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Dulce Cafe


5826 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 797-0497
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Photo of Joe Dong Joe Dong
Mar 11, 2022 5

I have yet to dine in since the pandemic BUT I have been getting takeout here for awhile, if they are ever out of an item--they will call you or leave a super nice thoughtful note in case you don't get their call and provide a superb substitute. Literally the turkey brie apple panini is the simply the most divine sandwich that I have ever tasted--like I would easily have this everyday if I could. The strawberry gelato was also a delightful surprise and surpassed my expectations--it was the perfect blend of creamy and tangy and tasted like fresh strawberries (not the synthetic flavoring). its a wonderful treat that is also not overpoweringly sweet

Photo of K A1 K A1
Apr 2, 2022 5

Omg yum!!! Had no idea... I just popped and tried something new. Had the Beef barley soup, Chipotle chicken wrap and the Fun guy. Everything was fresh and tasty. I really loved the fun guy. It had the perfect balance of sweetness and freshness. I enjoyed eating these creative art pieces they call desserts 🍨

Photo of Beverly El-Amin Beverly El-Amin
Feb 16, 2022 5

The desserts are amazingly eye appealing and taste as good ad they look. Customer service is friendly and courteous. Prices are reasonable. I've become a regular.

Photo of Rau Andreea Rau Andreea
Mar 19, 2022 5

We had the best breakfast days while our stay in London. Menu has lots and lots of options, you can mix them as you like, food is delicious, staff is so so friendly and welcoming. It’s a small and cute cafe, nice vibe, and they found room even for a large group of 10 people. Thank you, guys :)

Photo of Paul Cray Paul Cray
Mar 19, 2022 5

Solid unassuming restaurant just north of South point mall. Fantastic pastries and sweets. The carrot cake is amazing! They have great coffee, fast service, and tasty sandwiches. This is the kind of place where customers are remembered and welcomed back. Definitely give this place a spot!

Photo of Timothy Aull Timothy Aull
Jan 30, 2022 3

I like it and everything that I've had there has been good. Especially their treats. I am just always left a little wanting when I get their sandwiches. They are tasty just for the price i would like more.

Photo of Emily Scott Emily Scott
Nov 24, 2021 5

Everything was delicious and service was prompt! For brunch, I had a turkey panini and lentil soup, with a latte. The carrot cake I got to-go was as beautiful as it was delicious 🤤

Photo of Iryna Iryna
Dec 19, 2021 5

Wonderful deserts, not too sweet, very well thought out, both in taste palette and texture. On expensive side, yes, but once you slice it and see how much work is put into each desert, and then taste it... It is a special treat for sure. Service was fast, my treats were packaged with care. Will definitely be back!

Photo of Andrea W Andrea W
Dec 3, 2021 5

The most delicious sandwiches and desserts you can find in South Durham! A great place to eat with family or even have a work meeting. Will be back!

Photo of Donald Spiers Donald Spiers
Nov 21, 2021 5

Wonderful cafe with assortment of delicious patisserie, eclairs, and baked goods. My wife and I love to eat brunch here on Sunday, the brioche pancakes and Chipotle chicken wrap my faves. The service is really great!

Photo of melaniechatham melaniechatham
Nov 15, 2021 5

The is an awesomely cozy delicious establishment. The atmosphere, desserts, staff and food (especially jalapeno corn muffin and pumpkin muffins) were all wonderful. Stop by and try

Photo of Sal Panettieri Sal Panettieri
Nov 13, 2021 5

Great place for coffee or a quick lunch. Outdoor seating is available, so bring your dogs! When we sat at an outdoor table, I will hold the dogs and my wife will go in. my wife asked what I wanted, and a nice lady busing the next table, told me what they have!! Very nice! They even brought out treats for our 2 collies! We will definitely return!! I bit on the expensive side, but well worth it.

Photo of Sarah Bradly Sarah Bradly
Oct 18, 2021 5

I can't say enough how much we enjoyed the pastries and coffee. Staff are also super super friendly. It's truly a dulce cafe ;)

Photo of Pier Carlo Talenti Pier Carlo Talenti
Oct 5, 2021 5

My pannino was delicious and I inhaled the coconut macaroon. The display of sweets is remarkable, and I look forward to tasting as much as I can! Within reason. Or not.

