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Dulce Cafe


5826 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 797-0497
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Sweet doesn't even scratch the surface. Serving up coffee, gelato and other sweets, Dulce Cafe has a little something for everyone. Drink your warm beverage with a side of dessert at this hidden gem. Located in South Durham at Sutton Station, this delectable spot earned this Yelp review: "Oh. My. God. So delicious. Why did I wait so long??"

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Photo of Adrian Lassiter Adrian Lassiter
Jan 1, 2024 4

Nice atmosphere. Decent food but minimal variety for anything other than pastries and desserts. They have a large variety of desserts and pastries. It is an above average coffee/pastry shop a few doors down from a restaurant where you can get lunch and dinner entrees (Nantucket Grille). If I wanted a good place to chat with friends or colleagues and grab a muffin, cookie, bagel, light lunch, and tea or coffee this will suffice. The space is pretty small so either go early before brunch or lunch crowds or expect to wait for a small round or bar table.

Photo of Leah Robinson Leah Robinson
Dec 20, 2023 5

I love the treats here. It's a feast for the eyes even if you don't have a sweet tooth. I have tried the salmon bagel also, and expertly crafted to not slide apart while eating. The local art on the walls is great to see as well. It's pricey though (what isn't?) and the staff isn't especially friendly, but the service is good.

Photo of Ernestine Mitchell Ernestine Mitchell
Nov 9, 2023 5

I had the scrambled egg and cheddar sandwich with bacon on a brioche bun. It was delicious and large enough to share (although I enjoyed every single bite myself). The pastry display looked tempting. I will be back for a sweet treat sometime.

Photo of T.J. Wagner T.J. Wagner
Nov 3, 2023 3

The sweets are great, but wow, the service made me not want to return. For context, it was a Friday around 3:30pm, so not like we were going in as they were closing or anything. My wife and I looked at the desserts in the case, and were glared at a worker who brought food to a nearby table. No rhyme or reason - she literally stopped what she was doing to stare at us and not say anything. I guess people aren’t supposed to look at what they order before ordering? Who knows…Then, we were lucky enough that the same person took our order with the enthusiasm of a wet carrot. You would think we walked into the store waving our middle fingers the way she was acting. Probably doesn’t matter since I’m sure nothing will be done about it but it was the female employee with purplish (I think) hair. She treated other people just fine. Oh well, there are plenty of other dessert shops with nicer employees and less menacing atmospheres.

Photo of Connor Reside Connor Reside
Oct 24, 2023 5

I absolutely love this place, and have been coming back for years. They have the best desserts, delicious panini's, are fairly priced, and the staff has always been very accommodating and courteous. I often recommend this place to Durham friends and clients, and have always received great feedback. One of Durham's hidden gems for sure.

Photo of Ass Hat Ass Hat
Sep 17, 2023 5

The sandwiches are pretty good, but the deserts are were it's at. Every one that I've tried there have been amazing! The only thing I would avoid are the macaroons. They tasted stale, like there were a couple days old. My favorite is the pistachio eclairs, but I've tried the coffee eclairs and they're good too. I've tried several of the little cakes and they were all fantastic. I'm going to get around to trying them all.

Photo of Rachel Stackle Rachel Stackle
Sep 14, 2023 5

I love this place. The lunch menu is good, but the deserts are AMAZING. The only thing I've tried and wouldn't recommend are the macaroons. They tasted stale...like they had been sitting out for days. The pistachio eclairs are soooo good. The coffee eclairs are good. I've tried a few of the little cakes and they were all delicious. I've tried the BLAT sandwich and the chicken salad sandwich and they were good, but if you go here, you HAVE to try the deserts. Coffee drinks are fine too. I'm not really a coffee drinker, but my husband got one before and I tasted his.

Photo of Craig Little Craig Little
Jul 8, 2023 5

Came originally for coffee but then I saw the dessert/bakery display case. It was filled with exquisite desserts and the presentation of them was spectacular. The wife and I tried the macaroons and smiley cookie…they were all delicious. The coffees were great as well, not overbearing with flavor but definitely hit the spot. Highly recommend this place for the desserts and coffee. I’m sure we will try lunch another time.