo of Keith Richardson Keith Richardson
Mar 15, 2021 5

Absolutely beautiful stadium. It is also great that it is truly in the downtown area.

Photo of Ken Weeks Ken Weeks
Feb 25, 2021 5

Enjoyed #DiningAtTheDBAP. Delicious meal and courteous service. Would recommend.

Photo of Michelle Hale Michelle Hale
Sep 27, 2020 5

Amazing view from Tobacco Rd Cafe.

Photo of Jason Cooper Jason Cooper
Sep 30, 2020 5

This place was awesome, unfortunately most of the restaurants were closed because I got there super early. The park was open for us to check it out and walk around.

Photo of Patrick Gargano Patrick Gargano
Sep 11, 2020 4

Great park. Just wish they were still playing!

Photo of Will Sutton Will Sutton
Jul 18, 2019 5

Take me out to the ball game and let the Durham Bulls win. Great evening to see the Durham Bulls get an awesome win. The sun was brutal till it went down. If you're sensitive to the sun, make sure to get seats in the sections behind home plate. That way the sun will be out of view and you will have more shade. Although we were under a reserved covered section the sun was brutal until it went down. Make sure to bring a hat. After the sun set it was nice but still a bit humid. It was a great way to cap off a win with an incredible fireworks display!

Photo of Sam Hebda Sam Hebda
Jan 6, 2020 5

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a HUGE fan of baseball, BUT at the Durham bulls athletic Park it feels more like a party!! I love the experience and would definitely go there with my kids when I have some :) Go with family and friends and let the ballpark show you a good time ;) plenty of food options and there's not really any wait to be served - convenient app for ordering food and having it sent directly to you if you want to use technology 😁 great place to chill!

Photo of Billy Wilson Billy Wilson
Sep 8, 2020 5

Love my Bulls... very disappointed they dint play this year but do understand due to covid.

Photo of Team 7 Channel Team 7 Channel
Aug 6, 2020 5

Very fun experience I went in September 2019

Photo of Jesse Ortiz Jesse Ortiz
Jun 8, 2020 5

A must see and do so iconic this location. Love the energy

Photo of Sarah Earnest Sarah Earnest
Jun 2, 2020 5

Great staff and view. The food was amazing

Photo of Nakoa Sones Nakoa Sones
May 7, 2020 4

Kinda dirty but overall pretty good I went to a game when durham played Charlotte for the finals I dont reccomend the kids play area doesn't seem sanitary

Photo of Kat Kat
Feb 28, 2020 5

I actually went to Salute the Champions given Sports Shop 99.9, K Mac & Reese hosts! Great as always & Inspiring! It was their 3rd year!

Photo of Christian Ortiz Christian Ortiz
Mar 4, 2020 5

This was not my first time to the DBAP and it definitely won’t be my last. I always enjoy a day at the ball game, and being in a super nice facility like this makes it even better! Concessions were a little high, but I’ve come to expect that at a ball game. I don’t think there is a bad seat in the stadium! This is a great place for a family day, a date, a girls/guys afternoon, or even a place to hang out by yourself and enjoy a game of baseball.

Photo of Rob Woods Rob Woods
Feb 7, 2020 5

Phenomenal spot to watch a baseball game. $10 gets you great seats down close and there is a (paid) kids area. Plenty of different bars and food spots for varying budgets.

Photo of Leif Dolan Leif Dolan
Dec 26, 2019 5

A very fun place to go. The baseball games are great to watch. You get to see the games close up

Photo of Melanie Hamilton Melanie Hamilton
Dec 28, 2019 5

So much fun. We went for a office function and loved it. It was super clean and the people were very nice. They have in outdoor bar area where you can watch the game and enjoy a festive drinks.

Photo of Walker Thomas Walker Thomas
Dec 17, 2019 4

Had a great time at the ballpark. A couple of food vendors there had ridiculous wait times to get food which was the only bad part. Other than that it was a great day. Just make sure your seating isn't looking into the sun (unless you like that). Decent prices on beer for a ballpark. Also have dog days to bring your pup out! Parking isn't bad and is close to the stadium, also prices of tickets is reasonable as well.

Photo of Casey Lambert Casey Lambert
Nov 16, 2019 5

My girlfriend and I went to a Durham Bulls game and had an awesome time. Prices weren’t horrible as far as alcohol. Also the fans a definitely committed.

Photo of George Carrick George Carrick
Oct 2, 2019 4

Really cool park, built by the same folks that built Jacob's Field for Cleveland, and the Akron Rubber Ducks teams. Similar in appearance, but has way more places to eat, sit and to do. Very impressed with the smoking bull, the games between innings, and the food. I'll be back. Not a bad seat in the house.

Photo of Robert Stitzer Robert Stitzer
Oct 8, 2019 5

Best ballpark in the minors. Great experience every time I go. Good beer and good food. Plus it's nice that the Bulls win quite often.

Photo of Greg Harrell Greg Harrell
Sep 1, 2019 5

I went to my first Durham Bulls game with my family. We had a great time at the game. The game was fun, stadium is very nice. There's food concessions everywhere, and the other fans were fun to be around. They have fun stuff to watch between innings. Their mascot is good too. A very positive experience for us all.

Photo of Joseph Botkin Joseph Botkin
May 14, 2022 5

Amazing day at the park. From the ticket office to the pro shop, vendors and park staff were awesome! Spent some time at Tobacco Road for supper before the game and had a fine meal. Truly made for a great day. Field is beautiful and there are no bad seats in the stand. Tickets were affordable. Even if you're not a huge baseball person, the experience is well worth it

Photo of Tiffany Reed Tiffany Reed
May 1, 2022 5

We went to our first Durham Bulls game last night and it was such a great experience. The field had a fantastic view no matter where you were sitting, the food was good ballpark food, and the staff were so kind. We took our 6 month old with us and one of the nice ushers at the bottom of section 209 went out of his way to give her her first game ball! Such an amazing act of kindness that will forever be remembered. Thank you so much!!

Photo of Jashua Cumbie Jashua Cumbie
May 18, 2022 5

This was a really fun family night. Concessions are expensive, as to be expected, but the admission tickets aren't. Plenty of food options, including some popular chains that serve sandwiches and even a pizza place. We tried the funnel cake fries and weren't disappointed. The Durham Bulls beer was also very good for the price. I got a 32oz beer for less than my kid got a 20oz soda... how's that for encouragement to have a beer? Lol

Photo of Bill Clugston Bill Clugston
May 25, 2022 5

Great time at an iconic baseball park. No, this is not the same park featured in the film "Bull Durham". That park is long gone, but this park is a baseball addicts ballpark. It gives you a great view of the game with all of the advantages of a new modern facility. One final note - they still have the bull whose eyes glow red and his nose snorts smoke when a Durham player drives a ball out of the park ⚾🧢

Photo of gregory galloway gregory galloway
Apr 17, 2022 5

This was my 1st visit to the Durham bulls park and I was blown away. Everything from the parking garage to the stadium itself was extremely clean and that's very important to me. All of the staff members made the experience very smooth the transitions between innings we're full of fun entertainment for the little ones. I don't think you could ask for a better experience.