Photo of Paul Lowe Paul Lowe
Oct 2, 2021 5

It's a very nice Cafe & Patisserie with a wide assortment of pastries and drinks, great for a friendly meeting. I met an associate there for coffee and it was perfect for private conversation. It's counter-order with table service. Really nice.

Photo of Trista Polo (Trista's PL8STORY Podcast) Trista Polo (Trista's PL8STORY Podcast)
Sep 24, 2021 5

The sweets and coffee I had were great. Bathroom was clean and spacious. It had fun decor and who wouldn't love a good dog poster? I can say only good things. Would pee here again.

Photo of Jason Schreuder Jason Schreuder
Sep 12, 2021 5

Incredible pastries, tons of beverage options, and awesome food, all with exceptional service!!! Will definitely be back with the family.

Photo of Jameson Staples Jameson Staples
Sep 9, 2021 5

My favorite is the apple brie panini. Its so mouthwatering delicious as I write this I'm wiping drool from my mouth 🤤

Photo of Hector A Hector A
Aug 30, 2021 5

Came here for to pick up some small pastries and cakes for a small event. Everyone enjoyed and asked where it’s from. The employees went above and beyond with their friendly service as I was a first time customer. Would definitely recommend and come again!

Photo of rawan a rawan a
Jul 24, 2021 5

Great place 😻 the staff is so friendly. I got a salted caramel gelato 😋❤️

Photo of Jonathan Crouch Jonathan Crouch
Jul 24, 2021 5

We stopped by for lunch and the menu had a nice selection of lighter fare. We ordered sandwiches with side salads. They both came out quickly and were warm and delicious. The staff were very friendly and helpful although they seemed busy. We will have to come back another time to try the patisseries.

Photo of Nik Blach Nik Blach
Jul 10, 2021 5

The most tasty and interesting bakery in the triangle. I dont personally like their coffee drinks as much as other cafes, but I believe that is really preference and not quality. Their drinks are high quality and well made. Their food is as good as their desserts. The French toast is better than most fancy dine in breakfast places. This shop was a treasure during high covid lockdown, and now that we can dine in I look forward to their outdoor seating. The staff here is amazing and will learn your name if you swing by enough. The food and pastry quality is consistently very high. I've come here literally once a week for the last year and I've never gotten a bad treat.

Photo of Rachel Cohn Rachel Cohn
Jun 9, 2021 4

Overall a great choice with some tasty options =) The people and atmosphere are lovely, and the quality is reliable. I docked one star bc, of the items I've tried, I've really just been satisfied with about half of them. The sandwiches have left me wanting, and some of the desserts look more beautiful and tasty than they are in my mouth...but the lentil soup is always GREAT, and I just tried the tiramisu which was absolutely delicious. I especially appreciated the chocolate-covered coffee bean on top!

Photo of mandixoloveyourself mandixoloveyourself
Apr 11, 2021 3

The food was pretty good and the coffee was decent but not what I expected. Service was lacking, cashier was rude and we got there at about 12:45, waited about 10 minutes in line and for 3 sandwiches and 3 coffees it took 45 minutes for all of us to get our food and each was about 15 minutes apart so we had to eat separately. 15 minutes of this time there was no line and we watched people getting food that were behind us. Finally my friend had to ask what was taking so long and left about 2:15pm. I would suggest coming after 1pm if you’re in a hurry. They gave my friends a free macaron for their wait which was appreciated, although I don’t think we will be back.

Photo of Chelsea Sloggy Chelsea Sloggy
Mar 1, 2021 3

Coffee is solid but nothing to go crazy over. Food ranks the same with very limited vegetarian and vegan options. I went once by myself and was impressed by how pleasant the staff were. The second I went, I took my husband and while the gentleman at the counter was nice, the woman who delivered our food was rude. She made a very snide remark about how we "sat at the wrong table" (they said "the table to the left" and there were two) and when she said "who had the cocoa" I replied "oh I ordered a mocha" and she said "yes" and I said "so it has espresso in it?" And she said "I KNOW what it is I MADE it". I doubt we will be going back after these interactions.

Photo of Ryan Waterbury Ryan Waterbury
Jun 27, 2021 5

Excellent food, with handmade pastries for an exceptionally reasonable price. Great coffee as well. Definitely a must go for a desert cafe experience.

Photo of Arienna Whittick Arienna Whittick
Jun 23, 2021 5

This was my first time visiting this shop and I was not disappointed! The desserts are delicious and the presentation was impeccable

Photo of Kadie Martin Kadie Martin
Apr 12, 2021 5

BEST DESSERT IN THE AREA! Red velvet is to DIE for. I only come for the desserts but the other food looks delicious as well. Always busy here if that tells you anything!

Photo of gtetem retwee gtetem retwee
Mar 16, 2021 5

We have enjoyed their coffee drinks, pastries, gelato and BLAT sandwich in the past but this time got a breakfast burrito, salmon bagel, and tuna salad. We appreciated the safety precautions, placed our orders, and had it brought out to our car when it was ready. They also have outdoor tables and a few distanced tables inside.

Photo of Jessica Efird Jessica Efird
Feb 25, 2021 5

The staff is very helpful and the meals are great. The dessert cabinet is impressive! I appreciate that they assign outdoor seating when you order to make sure tables are cleaned between use.

Photo of Ashlyn Whiteside Ashlyn Whiteside
Feb 5, 2021 5

This is a great place my friend and I stumbled across with amazing coffee delicious desserts and we came back the next day to have a great breakfast does not disappoint. Sweet desserts and the coffee is great!!!!!Love the Little cute cakes. My favorite was the sandwich. I can't wait to go back!

Photo of Jessica Hernandez Jessica Hernandez
Feb 28, 2021 3

I concur with a previous posting about the desserts being quite good however the customer service left me wanting more by the check out lady. At the same token, the server, Maria, was warm, engaging and attentive. I hope at my next visit, both the service and sweets are up to par.

Photo of Olga K Olga K
Sep 15, 2020 5

Favorite place in Durham!

Photo of Andrés Chaves Andrés Chaves
Jan 14, 2021 5

A nice cafe with a great service. My recommendation in that place is the "Coconut Fantasy" so delicious. Cookies are good too a nice option in the triangle.

Photo of rana ryan rana ryan
Dec 16, 2020 5

We haven't been to Dulce in a long time but returned recently to get breakfast to go. We have enjoyed their coffee drinks, pastries, gelato and BLAT sandwich in the past but this time got a breakfast burrito, salmon bagel, and tuna salad. We appreciated the safety precautions, placed our orders, and had it brought out to our car when it was ready.

Photo of Stephanie Miller Stephanie Miller
Nov 22, 2020 5

The pastries are delicious and some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The chocolates are also lovely. I have enjoyed food every time I have eaten there and the coffee is good although not as incredible as everything else there. Something being merely good is the worst experience I've had here is a sign of what a wonderful cafe this is I would recommend it to anyone.

Photo of Becky Winders Becky Winders
Dec 4, 2020 5

Dulce's desserts are beautiful and delicious. My favorite is the chocolate mousse cake. I like to get one large square serving packed in an elegant take-out box to serve 2 or 3 people at home. Their sandwiches and salads are also very nice. I don't know who the chef is, but he/she is definitely equal to those at the fancy restaurants downtown. Top notch food at a casual place in a convenient suburban location. I only wish they stayed open later than 9 pm.

Photo of Vivian Jacquelyn Vivian Jacquelyn
Nov 20, 2020 5

Parking in front of here was near impossible. It’s only 20 min parking but no one paid that any mind! We found a spot off to the right as you first pull in, short walk. We only stopped because we wanted to try our first ever macaron. We got the “gift box” which holds 7 for $13.00. The dessert case was wicked impressive.

Photo of Sierra Matias Sierra Matias
Nov 1, 2020 5

This was the best food I have ever had in my life. The Brie and green apple sandwich as well as the turkey panini were absolutely life changing. The bakery items we chose were also incredible. 10/10 They do not miss. Please try the apple Brie sandwich, everyone.

Photo of Jesse Ellington Jesse Ellington
Oct 14, 2020 5

We just tried this place and the cakes were amazing. So soft and rich. Definitely something you could share, but you're going to want to get more than one to try them all. I really enjoyed 'The Forbidden Fruit' just never had an apple cake like that before.

Photo of Marina Kalinin Marina Kalinin
Oct 10, 2020 5

I wanted to check this place since long time and we finally drove to Durham to check it out. We put a pick up order online, but they had outside sitting available as well. The food was amazing, my 5yo loved the BLAT sandwich. And the Fun Guy was an amazing surprise. Must have. Coffee was good too. Thanks!

Photo of CMJH Online CMJH Online
Sep 26, 2020 5

Simple yet elegant. Very covid-19 conscious. Nice.

Photo of Steve Wells Steve Wells
Oct 6, 2020 5

This place has it right. Fastest service and best food in the COVID-19 era of outdoor dining. They also added these nice little chocolates that are divine.

Photo of Nik Blach Nik Blach
Sep 26, 2020 5

The most tasty and interesting bakery in the triangle. I dont personally like their coffee drinks as much as other cafes, but I believe that is really preference and not quality. Their drinks are high quality and well made. I mainly get things to go ans eat them at home. They are always boxed nicely and travel well. Most of the staff is very nice, however when it gets busier i feel they do struggle to maintain pace a little. I think that is more clear since they have more take out orders than they used to.

Photo of Andrew Chaves Andrew Chaves
Sep 19, 2020 5

Very good-quality food. Highly recommended if you're in the area.

Sep 19, 2020 5

Delicious place totally recommended ❤️🤗👍

Photo of Sarah Sanborn Sarah Sanborn
Sep 15, 2020 5

Stopped in for a treat today and couldn't decide. Everything was beautiful and delicious!

Photo of Gabriel Sanchez Gabriel Sanchez
Sep 6, 2020 5

Great vibe from the staff. The cuban sandwich is great and the coffee never disappoints. Careful with the pastries, you may get addicted... LOL!

Photo of Daniel Caceres Daniel Caceres
Aug 18, 2020 5

My favorite places to get a coffee in Durham. They offer ver good and fresh food!

Photo of Mina Park Mina Park
Jul 22, 2020 5

A delightful place for hangout! This place offers friendly service and a variety of unique pastry, gelato, and sandwich options!

Photo of Kathie Drouin Kathie Drouin
Jul 17, 2020 5

Wonderful staff and great muffins! Very conscientious about disinfecting.

Photo of Bart Hubbard Bart Hubbard
Jul 17, 2019 5

The case if fulled with a large selection of gorgeous pastries that taste as good as they look. The service is quick and friendly, and the sandwiches and hot items from the kitchen are all wonderful. Try one of the croissant sandwiches for a winning lunch.

Photo of Catherine Klingensmith Catherine Klingensmith
Jun 10, 2020 5

I love Dulce, they're the best. They have delicious dishes, pastries and confections. They've also mastered curbside and delivery during the pandemic. This place is the best and I'm so glad to live so close to it.

Photo of Jennifer Parker Jennifer Parker
May 15, 2020 5

Although we don’t live near Dulce, we love coming here whenever we’re nearby. Yes, everything they do is delicious! But the real bonus here is that everyone we’ve ever met in Dulce is incredibly friendly and helpful.

Photo of Adrienne Efland Adrienne Efland
Apr 14, 2020 5

I love this cafe. They have the best baked treats around and some delicious food and beverages as well. They are open right now with everything going on and I have to say that the barista that I worked with was so kind to me today that it made my whole day better. I didn't catch his name but he seemed to know the locals by name and was so sweet and kind. I really enjoy supporting this local business. They are wonderful people.

Photo of Mina Myoi Mina Myoi
Mar 2, 2020 5

I ordered fruit tarts and carrot cake. Their cakes are wonderful. They have all sorts of pasteries, desserts and ice cream, definetely worth checking out.

Photo of Jose Alfredo Ortiz Rodriguez Jose Alfredo Ortiz Rodriguez
Jan 16, 2020 5

Excellent place as the food they serve, is a very comfy place to have a yummy breakfast and enjoy an amazing cup of coffee ☕️ also they have a very friendly staff. Definitely I’ll come back soon.

Photo of Terri Parker Terri Parker
Mar 10, 2020 5

This my new fav crave! Love the delicious mousse cakes which might I add change daily so for a person like that loves to try new things I always can find something different.

Photo of Cody Martin Cody Martin
Feb 6, 2020 5

The pastries here are amazing and beautiful. I need to upload a picture but I always just start heating them first! The salad and soups are great too.

Photo of Jennifer Perrey Jennifer Perrey
Jan 12, 2020 5

The artistry and quality of ingredients that go into their cakes is spectacular! The coffee and other drinks I have had here are also delicious. Made my birthday a real treat.

Photo of Beverly El-Amin Beverly El-Amin
Dec 14, 2019 5

The customer service was outstanding. Since my sweet tooth was really aching I got lemon sorbet...excellent not too sweet and just the right amount of tartness. My friend and I shared a piece of carrot cake...it was a hunk so we had to share. It was moist, not overly sweet and the icing was creamy...Dulce Cafe offered the perfect atmosphere for my girlfriend and I to catch up and check in with each other. We will return!!

Photo of Sunny D Sunny D
Dec 19, 2019 5

Lovely cafe/patisserie. Outdoor patio for nice days. Nice choice of coffees and teas. GMO and gluten-free items availability. Small, breakfast menu available. The pastries are a bit sweeter than the classical French versions, but probably reflect local tastes. There is also a book club (one of few in area) that meets here.

Photo of Ashley S Ashley S
Dec 2, 2019 5

Recently moved to NC. I happen to visit this location because it’s across the street from my job. The BEST sandwich I’ve ever had. I had a Basil Pesto Chicken Panini & it was the best thing I’ve had since leaving NYC!! Definitely try this place

Photo of Tiffany Williams Tiffany Williams
Nov 17, 2019 5

This place is on POINT! I’ve been here over a dozen times and have had a superb meal and experience every single time. Their meals are fresh and delicious, but the deserts are off the hook! Today I finally tried their infamous carrot cake and I can honestly say I’ve never had carrot cake so good in my life! Love this place and feel lucky to have it around the corner from me, but would also drive across town just to have some Dulce.

Photo of E J E J
Nov 4, 2019 3

Nice friendly coffee place. Nice array of Gelatos and sweet foods. Great melted brie sandwich too

Photo of Susan Jennings Susan Jennings
Nov 11, 2019 5

A great spot for coffee, lunch, or dessert. Very friendly service. I love the turkey and Brie panini.

Photo of Rau Andreea Rau Andreea
Oct 23, 2019 5

We had the best breakfast days while our stay in London. Menu has lots and lots of options, you can mix them as you like, food is delicious, staff is so so friendly and welcoming. It’s a small and cute cafe, nice vibe, and we found place even for a large group of 10 people. Thank you, guys :)

Photo of Aimee Aimee Aimee Aimee
Oct 5, 2019 4

Affogato..the best for me i The chocolate macaroon is just so heavenly..it is crunchy on the first bite mixed with a chewy texture of the toasted coconut with chocolate in it .

Photo of Gregory Cash Gregory Cash
Oct 8, 2019 5

Love this cafes lunch menu and their desserts are always delicious. Friendly staff, clean, and fair priced. Highly recommend

Photo of Jenny Baas Jenny Baas
Oct 8, 2019 5

Secondly, it's a great place for an afternoon patio stop. They've got beer, wine, gelato, small desserts, and a dog-friendly patio and staff. I've never felt so welcome! And it's great to have a patio that looks out on calm landscaping with flower boxes and not a busy highway or bland busy parking lot.

Photo of Karen Harris Karen Harris
Oct 15, 2019 5

Fabulous customer service! Desserts are melt in your mouth! Food is delicious as well. They also have 4 dollar mimosas right now and it was just what I needed after a long day.

Photo of Kaitlyn Smith Kaitlyn Smith
Jun 24, 2019 5

Dulce is awesome! The pastries are BEAUTIFUL! They even let me order a mocha even though they had just closed! It was great.

Photo of T. Mark Bentley T. Mark Bentley
Jun 27, 2019 4

Service is nice, sometimes a little overbearingly nice. This place is great for anyone with a sweet tooth craving. Coffee is okay. The ambiance of the shopping center is a little generic. Some more plants would go a long way outside. Nice place to gab if gabbing is your thing.

Photo of Alexander Justel Alexander Justel
May 22, 2019 5

Very nice and friendly staff. Their options are very good

Photo of Jason Hartshorn Jason Hartshorn
May 15, 2019 5

Serves Counter Culture coffee and has a phenomenal selection of treats to match. Definitely worth a stop!

Photo of Eileen Gilbert Eileen Gilbert
May 5, 2019 5

The coffee service is elegant and tasty, the desserts are delicious and visual art works and they are friendly to small kids and it's quiet. My 9yo would add that the mint chocolate chip gelato had actual chocolate chips instead of small pieces. This is apparently a symptom of their general food service philosophy where they just seem to do the extra bit to make everything perfect.

Photo of Susan Montani Susan Montani
Mar 31, 2019 4

Lovely pastries!! Fantastic carrot cake! Nice selection of soup & sandwich meals. Very consistent. Staff is a bit rude, or I would have given 5 stars instead of 4.

Photo of Joan Greer Joan Greer
Mar 17, 2019 5

Fantastic pastries. I was visiting for a few days and met a friend for breakfast. I admired the pastries and cakes in the case as I purchased my muffin. They had a delightful item named Forbidden Fruit, shaped as a shiny green apple, complete with a tiny stem. I planned to pick up a couple on the way out but by the time we finished they were sold out! I selected a couple of alternative cakes that were fabulous. My advice - they go quick so don’t wait!

Photo of Stella Nino Stella Nino
May 16, 2022 4

Dulce meaning sweet makes total sense. The delicious bar of desserts will blow your mind. I had breakfast and it was quite delicious. Coffee here is excellent. All these great qualities plus the place is tip too shape. Definitely visiting this place again. To get 5 stars employees need to have better training for customer service, apart from that this place is a gem.

Photo of Will Potter Will Potter
May 14, 2022 5

Great food and desserts are amazing. My favorite is the Cuban sandwich and the carrot cake. Also, the staff is wonderful. Doesn't get any better, check it out!

Photo of sharon moore sharon moore
May 12, 2022 5

Dulce never disappoints. The food is always well prepared and consistent quality. The staff are really customer focused. The desserts are so luxurious in taste and are beautifully presented,

Photo of Ariel Kemp Ariel Kemp
Jul 14, 2022 5

BEST LITTLE CAKES EVER! My favorite place for lunch lately. Delicious sandwiches and soup, as well as coffee, mimosas, and other drinks. Beautiful glass case full of cakes (1-2 person size) and cookies, macarons, eclairs, muffins, and other delectables. Do yourself a favor and take yourself here for brunch or lunch! Meatloaf sandwich is my fave!! 🤤 Can’t go wrong with any of the cakes either but I always love the carrot cake and chocolate cake. ❤️

Photo of Tyler Wallace Tyler Wallace
Aug 9, 2022 5

Very quick service and incredibly friendly staff. The desserts can be a little hit and miss, but never bad. The ones I've tried were light and refreshing when I was expecting rich and sugary. The presentation is top tier. Their chai tea latte is better than Starbucks, no competition. I can't wait to pop in for lunch soon!

Photo of Ashley Bray Ashley Bray
Aug 26, 2022 4

Nice little shop. Got a mocha and red velvet cake. The coffee was piping hot (burnt my tongue so be careful) and the cake was good. I didn't care for the outer icing, but the cake was moist and had a great flavor.